Sunday Conversation

It has been cold most of the week, rainy for the past couple of days, with just one warm day to go for a walk outside last Tuesday. We took more boxes of books to the sale site, then did a walk around the outside loop at Flat Rock Park. It was hard to find a spot to park that day, the warm day brought out a lot of folks to enjoy the trail. The loop is a one and a half mile walk, a good bit of exercise on flat ground. Back home, Oliver showed up on Friday after several days absence to get his squirrel size peanut butter sandwich.

Jack was here too, looking cute and begging for his share of the bounty.

My Sweet Babboo knew this was going to be a difficult few days, with my dental work procedure on Thursday. So, remembering a remark I made while watching a TV show on youtube, he found, downloaded and changed the ringtone on my flip style cell phone to this – MP3 Ringtone. It is the theme song for an insanely stupid show that I think is absolutely hilarious. He came down to the basement, handed me my phone, then called it with the landline. I was so surprised and just laughed out loud with delight. What a fun surprise!! The show is old, I used to watch this in the 90s, and I recently found some episodes on youtube. I’ll give a pdf pattern to the first person that can correctly identify the show in the comments, and therefore reveal themselves to be as nuts as I am. Now I can’t wait to be out at lunch with friends and for someone to call my cell, LOL!! I cannot imagine a better Valentine gift. He paid attention and did something to make me smile not only today, but every time I hear it. I had to give him a big hug, he is such a keeper.

I made chocolate pudding from scratch again, to eat after the procedure. Of course, one needs a treat at times like these. I used the recipe online at the Hershey website, using Special Dark cocoa (which is Dutch processed, a lot darker and more chocolatey).

On the longarm frame now, I’ve been working this week on a lovely and vibrant, rail fence quilt from a customer.

She chose a pansy pantograph that is the same shape as the flowers on the black background strip. I’m quilting it in a deep golden brown Glide, with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

The amaryllis came into full bloom, both flowers are open and gorgeous with velvety red color. For those who haven’t followed my blog for long, I’ve had this same bulb for 8 years.

Every summer it goes outside to soak up the sun, then I bring it in when the weather cools in the fall. It will rest for a few weeks, then I bring it to the kitchen for warmth and water. It has bloomed every year for 8 years with this care. It does get fed in the spring and fall with slow release bulb fertilizer. I am really happy with how it has done.

This weekend, I’ve been counting birds in my yard for the Backyard Bird Count. How lucky for me that the first day of the count, a group of three male wild turkeys stopped by right in my count window!

It was fun to do the daily counts. I would set a time, record all I saw in that time, then enter my observations on Cornell University’s Ebird. I had a nice variety on the first day, with this downy woodpecker stopping by. The count goes on today and Monday, and you still have time to get in on the action if you want to. Setting up an account to record your counts is free.

Goldfinches and bluebirds were hogging the feeder the first morning of the count.

Mardi Gras is Tuesday. So I got out my little mini quilt and put it up.

I have a table done for Mardi Gras, and I’ll show you that on Fat Tuesday. In the meantime, Happy Valentines Day! What’s going on around your place this week?

52 thoughts on “Sunday Conversation

  1. Kristy S

    How thoughtful of your guy to listen and act on what he heard. My husband and I watched the “The Red Green Show” with our families on PBS regularly growing up. Randomly I’ll hear “about how duct tape is the Handyman’s Secret Weapon or “If women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!” from my own handyman. I’m excited to hear that he can be found on YouTube so we can show our kids.

    Hope your procedure went well and praying for a speedy recovery!

    1. Katrina

      Oh, I’m too late! I only watched it a few times and didn’t realize I even knew that tune but as soon as it started playing, The Red Green Show, popped into my head.

  2. Rita S

    That is the Red Green Show. They were all such characters. Duct tape became more of a go to tape. It is very cold in Iowa, no animals out in this weather. Have seen a pair of Tom Turkeys out a couple times. The ladies must of kicked them out.

  3. Connie Wolfe

    Wow! Yes, it is The Red Green Show, one of my husband’s favorites. The local PBS still has reruns on the schedule. Enjoy your phone calls!

  4. Rita C.

    I have no idea what show that ringtone goes to, lol, even with the answer above. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a successful surgery, with peace and calm for you. Love the bird count practice, though I’ve not ever participated. I’ve been seeing wayward seagulls lately – in the river and in various parking lots. We are a landlocked state, so I hope they are portenders of warm weather instincts, flying north. We sure have had anything but! It’s been nothing but grey, wet and cold last week and this week coming – with an ice storm in each week’s forecast. Nasty! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your Sweet Babboo.

  5. Sheila Klein

    HI Carole. The show you are referring to is The Red Green Show and it was also one of our favourites. And by the way, it was a Canadian production. Glad to know that it is still watched and appreciated.

  6. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    What a thoughtful Valentine’s gift!! Today’s a double whammy for me, so as soon as I sat up on the side of the bed my honey started singing happy birthday! Then Chloe had to get on the bed and give me birthday kisses! I can honestly say the tune is catchy, but have no clue about the show! In the early 90s I was in nursing school and then worked nights for over a year, so I really don’t remember much TV! LOL

    1. Happy Birthday, Brenda! So exciting to have a double reason to celebrate. My sister got married on Valentines Day, not because it was romantic, but because her husband wanted a day he would remember.

      1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

        Thank you, Mary Ellen! It was a nice, quiet day!! That’s a great reason to get married on Valentines Day! LOL

  7. Pamela Arbour

    Thanks for your post and for feeding the squirrels. I have two irises with leaves above the ground about 12”. Do I need to cover them? I hope you are recovering well from your dental work

  8. Linda B

    How fun, we enjoyed that show too, but I did not remember the theme song! I was thinking Green Acres, LOL. We always laughed when they did the Men’s affirmation! I wish there were more programs like that on now! But what a fun gift your DH came up with! Very perceptive! Hope you are feeling better! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  9. We used to do Project FeederWatch each year when the kids were younger. That was part of the journey to our youngest becoming a bird scientist. Happy memories! We also used to watch The Red Green Show; hadn’t heard that theme song in years! It is terribly cold here today, -18 below (feels like -36), so we are tucked in and staying in today.

  10. Rhonda

    Oh Red Green was a favorite of ours, haven’t watched it in years. We may have to look it up 🙂 I’ve been doing the bird count also, and for all the beautiful and colorful cardinals, woodpeckers and blue jays, I must say I love the crows best. I can hear them calling good morning right now. It is bitter cold up here -9 at the moment and forecast -22 for Monday. I’ve gone through 20# of waste free food in less than a week. My back yard sounds like an aviary. I’ll be happy when my gold finches come home, thank you for taking such good care of them. (Iowa’s State Bird). Your amaryllis is lovely and just in time for Valentines Day. My father also had the same bulb for many year and he has passed several years ago. My stepmother still cares for it, it’s very large and has incredible flowers. I have been waiting for one of my orchids to bloom. It’s taking it’s sweet time. I bought it on clearance last year and have enjoyed it so much that I ordered some baby orchids. I hope that they will bloom for me someday. That pudding looks delicious, I wish chocolate liked me but we had a falling out several years ago and now it makes me sick. It is so cold in my basement (even with the heat on) that I had to bring my sewing machine upstairs to the dining room. I’ve got step 3 done and looking forward to the next clue. In the meantime I’ve got a couple other projects that I’m plugging away on and thinking I need something simple like a baby blanket because I can’t seem to keep my focus when I’m not in my sewing room. I started a stained glass project last weekend but it’s in the cold cold basement too.

  11. What a sweet husband to find just the “right ring tone” to bring you so many smiles. I’ve never heard it before, and enjoyed listening to it in the background while I finished reading the post; but before I could comment, I had to read all the comments. Then I had to go find the show on you tube. 🙂 So glad you’re doing better following the dental procedure. That amaryllis looks lovely. Happy Valentines Day.

  12. karenfae

    how do you like the new style flip phone? I needed a new phone and have one ordered to arrive this week – I never thought of that flip phone I had been hearing about – hope your mouth is feeling better now

  13. Carole, I guess I was in a different zone, even once I heard the name, I still don’t remember the show. Guess I’ll look it up on YouTube and check it out. The tune is very light & fun. Your hubby was sweet. I had dental work last year and pudding is definitely a comfort food. Hope you’re doing better by now.

    1. You have lots to keep you busy and take your mind off Thursday.😁 We are working hard at staying warm, the chickens are in the garage staying sort of warm, and the car is in the carport with the battery charger on, though I see that a tire seal failed in this extreme cold, so we will be hand pumping this afternoon so we can drive it to the station about six blocks away. 🥶Arctic adventures! Tomorrow I have master classes, then mostly a week off from teaching, with just my online students, so I hope to finish some projects and clean the sewing room (finally)! I need to scrub down the hard wood floors and oil the pianos too,but at least I’ll not have to be making the chickens a hot breakfast and dinner!🐓

  14. Mary Ed Williams

    Well now you have done it! I am ready to eat my iPad after looking at the Hershey site. Will need a crane to get me up soon. Happy Valentines Day!
    Mary Ed

  15. Well, I am not familiar with the Red Green Show. I love your photos of birds and squirrels. The chocolate pudding looks delicious! Wishing you a good recovery with the dental procedures!

  16. Darlene S

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Red Green Show, but will check it out via youtube. One can never have too much humor in their lives. I do think you have a keeper. Very special of him to find that ringtone for you. I hope your dental work went as smooth as possible and it will all soon be over. How fun that Oliver & Jack came by for peanut butter sandwiches. You are such a thoughtful hostess. Great bird photos too!

  17. Yes, I remember the Red Green Show and my hubby has it on constant record on our TV. He loves it. Your pic of the turkeys reminded me that my Dad in Iowa told me about what appeared outside his window recently. He owns a vacant lot behind his house. It has a simple wire fence around it and the lot has timber on 3 sides. One day, he looked out and he counted 17 turkeys marching one by one down the side of the fenced lot. He’s never seen that many all at the same time, especially all in a row. I wish he had a movie camera. He often has turkeys on his property as they roost in the trees of the surrounding timber. Fun memory. I hope your dental work goes well and Happy Valentine’s Day.

  18. Joan Sheppard

    Your flowers are beautiful – nature’s way of apologizing for the weather. I’ll have to watch that show as I am the Queen of Duck Tape here, I have it in silver and 5 different prints, Gnomes, cupcakes, zebra stripes, HOT PINK, mustache, rainbow hearts! Glad all the little furry friends showed up for a little snack. We had a coyote stop by yesterday, usually it’s just bunnies that drive the dog crazy. Lots of snow here, Chicago, -3° but my Husky doesn’t seem to care so off we go. Doing lots of quilting in between shoveling. Take care, and thanks for all the great picutres.

  19. I didn’t recognize your ring tone, but loved that your hubby did that thoughtful thing for you! Hope you’re feeling better since your dental procedure. I’ve participated in the Backyard Bird Count, too, although it often seems like the birds know it and stay away on purpose! It’s been frigidly cold here and I’m missing being outdoors much. Hoping for a warm-up as the week goes on. Meanwhile, it’s a good time for reading and sewing!

  20. Sue Hoover

    I quilted with friends yesterday (Saturday). We were in the fellowship hall and there were nine of us so well spread out. Today we just mostly hunkering down. It’s very cold here in IL with the temp -3 this morning and a wind chill of -15. We’ve got sunshine now and are +12 now I’m happy to say. The cat is happy too curled up in her basket set in the sunshine. I’m watching the Australian Open Tennis and plan on making pizza for my man & me!

  21. Darci Marshall

    I love the backyard bird count! I didnt know it was this weekend, and now I have a lot of birds to submit- Pine Siskins everywhere today. Love the turkeys, and hope you feel better soon. Happy Mardi Gras!

  22. Rosemary B

    I never would have guessed. We have been watching a couple of silly shows on WETAUK recently.
    Sweet that you got the ring tone.
    I hate the dentist. I have a lot of dental work in my mouth
    My husband had teeth like rocks. So, in the end, it evens out. lucky him, yay… I get to spend all of the dental insurance money.
    Happy Valentines day. Watching Daytona here. it is drab .

  23. Plenty going on to keep you busy. Especially with the wildlife. Hope the dental work went well.
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the ring tone.

  24. kathyinozarks

    Hu I am not familiar with the show but what an awesome and thoughtful gift-I love gifts like that. Hope your dental work went well. enjoyed the wild turkeys and your amrylis
    we are in a very very deep freeze here and it keeps getting colder everyday instead of warming up-not warming up til end of next week-that’s over 2 weeks over very cold-very unusual for this area.
    have a good new week Kathy

  25. Sharon Vrooman

    I love the little squirrels delicately nibbling away. Cornell has a great bird site. Bird counting – a great way to lead into Spring.

  26. That’s wonderful that you made a treat for yourself to eat after the dental procedure. Hope it went well.

    Your amarylis is gorgeous. We had a collection of them in NY before we moved to NC, but we threw them away. Only half of them would bloom, and we couldn’t remember which were the bloomers.

  27. thedarlingdogwood

    I hope all went well with the dental appointment. Fire Monkey and I enjoyed your nature pictures, especially the wild turkeys!

  28. the turkeys are beautiful! I am impressed by your amaryllis, my favorite winter flower, they fascinate me. The chocolate pudding was a nice treat after your dental procedure. Stay cozy during this brutal weather week ahead!

  29. Will look up the show – not familiar with it. We just finished watching “Still Game”. Enjoyed it.
    What a great gift you received. Know you will get lots of phone calls and get to be reminded of your nice husband.
    Making pudding has been on my list for a while – keep forgetting to make it. I remember it was delicious when my corridor mates made in college. Can’t remember now if it was chocolate or vanilla.
    We just signed up for the Great Courses class on bird watching – have a bird feeder for the first time. There are so many different varieties to see – interesting how they change with the season.
    That flower is awesome – I used to get for my mom and hers would grow so nicely. The one I got didn’t do so well.
    Sending good thoughts for your dental work to go smoothly and recovery to be brief!
    Best wishes.

  30. Phyllis Smith

    Good afternoon Carole, Here I sit still trying to go thru some more of these e-mails, got the down to about 295 now, so many are things I just don’t want to mess with anymore. Like you I have been going Through all thru the house trying to ride it of unnecessary things I don’t use any more and giving as much as I can to people I know that don’t have items they can use and the thrift stores are getting so much I try now to take in to much at a time. I also have so many cooking books I need to get new homes for, I also love the Southern Living and the Taste of Home books. Have a couple of Fix it and Forget It books I think I’ll keep. Plan to go through some of the other books and jut make copies of the recipes I’d like and file them in with the aproperate catagories . This project will have to wait till I finish going through all this lace I have. I’m measuring and rolling the longest pieces onto paper towel rolls and toilet rolls to donate to the quilting friends in the Linus sewing group. Couldn’t believe the picture of your little hand phone-it is the same as mine. I’m beginning to believe we must be distant cousins from the past since we seem to like so much of the same things, do you recon so? Being 80 years old now don’t know when that just might have been though . Have a terrific week ahead and ya’ll stay safe. Phyllis

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