Experiments, Some Good and an Epic Fail

OK, so I am trying to learn how to use this new bloody editor on WordPress, and it is giving me no end of headaches. They keep saying it is ‘easier’. NOT!!! What used to be a simple copy and paste to put a picture into a post is now a series of clicks, then copy/paste, and if you don’t hit enter fast enough, it deletes the link. Maddening. And I am not sure any of today’s photos are going to show up, we’ll see. Anyway, experimenting with the editor has taken up most of my blogging time over the past two weeks. I wrote all of Autumn Jubilee in early October in the classic system, then turned attention to the ‘new’ way. I feel for those of you who blog on Blogger and have already been through this. But, that isn’t then only thing I’ve been experimenting with lately. I have these fabrics left over from the precuts I bought for Scrap Dance Twist. They tend to the red side of purple, so I pulled them out to do a separate quilt.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I had both jelly roll strips and charm squares. So I began with the charm squares, just doing half square triangles. I actually did this part at a retreat we went to in February. It was the last time I got to have fun sewing with friends in person. Seems so long ago now. See that post on our Quilt Retreat to Febuary Hill.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Turning to the jelly roll strips, I sewed them in sets of two and cross cut them into two-square units. Then I sewed those into four patches, the same size as the HSTs.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

So now, I have all these units, and finally have the motivation to figure out what to do with them. I’ve been piddling around with the elements, and will show you what I’ve decided to do with them soon.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

In the kitchen, I was also experimenting. Doesn’t this look delicious? Well, it wasn’t. It was an epic fail, tough as old shoe leather in spite of pounding it to death before rolling up the portobello mushroom and spinach filling. Bleh. It should have simmered all day to be close to edible.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Then over the weekend, I tried a new idea for a hot clam dip. Overall, meh. The parmesan made a hard shell over the top that was hard to cut through, and made dipping impossible. This kind of cheese topping is fine for a side dish, but not a dip.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

We ate it on crackers, but it was a bit hard to serve. Then My Sweet Babboo said the only way he really likes to eat clams is fried. Next try will be crab instead of clams and mozzarella instead of parmesan.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I did have a good start on a butternut squash soup. I need to make it again before I share it though. This turned out pretty tasty, and just needs a little refinement.

On the bright side, my Thanksgiving cactus is going to be stunning this year! It already has a dozen pink and white buds coming out.

Improv Piecing at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

One more thing, this month the Hallmark channel is doing a free month in November. They show one of my favorite Christmas movies called The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, starring Henry Winkler. It is usually only shown one time, way too early, and this year it is scheduled for Friday, November 6 at 2:00 in the afternoon Eastern standard time. So, set your recorder to get it, and any others that look interesting this month, for non-stop Christmas viewing after Thanksgiving. I liked it enough to buy it on DVD.

Anyway, back to the sewing room this week, to play with fabrics.

And back to the drawing board on the recipes. I do have a new recipe for acorn squash, and I’ll share that soon. Meanwhile, I’ll make some progress on the purple improv quilt, and will see where that goes. I have a bit of gardening to do, too.

C&T Publishing is launching a new service of video lessons called Creative Spark (affiliate link). The subjects are varied, taught by their superb authors, and very detailed. Click on the link and take a look, some classes have more than 20 lessons! There is a wide variety of subjects, all with the expertise of their professional authors. It is something else new to experiment with this week.

Are you sewing this week, or experimenting with something new?

30 thoughts on “Experiments, Some Good and an Epic Fail

  1. I’m sorry about the issues with WordPress. I switched themes right after that change, so I can’t remember how I did the photos. Sorry too about all the food fails; that is so frustrating. My daughter and I picked up a mini waffle iron at Target yesterday, and made waffles for dinner. It was really fun, and the little iron worked well. The waffles are 4″ in diameter, so just the right size too. I’d love to have one of those Christmas cactus plants; my mom had one and I didn’t take it from the house when we cleared it. I regret that!

  2. Linda B

    Ugh…sorry you’re having trouble with the new program. No fun there. I am sitting on 5 I think sandwiches to quilt and finish. Nothing large…just wall hanging or smaller sizes. Trying to not let myself start anything new until I decide what to do and do it. Warmer weather here this week to finish fall cleanup things outside. Hope you have a good week!

  3. Julie

    1) Often I find the so-called upgrade is not an improvement, as least from the point of the user. There may be something in the program’s coding that requires changes, but I wish they’d leave what I use alone. I’m from the old ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ school. 2) What is one to do with failed food experiments? When my quilt plans turn out less than desired, they’re so much easier to fix. That’s why I only play with fabric. When it comes to cooking, I don’t have the equivalent of a gardener’s green thumb.

  4. I have done just enough with the new editor to get by. And yes it is painfully quirky. It used to take two or more hits to publish. Suddenly a couple of months ago publish started working on the first try. I am not sure if they fixed a bug in the code or if I have started clicking harder on the publish button. And yum soup season. Finding a good new recipe is a very good thing. Especially in these days of covid inflicted isolation. Stay safe and healthy Carole.

  5. I’ve used the “new” editor for a while. It does take some getting used to. Because I am linking my photos, not uploading them, it may be different. I actually did a computer REBOOT, and that disappearing thing stopped. I was having mouse trouble too, so I ordered a new one, and between the new mouse and the reboot of the computer things are better. I use the “free” wordpress, so things are probably different too. My quilting fails include my little AJ2020 wall hanging. I put a hanging pocket for a rod on the back while binding, then decided I needed to quilt a bit more and quilted right through the rod pocket. Now I need to figure out another way to hang it, or it becomes a table runner.

    1. I found that movie on Amazon Prime as a “free to watch”, so added it to my watch list. We unplugged cable TV and have spent three months delving into Prime free TV. Couldn’t access Hallmark, but found many of the Hallmark movies available on prime. Took some “sorting” to get to them, but found enough to satisfy my “sweet movie” urge. Honestly, we started watching Hallmark in October last year and didn’t “switch channels” until about MAY! They do such “feel good” movies it helped us find a little happy during the worst of the lockdown. 🙂

  6. Rosemary B

    I have been reading each one of your posts, Carole. I have just been “too lazy” to comment
    and busy (decided to be useful for the campaign in Northern Virginia…. as if that matters)

    These blog formats are all so annoying and not fun. Does anyone enjoy them? I hear wordpress is acting irregular and causing many problems for users
    I am not tech savvy and have little patience.

    It is excellent that you are preparing meals.
    I do not enjoy preparing meals. With covid, even more discouraging.
    I hope you and hubbs are staying well and healthy and somewhat happy.
    I am beginning to get a little cranky, but I had two hilarious grand girls over yesterday. Both of them 5 and 2.5 are so funny. I do get respect. I make them clean up before starting yet another activity.
    Enjoy the sunny day, at least the wind is over…. somewhat

  7. You have my sympathy, Carole. I nearly gave up blogging because of the seemingly endless changes. It is sooo frustrating and time consuming. Added to those frustrations, your other failures sound as though it was a tough few weeks. One thing for sure is that those beautiful blocks are NOT a failure.

  8. We have such poor internet service in the mountains with our phone company, I would not even dream of trying to blog. Our electric company is bringing fiber optics to our area, hopefully by the end of 2021….Oh, happy day!!!! We have already signed up! Now, about your ‘fails’! We ALL have those happen and it’s so disappointing. It’s a lesson learned and we just carry on!! Thank you for persevering and bringing fun things for us to enjoy and failures for us to commiserate with as we all fail at something sometime! Your Autumn Jubilee was such fun and I really appreciate your effort to pull it all together. I’m watching to see what you do with your newest quilt endeavor. Take care and stay well!

  9. Hi Carole. Anytime WordPress makes an adjustment it is really annoying, particularly where photos are concerned. I have found that you can get to the old WordPress editor which makes my life a lot easier. One you are on the “My Site” tab there is your list of option on the left-hand side. The very bottom is a link to “WP admin”. This brings you to the old dashboard where again you have a list of options on the left-hand side. One of the options near the top is “Posts”. Click on that to get to a page that lists all your posts. At the very top of that page, next to the heading “Posts” is a link with a dropdown arrow to “add new”. Clicking on the arrow gives you an option to use the Classic editor. Hope this helps.

  10. AJ

    I enjoyed your post today (I enjoy all your posts). We all have had weeks where nothing seems to go right… and it is so frustrating. I look at failures as a reminder that we are human, try to smile or laugh at them and continue. The person that has no failures, either is lying or has never attempted anything new.

    Keep experimenting and sharing your successes (and your fails too).

  11. Frustrations with software are a tough one. I switched to the new editor when it first came out. It took a bit of poking around to figure it out but now I am fine with it. You will get there.
    Same with the cooking – not every meal will be perfect. But think about how many are, compared to the couple of flops here and there. I am betting you are well on the winning side for that one!

  12. manasotavacation

    I can relate to your food fails…and successes! I love to play around with new dishes ….and fingers crossed…..I’ve not had too many that were inedible….but lots I won’t make again ! I’ve got an odd assortment of fresh veggies in the crisper right now and I’m trying to figure out how to use green beans and turnips along w/ some other weird combos!!!
    I love what you are starting on the new blocks…..I’m sure it will be pretty…..love the fabric. Enjoy this fall weather! I’m getting the crock pot out for soups, at long last!

  13. lois92346

    So sorry for all the challenges you had to deal with the past week or two. I appreciate all the effort you put into providing such awesome content for us – time after time. I checked out the C&T Publishing’s Creative Spark (a bit). I hope they offer some lower cost classes in the future. The one thing I was really interested in was Kim Schaefer’s Wool Applique Calendar CANDLE MATS but the link took me to her calendar quilts. I’ll have to find it elsewhere but at least I know it’s out there! I still have to go back and check the various sections of the site. Again, I thank you.

  14. Mary Ed Williams

    Well, at least I found out you are human! I was beginning to have my doubts, everything you did was such perfection. These setbacks you had will be overcome shortly, I am sure.
    Mary Ed Williams

  15. I am sticking to the Classic mode! took me a bit to realize that there was a click down menu to stay with the classic. Not sure how long they will be supporting it, but I just do not have the time.

    Think in the new one you use “media” then put the picture in the gallery and then drag it into the post. Of course it made me run back to Classic! LOL

  16. You aren’t the only one frustrated. I have had blogger for over 10 years, and they have NOT made it easier. I have watched the Henry Winkler movies on Youtube. For free 🙂 Don’t have cable so I just pull up Hallmark Youtube and there are some old ones, but you can often find new movies as well.

  17. Sending you a virtual hug and cup of tea. We have a fav soup, Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup, thick & very sweet. You can add a couple pieces of shrimp or dump in the whole bag (raw, shelled). And fast. Just finishing up the Jubilee quilt. Watching movies now while I finish up. Sew much fun! Thank you. (The movie needs popcorn, but I don’t want to get butter all over!)

  18. Melanie

    Thank you for sharing your “good, bad, and the ugly” events, and the Hallmark movie coming up. I have been sewing Christmas gifts, and enjoying a head start this year. Not my usual. LOL Keep us posted on all your experiments, and I wish you luck with the internet frustrations. I hate that myself. And some bloggers’ websites don’t work for me; what’s that all about??? LOL Too frustrating!

  19. It has been quite a mixed bag for you. Frustrating when things do not go right or as expected. Hope it all sorts out for you with WordPress. And the quilt appears to be heading in the right direction, too.

  20. Frustrations always seem to pile up don’t they?! I love your purple units, they will make something lovely I’m sure! Your dip sounds like it will get there, maybe a mix of mozzarella and Parmesan? I love squash soup, once we get over our lovely warm spell, I may have to pull some pre-bakes squash from the freezer and make some for lunch. DH won’t eat it, but I love it!

  21. thedarlingdogwood

    I’m sorry about your kitchen woes, but it’s good to experiment–sometimes you happen across something wonderful, and I know that’s the case for you more often than not. Sorry this week was a “Not”! Will look into the Hallmark channel thing, not sure it will work for me since I don’t get cable but I would like the chance to see some of their Christmas movies.

  22. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Well, not all bad, Carole! At least you know what to do differently next try!! As for WordPress, I switched to the Gutenberg editor not long after it was in beta testing and really like it. I guess I’ve just gotten to it. I did get a couple of Gutenberg plugins that help with some of the features I missed. But overall, I really like it. There was a learning curve though! And there are a few features I wish they would add. So, hang in there! But, there is a classic block plugin. I use the Divi theme and a child theme, so I know it works with it.

    Looking forward to seeing your new project.

  23. I’m right there with you about WordPress and no end of headaches trying to use the new editor. Photos are the hardest part for me but hopefully we will all get the hang of it soon. Sorry to hear of your fails but your soup sounds like it is going to be a good one.

  24. Always enjoy your posts with all the updates on what’s going on. I have the Hallmark channel on continually – all day and night Christmas, upbeat, make me smile programing ~ oh and the 1 hour of Perry Mason, oops I cannot forget Leave it to Beaver 🙂 Those purple hues are so luscious and rich!

  25. kathyinozarks

    Good morning, I love the fabrics for your next quilt and I am not one that uses purples much.
    a blog friend of mind posted her christmas cactus and it was so gorgeous with huge blooms.
    I love Hallmark and that movie is one of my favorites I make sure to watch it every year. During the middle of covid Hallmark channels ran christmas movies because so many love them-makes them happy. I have it set on my recorder too
    sometimes we have recipe failures but it is always good to try new things.
    sorry about the hassles with your blog posts-these people that upgrade their systems forget that many of us are not tech people-I am not for sure.
    enjoy your day

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