September in the Garden

Late summer blooms can still be seen even with the garden winding down in the summer heat.  This gorgeous dahlia bloomed recently, heralding the colors of fall right around the corner.

September in the Garden at

I still have cherry tomatoes on the vine, taking their time to ripen in the sun.

September in the Garden at

I planted an avocado seed and have a nice little tree starting.  It gets too cold here for them in winter, so I plan to pot this one in a large pot so it can spend the winter in the Carolina room – our three season porch out back.  I’ve never been able to get one this big before, so I am hoping for avocados next year.  Can’t get enough of those!

September in the Garden at

The local bear family was headed up to our house one day, so I went out on the veranda to get a quick photo since the mom was far away in the meadow.  You can see her just left of center here with two cubs near her, and the third cub on the right lower section of the photo.  They are very afraid of people, and took off before I could get a better shot.  Gone in a moment.  I am glad they are easily frightened off so we don’t have to worry about them.  They also make a huge amount of noise rustling in the underbrush coming through the forest, so we know when they are around if we are outside.  Any noise scares them away, so running the lawn mower, or weed eater will send them off.  Even music is plenty of noise, so I sometimes take the ipod out to the veranda when I am going to be working in the garden.

September in the Garden at

The geraniums are blooming again.  I cut all the blooms off a couple of weeks ago and they immediately began working on a new show.

September in the Garden at

I had a couple of friends over for a safely social lunch recently.  They brought their own lunches, and show and tell, and we had a lovely couple of hours.  Paper napkins in little watering can rings, a purple runner with purple chargers to show where to sit, and some fresh flowers.

September in the Garden at

Each place had a little bud vase that is also a place card holder, with a purple hydrangeas freshly cut from the shrub.

September in the Garden at

A turkey has started showing up every few days.  She has been here before, and cluck-purrs while she gets a few tidbits of whole grain bread.

September in the Garden at

Oliver still looks adorable as he waits patiently with paws folded.

September in the Garden at

I enjoy the early morning time, when it is cool.  Stepping out on the veranda one morning with a hot cup of coffee, I almost ran into this.  Ugh!!  Stupid spiders.  It was spun across the front of the veranda, right next to the pots of tomatoes.  It went up overnight.  Amazing amount of work for one spider, but it needs to move into the forest.

September in the Garden at

Now is a good time to dig up and divide the irises.  My Sweet Babboo wanted to add some concrete to the edge of this bed, and I wanted to give these irises away.  These are the smaller pale purple bloomers.

September in the Garden at

I dug them up and divided them, getting all the weeds out in the process.

September in the Garden at

When he is done with the concrete work, he’ll fill in more dirt to replace what has washed out.

September in the Garden at

Then, I plan to dig up and divide this iris bed, and plant them in that space.  These are the prettier large flowers in two tone varieties.  One is purple and white, and another is yellow and burgundy.  They didn’t bloom well this year, so time to divide them.  I think the rhisomes have gotten covered up too, so they need to be lifted.

September in the Garden at

I put the ones I dug up in a big bag, added some water, and took them to my neighbor.

September in the Garden at

She is the one that cut down these two trees in her yard.  She wanted to get more sunlight into her house, but the bonus was we got our view back.

September in the Garden at

This is just a part of the huge amount of firewood they have now from those trees.

September in the Garden at

Walking back up the hill to our home is pretty, but it is a bit of a climb.

September in the Garden at

On the way, these yellow daisy-like flowers are bright and cheery.  I think they are Black Eyed Susans.  They are wildflowers, basically weeds, but lovely color where the sunlight peeks through the shaded canopy.

September in the Garden at

I saw these little red flowers too, I have no idea what they are.

September in the Garden at

The sounds of Canadian geese honking to each other and flying south over our home means autumn is not far away.  And look what is coming!!  This will be the best year ever, so tell your friends.

Back on the veranda, more dahlias bloomed just this week.

September in the Garden at

The last of my Cherokee purple tomatoes were almost ready to harvest.

September in the Garden at

Out front, the daisy is preparing to bloom.  It usually puts on its show in late September.

September in the Garden at

What is blooming in your garden?  Are you making any changes in your garden?

35 thoughts on “September in the Garden

  1. Nancy Bekedam

    I don’t know why, but it’s so much fun to see photos of bears! That spider web was quite a jumbo! Thanks for sharing all your garden updates. I’m looking forward to your Autumn Jubilee!

    1. Connie

      I plan to plant some dahlias next spring. They are so pretty and I like the idea that they bloom all summer. Shopping for them tomorrow. Will they bloom the first year? I haven’t grown them before. Thanks for any advice.

  2. Althea Liscombe

    Hi from CT,
    Your little red flowers you saw are Cardinal flowers. We have them here in CT too. Have a lovely day.

  3. Julie

    What a web – reminds me of the story “Charlotte’s Web”. I wonder where the spider was hiding? I had a jumping spider stalking me this week. After several relocations around the house it didn’t get the message to stay away, so out the door it went. Protests of “but I’m a house spider” were ignored as it was informed there would be better dining options in its new habitat.

  4. Gertraud Bell

    Your summer is coming to an end while here down-under we are enjoying spring. In my garden I have apricots, nectarines and plums flowering and the buds on the apple trees and the cherry tree are about to burst open. The Forsythia is in full bloom and the roses are gearing up to put on the first display. My Geraniums had a serious haircut and are now getting ready to bloom, they will keep on blooming until mid-Winter. There are also some Jonquils, Ranunculus, Hyacinths, Daffodils in flower and I noticed a couple of tulips budding. The Rosemary, which flowers throughout the winter months, is still in full bloom and some of the Lavenders have out of season flowers.

  5. thatfabricfeelingcom

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I believe avocados take many years to cultivate. I also thought you need 2 avocado trees to cross pollinate. Don’t go with my info but check it out with a gardening expert. Meanwhile, I do love your gardening. Your table looked lovely for your gathering with friends. I truly can’t wait to have company again. My hubby had outdoor plans with work friends today but they cancelled. Oh well, try again another time.

  6. Your posts make me want to move to North Carolina! Please take plenty of fall folliage pics. Maybe next fall we will be able to drive up through that area to see the fall folliage. Oh my that spider web!!! I’ve never seen one like that. Do you think there was only one spider or did he have some helpers?

  7. Carol Preston

    Great post! I’m dividing iris also. What kind of soil will you use to replant your bed?
    I will trim the green at an angle about 4” up the leaves. Then remove any damaged rhizomes, dip in a mild bleach solution, and replant.

  8. karenfae

    I hate walking into a spider web! It takes forever to get all the webbing off – glad you saw it first. Nice to know your bear scare off so easy, I know we most likely have them nearby as others in the area have seen them – but rarely so around here they must be satisfied with the forest. Love all your flowers and good luck on the avocado tree

  9. Oh, Carole, that dahlia is gorgeous!! It reminds me of all the beautiful dahlias my grandmother grew. Next year I may have to try my hand at a few flowers again. Our soil is basically clay so flowers don’t do well here. Plus, I don’t have a very green thumb! Your table setting is lovely. Purple hydrangeas are my favorite! It’s good to know those bear are easily shooed away with noise! And, oh my, that spider web! I hate spiders, but love seeing the intricate webs they create in such a short time! Did you do anything special when you planted that avocado seed? Just in a pot of soil? Inquiring minds want to know! I love avocados also!

  10. The first image of the dahlia is stunning, looks like autumn for sure! The bears would frighten me. They have been sighted very near to us, but so far we haven’t seen them on any of the trail cams. Wishing you a lovely Sunday, Carole!

  11. Rita in Iowa

    We have had 8.4 inches of ran so far this week. Supposed to have a week of dry weather this week. Still helping my sister clean up after the Derecho in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They had damage to over 50 trees. Thankfully their home and other out buildings were not damaged.
    It’s been hard to get my Quilting Mojo going.
    Thanks for all the pictures. If you want to identify insects, plants, or animals, download the app Seek. Identifies the dreaded poison ivy.

  12. I enjoyed your pictures this Sunday morning! Especially the bears. I haven’t been outside in 3 days, the smoke here is hazardous. Hoping for what we do best in Ptld./Vancouver….RAIN!!!

  13. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Thank you for sharing your eye candy photos! Lifted my spirits!

    The bear narrative and photo mesmerized me. My husband and I play the radio when working outside for something to listen to. Now I know it’ll help keep the bears away too!

  14. The lavender hydrangeas!!! We are putting the garden to bed a little at a time. I have cabbages to deal with…too many, and we are being very careful about what we put in our jars these days, because they (and their lids) are not available. After the snow and hard frost last week, we have been clearing out stuff. We got the tomatoes picked and plants pulled before the snow, but now we need to deal with the squash and canteloupe vines. Yesterday we picked the beans we had left to grow for seed, so now the plants can all be pulled and laid out to dry before we mow over them. They will make good soil dressing for this winter. We covered the raspberries and they made it through the frost, so now I need to pick daily as they ripen. 🙂 Yesterday I got two cups!

  15. Patricia Evans

    Another lovely tour of your veranda and gardens. We’ve had to give up our outdoor lunches as the bees have become a big nuisance. I have a dahlia in a pot that’s close to the color of your first photo. This is it’s third summer in the same pot, so I suppose I should repot it next spring and hopefully get some extra plants from the tubers. I also need to divide and repot some African Violets very soon. It’s been too hot to do it outside (helps with the mess of repotting), but it was 40 degrees two mornings ago, so fall is definitely on the way.

  16. That spider web was a masterpiece! And imagine how hard she worked all night long (of course it is a female spider if it’s working that hard!) Looking forward to Autumn jubilee!

  17. Diane H

    Morning, Carole. Always lovely to see what’s going on around your place. We’ve got plenty of wild turkeys wandering through here, two hens and nineteen little ones! In these Covid times, my husband says, “Instead of having friends over for turkey, we have turkeys over for friends”. Take good care.

  18. Julia J. White

    Your posts are always so cheerful! Nature and beautifying home and garden is an art to you, and you include woodland animals, birds, and flowers in your collage. Thank you for delighting in and sharing the lovely things that are before us if we only choose to see them.

    With gratitude,

  19. That dahlia is really beautiful, and the bears and the spider web – wow! We had snow and freezing temps earlier this week, but managed to save my flower pots and flower garden. They are still pretty even after all that! I have lots of green tomatoes on the plant still, but they sure don’t seem to want to ripen. Not sure what to do about that. Looking forward to Autumn Jubilee!

  20. Naomie Moore

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your photography is spot on. I envy your stunning property, so much going on and must be so satisfying to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your baby avocado tree is impressive! However, I have grown dozens over the years. Give them away as gifts. If grown from seed it can years for them to fruit. Earliest for me was 5 years and the longest, 10 years. Several never did bear fruit but are beautiful patio trees in a pot. For those that can plant in ground, choose the spot carefully as they can get huge and nothing will ever grow under them. I live very close to commercial avocado growers and several of them have been extremely helpful when I had any issues. Regardless of what happens, they are fun to grow and enjoy. I have 3 growing right now, my largest is just a tad smaller than yours. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us.

  21. So enjoyed todays tour of the garden. Everything looks so healthy and happy. Loved Olivers little folded hands 🙂 so sweet! Our Olley (Oliver) has become so bold venturing into our entrance way of the house to get our attention and let us know he’s here for his peanut butter cracker. Shew Olley –

  22. farmquilter

    Your garden is always so beautiful! Now that I am healing from a bout of diverticulitis and major surgery, I’m back to reading blogs and love seeing your garden!! Do you grow heirloom fruits and vegetables? Do you save your seeds for the next year? If you do, would you mind telling us/showing us what you do for saving seeds?? I’m looking forward to being able to sew again in the end of October!

  23. I always enjoy a stroll through your garden, down under here in NZ, I have tulips, daffs, jonquils. hyacinth, grape hyacinth, winter rose, dutch iris and some brave ( or crazy) bearded iris who must think it is summer already, I cannot imagine having a bear family visit, and your table is beautiful. Hope the avo tree grows, I,too, have heard they take years, yours looks very healthy so may prove to be the one who defies the pundits.

  24. Bonnie Coleman

    What a wonderful post!! Lovely table setting with the purples too! Please keep us posted on the avocado as I love them and have always wondered if that big seed would sprout if planted. I’m sure there is a trick to it!

  25. Joan Sheppard

    All the flowers look so lovely and glad to see the “pets” as well. We counted 8 deer munching across the street yesterday. But to have bears! Always wonder how something so cute could be so mean. Our garden has done poorly for a couple years and so hired a “cleaning” crew. Took out 7 trees, lots of bush, several feet of hedge. Thanks for the suggestions, I have ordered azaleas, astilbe, Magnolia, and have 2 hibiscus all in the pink/peach colors. The hydrangea is 3 yrs old and only had 1 floret this year. Will fill in with annuals in the spring.
    Love the table setting especially the runner. Did you make that? I saw individual salt shakers in a catalog yesterday and thought of you. Rain, rain and more rain this week. Great sewing weather. Watching lots of New Zealand and Australian tv shows while I sew thanks to ROKU.
    Thanks for the lovely tour.

  26. Sharon Vrooman

    Always love the garden photos. Once my black eyed susans finish blooming, they need a thinning out and possible transplants to new sections. What a sweet table setting – so delicate and inviting.

  27. thedarlingdogwood

    Love that picture of the bear family! How great to be able to see them but now you can easily scare them away if they get to close. Now I want to make a playlist of songs specifically for bears…

  28. Hi. I am new to your blog. I read your blog and looked at pictures. The photos of beautiful. That table runner is gorgeous. You asked about garden changes. Yes. I had plants that were planted anywhere there was a space last year. Didn’t remember in Spring. So last week I moved several of them to fitting place. I enjoyed ur blog. I will check ur blog again. Thanks 😊

  29. Elizabeth Brown

    I like your garden. I will be planting Mums but they won’t last the winter. I just want some color on the side of the house.

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