Finishing the Safelight Project 2020

Now that a couple of months have passed since the big delivery to Safelight, I emailed them to ask if they now had space to take the rest of the bags.  To my surprise, they said that new shelter resident needs have greatly slowed down, and they hadn’t used that many bags so far.  Their closet was full and they really didn’t want the rest right now.  But, I needed to finish this project and get the balance of the cases and bags out of my basement.  So, I contacted the domestic violence shelter in Brevard, next county over, and they were delighted to have what I could bring. Unfortunately, Dollar Tree still didn’t have what I needed available to bulk order online, so My Sweet Babboo and I hit two of their local stores buying well over 100 items to finish this project.

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Before I began filling the bags, I counted the case sets I had.  For new readers, see my post on these with the pattern for the whole story on donations, sewing cases and making cards – Safelight 2020.  I pulled out the number I had over what I needed, picking the prettiest and most fun prints.  These were pinned together with a label for the Safelight Thrift Store, and will be sold with the proceeds going to support the shelter.

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It is easier to lay out all the things at once, so I placed 24 case sets on a board over my longarm.

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I had asked My Sweet Babboo to choose a selection of sunglasses, and he did a great job.  They were arranged to coordinate in color with the case sets.  Then I added the cards and other items to stuff.

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I began with only the things that would be put inside the cases.

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I stuff each set individually, putting the sunglasses inside their case, the tissues inside the tissue cover and the other items in the cosmetic case.

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The cosmetic cases had the tissue case with tissue pack inside, a spare tissue pack, lip balm, nail hardener and two cards.  I began putting the cards inside the cases with the last shipment as it keeps them from getting creased and bent.

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A little while later, all 24 cases were stuffed and ready for the next step.

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I placed the nail kits and hairbrushes on the case sets to coordinate colors.

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Then I took a bag, added the case sets and color coordinated nail sets and hairbrushes, then added hair treatment and hand lotion to each bag.  In the top I put a sheet of tissue paper to cover the items and make the bag into a gift.

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All 24 bags assembled and ready to deliver.

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I also made two men’s bags, with these items and each one getting two cards suitable for a man.

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So now I had 26 bags ready to go.

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I made arrangements to meet at the Safe Transylvania offices, and we loaded up the MINI to take them.  They just barely fit, LOL, but we planned to drive on the parkway after, so we wanted to drive this car.

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Arriving at the office, a very kind lady, Teesie Stanton (Director of Programs) helped us get in touch with the staff at the shelter.  We’d had lunch in Brevard, and were dodging rain, but luckily the sun came out just as we needed it to.

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Two staffers came to the offices to pick up the bags and put them in their van to take back to the shelter.  On the left Ashley Reynolds, Empowerment Assistant helps move bags with my contact, Brittany McAbee, Transitional Empowerment Assistant on the right.  They were so happy to have these to give to their shelter residents.

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We went home via a long route, going up 276 to the BRP, then back down the scenic route through Waynesville.  My Sweet Babboo is leading a MINI safely social drive in October, and he wanted to preview the route he had worked out on the map.  We stopped briefly at an overlook, the clouds hung low but the sun was coming through a bit.

So that is the last of the Safelight Project for 2020.  This project would not be possible without the support of readers like you.  Your monetary donations, sewing case sets and making cards make this project a success every year, and this year even more than ever before.  We delivered a total of 135 bags to two different shelters this year, an amazing feat.  Thank you so much for your support!!

What are you working on this week?

19 thoughts on “Finishing the Safelight Project 2020

  1. Pat Semeraro

    What a blessing these gifts will be to so many dear souls. Thank you for your generosity and for organizing the effort.

  2. Loris Mills

    People are going to be so cheered by your generous and thoughtful efforts…both the recipients and the ones handing out the bags. As well as us reading about it 🙂 Well done!

  3. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, This project has been such a marvelous success and how wonderful that it actually helped two shelters this year! I need to remember to start working on my bags again! Your Husband is such a trooper helping you in every way that he can, make sure and tell him Thank You from me! I do wish that very often I was able to help you more often in many different ways, yet it all works out in the long run.

    My headaches are easing due to the suggestions of one of our daughters friends suffering the same way. She put filters over fans in two separate rooms and it helps to filter out the smoke. My headaches are at least once again tolerable. Plus, at least where we are located the evacuation level has been lifted. With the smoke so horrible though, no one is advised to be outdoors unless absolutely necessary. The weather forecasts possible high winds once again with dry lightening all possible until Monday. We are constantly checking to see what is going on around us.

    Again, Thank You for sharing a very uplifting positive post for me! I need all the positive that I can get right now. Have a splendid day, Carole!

  4. Wonderful, these bags of goodies will be so appreciated, I’m sure. What a surprise for the ladies (and two men) who will open their bags to see all the lovely items inside. Good on you and your team!

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Such an uplifting post. To think that fewer people are depending on the shelters – might change with the weather – but good to hear. And that you could work together to make this happen and then literally ride off into the sunset! I always feel lifted up after reading your posts. The overlook is astonishing! Thanks, j

  6. Great job! I was going to offer to come by and help stuff bags but I see you have it all under control! We did a similar project at my guild in Maryland. Such a good cause. So many women flee their abusers and homes with just the clothes on their back and maybe their purse. Amazing the little things we take for granted and assume we will always have. Thanks Carole for doing this! 👏🏻👍🏻😊

  7. Melanie

    Congratulations on another successful drive to help the safe houses in your area, Carole! So happy have helped, along with my friend here in OR, Carole L. I am working on machine quilting (oh my, I need this practice) a lap quilt for our local adult care home which Carole and I have been supporting for the last couple of years making lap quilts for the 5 residents that arrive as other leave. All are Alzheimer’s patients and the Foster Care Home is run by the most wonderful angel in a most beautiful home. Care projects are ongoing. Fires all around us now, but we march on.

  8. Sue H

    Great job, Carole, finding another place that could use the Safelight bags. So glad you were not deterred and found another worthy contact.

  9. Thanks for keeping this project alive. I wonder if there are “less” going to shelters out of need or “less” going because they are restricting numbers, or “less” who can get there. It seems to me that during this COVID crisis, the mental health of many is on the edge, and that abusers might be more likely to strike out, than less likely. I feel for those women who find themselves trapped at home.

  10. Well done Carole! You have blessed so many with your organizational skills and creative talents; you have a beautiful heart.
    I have been finishing up things this week. This afternoon I head to the Newell Ram Show for the MIWW district contest. It’s my one day out, and I am excited! We’ve continued to empty the garden…did tomatoes yesterday, and will bake squash for the freezer today. We brought the cabbage in, and I’m going to clean them up and put them in the crisper drawer (I hope), we left a few for the rabbits! Just Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and raspberries left.

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