Mad Hatter Quilt

I am working on two secret projects I cannot share yet, the Scrap Dance Mystery (part 2 will be Thursday) and my new pattern.  I am working on the last binding, then there will be photographs to take, and the pattern to finalize.  So in the meantime, I thought you’d like to see a quilt I did back in 2010.  It was one of the first charity quilts I did after getting my longarm machine.  My friend Karen Rhoads was working with the Boys and Girls Club at the time, and had the students paint blocks.  The blocks were all teacups, teapots and hats, a Mad Hatter theme, with a couple of Cheshire cats and some mushrooms added for additional fun.


Such a cute idea, and the kids did really well!! I think a couple of the teachers did the Cheshire Cat blocks and the rabbit playing a horn.


Such was my naivete that I said ‘sure’ without hesitation when Karen asked if I would quilt it, and then said, oh by the way, these blocks are painted with fabric paint.  Oh, no problem, I can just put a pantograph on it. (NOT!!)


When I got it loaded on the frame, I realized the needle would make holes in that paint.  What if I blew it and had to rip it out?  So I called her back and asked if she minded if I did the quilting a bit differently. Karen actually said do whatever I wanted.


It occurred to me that the best way to quilt this would be to outline everything freehand. It meant quilting between the paint lines so the stitching didn’t make holes in the blocks that would show. So I did that, and I was really pleased with the outcome.


From the front, the quilting doesn’t show much except for the swirls in the black frames.


The ray pattern behind the pitcher was stitched between the colors, I wasn’t very good with a ruler then. The lines are a little wobbly.  I stitched between the colors on the border too.


But the quilt really was quite striking from the back. Here is that same section with the pitcher.


And the Cheshire cat dances on the back too.


The upper right side from the front with the large mushroom.


And the other corner.


It became another quilt from the back, an interesting wholecloth in green thread on a white background. I am pleased to report that the quilt sold at auction that year for an amazing $750 to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Hendersonville, NC.


I hope you enjoyed seeing this vintage project, and I’ll get back to my secret sewing now.


12 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Quilt

  1. catsandroses

    Wow, it’s like having two quilts in one, both sides are amazing! Bet it’s a prized possession by the auction-winner!!

  2. Sharon Schipper

    Adorable, and so detailed! happy dilemma…
    question: if the paint is delicate, with needles making holes in it, how does it wash?

    Sharon in Colorado

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