Quilted Art Project – Update 5

It has been another month, and I just cannot find the time to get back to this project.  I did do a little on it, but not much.  The lure of warmer days and digging in the dirt is too strong right now, LOL!  But a rainy day on Friday kept me inside, and I spent the day happily sewing.  I have a new quilt design that is going from inside my head to actual fabric, and I am really liking it!  It is an insanely simple idea, and I’ll show it to you soon.  After a day of piecing, I picked up the art project and put some more embellishments on it.

Quilted Art Project | From My Carolina Home

I am done with the silk flowers, they are just a bit of a pain to do through such a large piece.  I added some yellow tulips, and a bunch of green leaves to fill in.  Four daisies got gold seed bead centers.

Art Project Update | From My Carolina Home

A few more buttons and pearls were added to the top of the swirl to create a point.

Quilted Art Project | From My Carolina Home

It will sweep down and to the left, then lower and wider to the right, like a shower of buttons and beads.  It is a bit hard to see right now, but will become more prominent as I fill in more buttons and embellishments.

Quilted Art Project | From My Carolina Home

How about you, can you do handwork when the garden is calling?

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12 thoughts on “Quilted Art Project – Update 5

  1. It gets harder to find stitching time when the weather is better and there is so much outside work to be done.
    A lot more hand stitching gets done in the winter for sure!

  2. Once the weather is nice all things inside fall to the way side. I have an afghan that I am working on for a friend and it’s at a standstill. Fortunately she is understanding and just wants it by this winter 🙂 Hopefully there will be enough rainy days before then to get it finished 🙂

  3. The silk flowers on your art project are so pretty and colorful. I guess you could pray for rain so you’ll get more stitching done, but I sure understand the lure of the outdoors in the springs.

  4. Rosemaryflower

    Very sweet.
    Every day there is so much to do.
    I either make a list and spend a certain amount of time on it….. or, I just have a list in my head and good luck to me remembering it all.
    I do need to plant some things in the front garden. I usually end up doing sewing in the evening.
    Happy Sunday

  5. kaholly

    Oh, I’m so impressed! How lovely! I’m back in Cape Breton, and it isn’t garden time up here, yet.

  6. Good Morning Carole! Goodness gracious yes, it is harder to do any sewing inside when the spring weather hits 70 and the sun is brilliantly shining. Here in Southern Oregon, though, it has been pouring buckets of rain for a few days. So some spring cleaning has been happening along with sewing. One thing I definitely want to get transplanted outside in the next day or two are some Holly Hocks. Sewing wise, I have two baby quilts to machine quilt, I have a queen quilt to free motion quilt and am still sewing together the pieces of the Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Hand Work wise, I only have a tad bit of stitches to take on the Christmas Table Runner you did this past Christmas time for all of us. This is honestly my first hand sewn binding and although not difficult, it has just been a few stitches here and there between other hand stitching projects. I will post pictures on my blog in the next day or two or even on Flickr if you do not mind? Let me know. Your stitching project is coming along beautifully! I keep watching Ribbon Embroidery videos and Pinning on Pinterest. One day I will actually start a project! LOL. Have a fantastic creative day in whatever you decide to do!

  7. Love your quilt art! Not quite warm enough here for gardening but I’ve been working outdoors on other yard work. The exterior of the windows are freshly washed as is the lawn furniture. It’s much too nice to be indoors. 🙂

  8. I hear you. We are still a little too warm here in South Australia, though we are well into Autumn. we are only just starting to get the cold nights but the days are still warm and I enjoy pottering around the garden on these days, even though I know I have sewing deadline to meet. Your Art project is coming along nicely and I am enjoy seeing your progress.

  9. dezertsuz

    It is coming along so beautifully! It almost makes me want to put my Flower Fairies top together with the back. Almost. =)

  10. Penny Adkins

    I’ve actually been doing a lot of embroidery at night while watching TV with my hubby. I can’t stand to sit idle, so I stitch and watch TV. It started out as just busy work, but it’s quickly becoming something I really look forward to each day. I’m doing super colorful butterflies and flowers on a white background (12X12 squares). When I’m done, I’m going to mix them with pretty colorful fabrics and some tye-dye to make a pretty “girly” quilt. The hope is that I will have a grandaughter sooner or later, and I’ll give it to her.

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