Scrap Dance Twist and Facebook Live

First, I need to apologize to those of you who were on the Facebook live video yesterday.  I didn’t have my screen set properly so the comments were not scrolling.  So it looked like no one had anything to say, and as a result I ended the video too soon.  When I realized my mistake, I got back on live, but by then most had moved on to other things.  So, please accept my apology, and now that I know how to do this a bit better, next time will be better.  Let’s try again, Thursday, September 17 at 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  This will be 10 am in Australia so hopefully some international readers can participate.  Plus it is 5 pm on the west coast, hopefully can work around suppertime for most of our time zones.  Subjects will be a little of this and that, some scrappy news, and a hint for Autumn Jubilee.  If you aren’t a member of our sharing group, it is Friends of From My Carolina Home Facebook group.

The mystery quilt along from earlier this year is now a published pattern. To order, see My Patterns page.  Here’s a close up of the quilting on mine.

Thank you for purchasing my patterns!  Sales help to fund future mystery quilt alongs, free projects, blog events like Autumn Jubilee and Japanese Inspired February, and allow me to pay the costs of the blog.

Did you make a Scrap Dance Twist?

6 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Twist and Facebook Live

  1. Mary Ed Williams

    I’ve got one almost put together. It was great fun to make and I really hope it will be finished soon. Really.

  2. This is one of the easiest patterns in the Scrap Dance series. (I’ve made them all). Big blocks that go together quickly! I would encourage anyone who is a “new” quilter to give this one a try. Carole – your quilting gives it so much extra dimension. Beautiful fabrics.

  3. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Since my computer started messing up so much on Face Book, I have not tried to go back online but would have for this event had I not forgotten all about it. I apologize, yet with all the fires going on around us and this horrible smoke we are dealing with, I know you will understand. Sadly, I still have not sewn my blocks together at this time. I still have not been able to purchase the extra fabric I need. Although, I discovered they do have it back in stock once again as of last night. Therefore it will not be much longer and this fabulous quilt will be coming together! I do love the fabrics that you choose for your quilt, Carole! Plus, the quilting you did is amazing also! Thank you so much for another amazing quilt design that I will treasure! Have a spectacular day!

  4. Hello carole! I have been trying to get onto your email list. I never get anything. I never even got a confirmation. I really want to be involved in the Autumn Jubilee!

    1. Once you enter your email in the box and submit, you will get a confirmation email. To confirm your subscription, open that email and follow the instructions. If you don’t see the confirmation email, check your spam folder. Be sure to put it in your safe sender list too. Some email providers automatically put subscriptions into a separate folder, so you may have to look there too if yours does that. Hope that helps!! You can also follow on Facebook.

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