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In this age of internet everything, and the current situation making us even more dependent on it, what could be a nice surprise?  Happy mail delivered to your door!  Happy mail can obviously be a homemade card, but there are lots of other ideas as well that I’d like to share today.  Anything sent by mail can qualify as Happy Mail.  Perhaps a quilt pattern sent to a friend, or an article from a magazine.  My mother in law used to send me articles from her magazines as she subscribed to different ones than I did.  A pretty garden or flower arranging article, a new recipe, a quilt pattern, embroidery design, knitting idea, or a fun puzzle, whatever your friends like can be happy mail to them.

April Cards at

The purple card above is my entry into the Easter card challenge at Impression Obsession and is happy mail for my dear MIL this week.  The image stamps are a clear stamp collection called Hummingbird & Blooms.  I thought it would be a nice change from the usual rabbits and eggs.  A light floral paper is mounted on lavendar card stock first.  Then, the images were stamped on ivory stock in IO’s purple ink, and framed in dark purple.  The sentiment was added along with some flower stickers to finish it.  Next, I did some more traditional cards with only the sentiment.  The images are cut from paper.

April Cards at

On this one, no stamp at all, just papers and stickers.

April Cards at

Inside, a springtime sentiment.

April Cards at

Happy mail is fun no matter what the theme.  Using my Berry Sweet stamp set for the sentiment on these next two cards, I placed the words using my Stamping Platform.

Berry Sweet Happy Mail at

Then I used a strawberry cupcake stamp called Summer Cupcake and colored it with pastel chalks for the image.

Berry Sweet Happy Mail at

For the Safelight Project, I did a bunch more cards, essentially all the same design.  On the envelope, I stamped the sentiment stamp Beginning, a quote from Fred Rogers.  It says “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

April Cards at

The fronts all have a Smile stamp, with various papers layered and stickers.

April Cards at

One of the best Happy Mail surprises I have ever received was this one from my dear friend Val.  It is a Sunshine box, and she even painted the inside yellow.  It had all kinds of lovely goodies, most were yellow as well like fabrics, ribbons, tape measure bits, lemon drops, and post-it notes.  I have never forgotten her kindness.

Val's Sunshine Box at From My Carolina Home

Easter candy with a handwritten note would be particularly nice this week.  Go through your quilting and sewing patterns, pull out those you’ll likely not get to and send them to a quilting buddy who might like them.  Send some fat quarters from your stash, too.  Get your kids involved with a handwritten letter to the grandparents, decorated with drawings.  I would bet that there is nothing they’d like better right now.  If you are concerned, let the mail sit unopened for 24 hours to be sure it is safe to handle.  It makes me happy to send a surprise in the mail, knowing someone’s day will be brighter and that they will feel special and cherished.

Can you send some Happy Mail this week to brighten someone’s day?

Impression Obsession stamps has some Free Printables for us at this crazy time, cute images to wash your hands and more to color.

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21 thoughts on “Sending Happy Mail

  1. Even 65 years later, I remember the thrill of receiving a card with my name on it in the mail, sent by an older family friend after we moved away. Since my three grandchildren moved far away in July, I have made it a point to send them a card and note once a month. It is my way of staying in touch with them and showing love. And they write back to me! And that thrill to find a card with my name on it in the mailbox continues! Great post today and reminder to keep in touch!

  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Great ideas, Carole! Another I enjoy is making embroidered in the hoop, or quilted fabric post cards and send to friends. I’ve also embroidered on card stock and made some cute cards! As part of their stay at home schooling that started here a couple of weeks ago, my daughter had the kids write letters to pen pals and/or friends. One of the twins wrote his girlfriend! When he got a letter back from her a few days later, he was so excited! You could just see the delight on his little face!

  3. Sharon Vrooman

    Love your cards. I like to send happy boxes from time to time – they do brighten someone’s day.

  4. Betty

    thank you so much for you. Your quote today from Fred Rogers is very appropriate for me. I’m embarking on my next act in May & am very anxious about it. I know it will all go according to God’s plan & I really don’t NEED to be anxious, but I am 😦 I just love your happy, positive attitude. Thank you. Betty

  5. Jennifer Rauch

    Good morning! the card making group I joined a couple years ago has decided to make cards of thanks & appreciation for the care providers at our local hospital, focusing mostly on nurses. The Whee Stampers! (I had no idea we had a name for the longest time!) are a very prolific group, so when I saw someone’s post last week, was pretty impressed to see one gal’s contribution of 40 (I counted!) ready to go! Wow! I’d been proud to have made 7 (I’m pretty pokey!) ready to go. Deadline has been chosen to drop off at someone’s home 4/13, when she’ll drop off @ a nurse friend’s home for approved delivery to the hospital. I’ve been picking up the pace myself, & suspect we’ll have a couple hundred from the 20 members. They all seem to have other regular donation sites, but we’ve all come together (online, of course) for this common goal. All the best to you. Jennie

  6. I have been taking time several times in the week to write post cards to mail out for just this reason. It’s raining here right now, so I’ll pause until the weather is better (to protect the written notes) but I agree that getting some happy mail right now is a really loving gesture.

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Just seeing your special cards and reading your post and discovering they were all made, had me grinning ear to ear! What a fabulous idea to make a card, send a card or a box of goodies to someone special right now is a splendid idea! Also, after reading the comments it just made me beam inside. I swear my heart grew knowing how everyone was doing something special like this already or were excited, like me, to get started and knew of several people who we would send our cards to. Thank you for putting your idea out here for those of us who did not think of it! Have a fabulous day!!

  8. Kathy A

    Enjoyed your post and ideas. Between my significant other and me, we have 8 grands-his,mine, and my 2 steps! I make them each a holiday card. Maine grands got a zig-zagged egg cut in half, hinged with a brad with a small Easter critter and $5 inside. They are at the age where they would rather have $$ to spend than candy that I like! I make “be good to yourself” baskets as gifts and for raffles and include some of my homemade Epsom bath salts, sugar scrubs, soap, crocheted dish cloths etc. along with pump soaps, lotions, stationary and pens, holiday decor, etc. Little extras you wouldn’t buy for yourself when $$ is tight!

  9. I saw your blog on the blog list at quilting is bliss! And yes….I love making cards and have sent a few the past couple of weeks. Sure makes you feel good to know someone is getting a surprise in the mail. I know how I love getting a card! Take care and stay safe! Hugs from Florida, Diane

  10. Beautiful cards. Happy mail indeed. Your post brings back pleasant memories of mail received many years ago. A letter received in those days was an Event. Always those letters written in longhand were enhanced by interesting items such as news or magazine clippings, snippets of baby’s first hair trim, a recipe, snapshots, stick of gum, another letter from a relative or mutual friend. One never knew what that fat envelope might contain. Grandma always included something for the kiddos. We sat around together and devoured every word. Sweet memories.

  11. Lovely cards, Carole! I, also, love sending special cards and items in the mail. My granddaughters always love to get their own mail, and I send them fun things often. I also run my church’s card ministry, and we send cards to folks in nursing homes and shut ins. Thanks for sharing your talents, and for joining our IO challenge!

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