Scrap Dance Mystery 2020 – The Twist!

Twistin’, twistin’, twistin’ the night awaaaaaayyyyyy!!  I have been hearing Sam Cooke in my head for a couple of weeks now.  I keep saying these mystery quilts name themselves, and it is still true.  I had another name I wanted to use, but this one just wasn’t going to cooperate until I let it have the name it wanted.

The fun part of this one is its versatility.  I have done colorations every which way from Sunday and it does great no matter what the background color.  It is lovely with pastels and white, works in high contrast or low volume, looks spectacular in brights with black background, and I love it other colors, too.  It works in a two-color variation, and even looks interesting in white scraps on a dark color background.  So, anything goes!!  It is much less busy than some of my other designs, and may be my favorite one so far.

I designed Twist with charm pack squares in mind to reduce your cutting time and make a larger quilt easier to do.  It uses a lot of 5-inch scraps!  So, start digging out your charm packs and fat quarters, find a background fabric, and get ready to Twist the night away!  I chose this Boundless Violet Femme fabric collection for mine.  Don’t you love those lucious colors?!!!

The 2020 Scrap Dance Mystery – The Twist will post the third Friday of each month for 7 months, then reveal in August.  I have a speed piecing idea to show you a bit later, too.  The steps go so fast, I think I’ll make two at one time in two different colorways so I’ll have one to donate at the end of the year for our Mini Car Club’s silent auction.

So, today we start with gathering fabrics and beginning the cutting.

Download the pdf for your first step –  TwistStep1CuttingRevised

To make the cutting easier, you can use a square up ruler to cut some of the 5-inch squares down to 4-1/2-inches by just cutting two sides.

Since the sizes are really close, I put mine in bags labeled with the size.  This will help me keep them straight and pick up the ones needed for the step.

If you cut up fat quarters, hang onto the scraps for use as a scrappy border.  This will ensure that some of the prints repeat in the border, bringing it together.  You can use them as leader/enders too, making the border as you go.  I cut my pieces in varying widths all three inches long.  I’ll sew the three inch sides together for the border.

Here’s a button you can use for your sidebar, and you can link to this post’s url if you would like.  URL –

Just in case you want some charm packs to fill in, there are plenty on sale at the Fat Quarter Shop Precuts of the Week . FQS also has 20% Off the Basic of the Month, and 30% Off the Notion of the Month, plus check out the Daily Flash Sale – something new at clearance pricing every day!

To see all the steps published so far, click on The Twist!!

Are you ready to do The Twist?

I would love for those interested to join our Facebook group, Friends of From My Carolina Home, to share your fabric selections and sewing progress but you must answer the questions or you will be declined by the moderators. This keeps the group free of spam, and only open to those real sewists and quilters.  Bots don’t answer questions.  If you have recently been declined, try again and this time answer the questions so we can approve you.

31 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Mystery 2020 – The Twist!

  1. Janice Snell

    Carole, sounds like fun! I think I may use flannel but wonder if I am going to be sewing really small pieces. I know I can manage 4.5 and 3 inch pieces. Do you suggest I stay away from flannel or go for it?

    1. I was thinking of flannel myself. I’ve made 3 full size bed quilts using flannel in both small pieces and larger and had no issues at all. I did use good quality flannel and just bought a lovely floral flannel that I’m thinking of using. I may do as Carole suggested she is doing and make 2 quilts at a time, one flannel, one cotton. Jump in…it’ll be fine!

    2. Joan Sheppard

      Flannel can be a little imp. Sometimes it stretches. A gentle wash after zig-zaging the edges can help and washing will also tell you if it is going to pill. Use a Walking Foot. If you don’t have one this might be the time to get one $30 – $40. You might have to pin as well – one pin at each end of the square. I made a rag quilt with 2 layers of good (expensive too) flannel and no batting and it is still the warmest and heaviest quilt ever. My kids love it. If you use flannel for the backing absolutely wash it. Or maybe even just use the flannel on the back for a reversible quilt. But by all means I try anything once.

  2. Hi Carole! I always think of Chubby Checker when I hear that song – only because my mom used to tell me about the time she met him. She was dancing, and he was singing and he came off stage to sing and dance with her. I also remember getting the side ache dancing the twist at my older cousin’s wedding. But it sure was fun (and good exercise, too)! Those fabrics are so you, Carole. Different from your usual Fall-ish palette but still represent you so nicely. This sounds like fun. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Shari K.

    Carole, I was looking at the amount of background yardage required for the Throw and Twin sizes. Something looked off, so I did quick calculations and came up with the following:
    4.5″ = 9 per WOF
    5″ = 8 per WOF
    Throw (80) 4.5″ would require 40.5″ + (40) 5″ would require 25″ for a total of 65.5″= 1-7/8yd minimum. You have 1-1/4 yards, so we would not have enough.
    Twin (96) 4.5″ would require 49.5″ + (48) 5″ would require 30″ for a total of 79.5″= 2-1/4 yd minimum. You have 3 yards, so we would be covered and have extra.
    I didn’t check the other sizes.
    Am I missing something?
    Just wanted to bring it to your attention, in case it is wrong.

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  5. kattails

    Carole…I love the purple and green colorway…it’s more to my liking as I prefer cool colors (other than my older Thimbleberries palette which I still adore!!!). What is your background color? Sorry if I missed that somewhere in your posts….I think I’m starting to suffer from CRS or CRA syndrome….I’ll be tactful here—Can’t Remember Anything? lol This looks like it will be such fun. I’m picking my 2 sets of fabrics today! One flannel in blues and beiges and one to be determined!

  6. Joy B

    I think I’m going to try a table topper size – and I have downloaded your revised instructions for cutting. Now to go home and sort through my fabrics…

  7. Nikki Moshier

    I’m in also! First time doing your mystery. Have done two with Bonnie Hunter and now I am no longer scared of mysteries, lol. So looking forward to the fun. Off soon to pull my fabric.

  8. Ingrid Moyle

    I’d love to join in! Ill be making the throw size. Thankyou for the mystery scrap dance with a twist! As an aside, hopefully you will be receiving/have received Sue’s & my blocks we posted over for the live blog event for the Quilts of Valor too.

  9. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I am super excited for this years Mystery! I have some ideas about my fabric choices, but will have to take some time and really make the decision as soon as I finish the 16 QOV Blocks I am making to send to you. I am also prepping all of my fabrics for the sew in day on Face Book also. I absolutely love the fabrics that you have chosen! I had best get myself busy. I hope that you have a fabulous day!!

  10. Heather MNorth

    I like the idea of a mystery quilt using charm packs. N I’m singing “Come on baby, let’s do the twist” in an attempt to talk myself into starting my 3rd project for 2020. 🙂

  11. thedarlingdogwood

    So excited for this!! I haven’t decided on fabrics yet but will think about what scraps I most want to use. This will be my 4th from the Scrap Dance series.

  12. Rhonda

    Wondering if I could get a little help. I want to go scrappy with civil war prints. I have lots of different prints and colors. Say I have 4 (or 6 or 8) of one print. Would it be better to cut them all the same size or half 4 1/2” and half 5”.

  13. Joan Sheppard

    So coast to coast we now all have this tune in our head! And I just finished a charity quilt and was looking for something new. Mystery Quilt – just the thing!
    p. s. I used some of my Backside fabric for the Charity quilt and it was wonderful! Of course it’s pretty but has a lovely hand as well. Felt it was right to use my gift to help the kids (and kept some for myself.) Thanks for this pattern getting us out of our doldrums.

  14. Susan Nixon

    Your fabrics are a pretty collection. I look forward to seeing this one, but I don’t know if I will get to make it. I will have a look at the directions when the first step comes out. Thank you!

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  18. kathy miller

    Me again, I just found you ,Im one who said feed sack fabric, this is my first mystery quilt. I have quilted along time, but always learning. My husband also quilts, he puts my work to shame. We do Quilts of Valor on r long arm, In r area they do a presentations twice a year, awarding 90 quilts at each program. any way just alittle info about us. Do u think the 30’s and feed sack work with your design?

  19. Zola

    I have never done one of your mysteries but am planning to do The Twist. So if I’m understanding correctly, the first step is to collect & cut my fabric. Then step 2 will be announced the third Friday of February. Is this correct? Thank you for responding.

  20. Judy Carter

    Think I might just try this one for a new baby quilt….I have till august, so I just might get it done. Think the new Mom-to-be wants blues, grays and cream…..thing that would be good???

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