Christmas Wreaths

My Christmas wreath from last year was a winter style, suitable for leaving out all winter.  But, the ribbon was really sad, so I turned it into a fall wreath for this year.  Of course that meant I had to do another one for Christmas. I scored a box full of glass balls and gold wire edged ribbon at an estate sale, so that meant I had everything I needed for a wonderful wreath. I start with a grapevine base.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

This time, I set the bow at an angle on the upper left side. Starting with the streamers I cut them long so they would reach across the wreath and have enough for some pretty twists.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

I made the bow and secured it with wire, adding a bit of hot glue to make it stable.  Click on Bows for a refresher on how to do these big bows.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

Good start. I glued the ends of the streamers to the wreath so they would keep their shape.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

I added some glass balls for shine in silver and gold.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

Then some greenery was added.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

I had a box of small pine cones with some gold and silver accents, so I got those out next. The small cones are perfect for this wreath.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

So, I just kept adding more and more, filling in all the bare spots.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

A bit of red here and there breaks up all the metallic hues.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

All done. Of course, once I was done, I realized that my MIL would love it. So, I decided I would send it home with her after her visit. At least this time it could ride home with her in the back seat of the car.  Shipping it with those delicate ball ornaments would likely be a disaster.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

DH hung it on her door when they got back to her home in Georgia.


So you know what that meant, don’t you? I had to make another one! Out came the gold wire edge ribbon again, and I selected this one.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

I added some picks with red velvet ribbon and pine cones.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

A few more gold pine cones add a bit of shine to the wreath this time too.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, this one is done too. I like the way it looks hanging on the front of the house.  Christmas cheer for our visitors to enjoy, and us too as we come home each day.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

Do you have a holiday wreath this year?



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25 thoughts on “Christmas Wreaths

  1. Cheryl Buchanan

    Those are absolutely beautiful! I love pine cones in a wreath! I made one for my son’s new home in Gastonia. He is big on lake and lodge stuff so I found a pair of skis, an arrow that said “Lodge this way” and a burlap ribbon that I intermingled with the wreath and made a bow. I added snowflake lights and it turned out adorable. He loved it and it’s on his front door. Merry Christmas to all!

  2. I bought a really cute burlap Christmas stocking last year, so that is hanging on my door this year. I do love a Christmas wreath though! Your bows are beautiful!

  3. Love the wreaths and they make me want to make one but I am emotionally attached to one I bought from the Sears catalog in 1968 when my kids were young (and so was I!). I have changed the ribbon periodically but otherwise the thing looks real and has held up unvelieveably. Last year I was given a wonderful fresh wreath that hung on the door but I missed my old one so it is back up this year. We have shared a lot of Christmases over the years and it reminds me of the journey of my life. Funny that something like that can hold so many reminders. Thanks for your blog. I love it and your approach to things and to your readers.

  4. The wreaths look great, I find they are fun to make. I use a grape vine wreath like you – I have one that I made for hanging above the fireplace, I made it almost 20 years ago!! I have replaced parts of it at some years then take the whole thing apart and make fresh from year to year but certain pieces always go back on it for tradition.

  5. Thank you for the inspiration I needed to get my wreath decorated. It’s a plain green fir wreath, no bow or adornments. It’s actually pretty in its simplicity but I do want to make it a little more Christmasy with bow, pine cones, etc. yours are beautiful!

  6. Good Morning Carole! Both of your wreaths are gorgeous! I also clicked and went back to refresh on making the bow and that wreath was beautiful also. Love the way you make your bows and will be trying it later on today, I am making up several wreaths today! I had “hooped” some tulle all around a grapevine wreath base, when hubby commented he thought the poofs were to much…so, I have just let it sit for a couple of days and he is right. So today, I will shorten those poofs and then go from there. I plan on actually making a blog post about it. So, although, I have a gazillion other things to make quilt wise…I think I am going to play and make wreaths today! Thank you for sharing your spectacular talents and ideas that always inspire me! Have a fantastic creative day!

  7. karen

    Beautiful Wreath! And the best thing is that, for the most part, it was recycled contents. Keeping things out of the landfill is important. Looks very festine!

  8. Sharon Schipper

    Bought an evergreen “bouquet” at Sam’s Club last week and made a swag. I had some OLD red plaid ribbon from when I worked at a craft store in the 80’s… very simple, it hangs on our storm door, which we must have: it was 7 degrees overnight….

    I miss having a Ponderosa pine though: tons of small cones. And if you ever get offered Sugar Pine cones, they are HUGE, big enough to make little christmas trees with. In the Modoc National Forest, and Willamette National Forest, northern CA and Oregon!

    merry merry
    sharon in colorado

  9. Jennie Rauch

    Oh yes! Made it years & years ago, but it goes so stunningly on our dark green door – it is made of white bundles of yarn with a red poinsettia! Also have a simple faux one with red “velvet” bow on the grill of my car for festive driving. Bought a lovely one with cardinals flitting around the greenery last year at a craft fair – left it up on our inside porch, since cardinals aren’t just for Christmas, right?! Everything usually looks so dreary when all the Christmas decor is put away, I can enjoy this one all year long. What struck me most about your MIL’s beautiful shiny new wreath? The sweet photo thoughtful DH took of your creation on her door! Very thoughtful fella!

  10. Pat T.

    *Beautiful wreaths!!*
    (I think the one you gave to your MIL looks perfect on her door, and the second one you made is perfect for your door!! Good choices!)
    Pat T.

  11. wreath this year…yours are absolutely gorgeous, though. I especially like the one for your mother-in-law. By the way—-if you head to Vicki W’s house, please stop by southern WV and “fix” mine first! lol…..Merry Christmas….thank you for a lovely year of informative , humorous and delightful posts. You are very much appreciated.

  12. Beautiful work. We “inventoried ” our wreath boxes while talking about improving our storage situation. I have 9 wreath boxes that are full, and every one needs a make over and “gifted”. I usually hang 3, front door, side door and in my sewing room bay window

  13. dezertsuz

    Both are amazing. You are so good at these things! No wreath. I have a wooden Christmas tree I made from paint sticks and a staple gun helping. I’m using clothespins to clip Christmas cards to it. I know if you had done it, it would look LOTS better. LOL But, hey, it’s there.

  14. Both of these are absolutely stunning ! I have a wreath of heavy gold and silver bells on the front door that I fell in love with and purchased at Target about a decade ago. That stays up for December and then a winter greenery goes up until spring.

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