Winter Wreath

It was a little late in the month by the time I got around to making a holiday wreath.  I thought it would be nice to have one that would last through the winter, yet be appropriate for the Christmas holiday.  Instead of doing my usual greenery with red accents, I used more of a natural materials theme.

Wreath hanging 1

The bow is made of a thicker, burlap style fabric with shiny, gold printed snowflakes on one side.  Would you like to learn how to make those big bows for wreaths and other projects?  It is really fairly simple, you just need to be able to hold the bow in progress in one hand.  Start by making a small loop, then twist the ribbon underneath so the top is back on top.

Tying a Bow

Tying a Bow 1

Make a second loop, only a bit bigger than the center loop.

Tying a Bow 2

Twist the ribbon again to bring the right side back to the top.  Make the third loop on the opposite side the same size as the second loop.

Tying a Bow 3

Continue making loops, twisting the ribbon after each one to bring the right side back to the top.

Tying a Bow 4

Make each set of two loops slightly larger than the one before.  Make as many as you want to get the bow the size you want.

Tying a Bow 5

When you have it the size you want, thread a wire through the middle loop and bring the ends to the back of the bow.  Twist them together to hold the loops. Pull the loops around a bit to create the rounded bow.

Tying a Bow 6

Take a separate length of ribbon, fold at a right angle in the middle to form the tails.  Glue it down to the wreath.

Tying a Bow 7

Now glue the bow over the folded part of the tail.  There you go!!

Tying a Bow 8

For the wreath, I used a grapevine wreath.

Winter Wreath 2

Start with the bow as it is the largest element.  For this kind of wreath, it is best to work from largest to smallest elements.  Most of the materials are dried, natural elements starting with dried orange slices.

Winter Wreath 3

I added pine cones, and some small faux fruits. Then I layered more elements on top, acorns and cinnamon sticks.

Winter Wreath 4

The empty spaces were filled in with little berries and some evergreen faux pine sprigs.

Winter Wreath 5

I set it down to see where I needed to fill a bit more, I’ll add more pine cones and evergreen sprigs to fill it out.

Winter Wreath 6

Here it is, finished and hanging next to the front door.  It will be there through March.

Wreath hanging 1

What do you like for a holiday or seasonal wreath?


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7 thoughts on “Winter Wreath

  1. rosemarazzle

    Good Morning Rosemary B here
    I have a grapevine wreath on my fence next to my house. It has berries on it, and …. plastic Christmas balls, cute ones shaped and painted

    Plastic fruit and other ornaments are perfect for outside. So far, “the deerz” do not like plastic food
    I love your wreath so much. . Perhaps it is time for me to make a new one.

    I saw a very cute wreath at my parents retirement communtiy (Ashby Ponds by Erickson- google it)
    Everyone that lives there has a shelf at their front door for ….. I don’t know, but most people display their cherished clutter, things that they have collected and saved because they are their treasures now.
    There was a very nice wreath made out of only the top halves of the pine cones. I do not know how those things were cut in half, but it made a very nifty wreath
    I suggested to my parents to share their manger scene, They have many wonderful figures that stand about 4 inches tall but they have way too many so I thought they would like to put out about 10…… no, we have a mob scene around the manger.
    It is quite hilarious

  2. rosemarazzle

    Oh and those figures, my father bought those about 40 years ago in Italy. They are very nice. My sisters and I used to divide them up and play with them like they were three differnt families it was fun… sort of

  3. Connie Campbell

    What a beautiful wreath and a great tutorial on the bow!! Bows are something I have never been good at making 🙂

  4. I LOVE this one!!! But then again…i lOVE Fall!!! After looking at your wreaths, I”m inspired to create some new ones this year. My glue gun would runth over! 🙂

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