One Dish Italian Meal

Quick and simple meals are nice for busy days this time of year.  DH loves Italian meals, so I came up with a recipe that goes together fast yet is lighter than the usual Italian fare.  Part meal and part salad, it goes together in one dish.  It is a perfect meal for these early days of autumn, while it is still warm outside.

One Dish Italian Meal at

The base of the dish is fresh spinach, a large handful in each bowl.  I remove the tough stems, as I learned from Julia Child.

One Dish Italian Meal at

I brown about 12 oz of Italian sausage in a skillet …

One Dish Italian Meal at

then drain off the fat using a colander.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Onions are sauteed in just a bare amount of olive oil, then set aside.  I use about 1/4-cup.  I chop a fresh tomato and set the pasta to boil.  I cook about 2 cups of pasta for two servings.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Returning the sausage to the pan, add the cooked onions.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Add tomato sauce, or some of my dried tomatoes in oil, and a bit of half and half  (or better still, some ricotta cheese) to make the sauce creamy.  Add the chopped fresh tomato to punch up the fresh taste.  Throw in some chopped fresh basil and parsley too if you have those in your garden.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Add the pasta and toss in the sauce.

One Dish Italian Meal at

I put shredded mozzarella on the fresh raw spinach.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Top with the pasta mixture, sprinkle with a bit of Parmesan and serve.  The heat of the pasta and meat mixture will slightly wilt the spinach.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Yum, satisfies DH’s Italian craving, and yet not too heavy a meal for a weeknight.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Use your favorite pasta with sauce recipe, just serve a lighter portion on fresh spinach.   The best news, it is a throw-in-what-you-want recipe, with really no hard amounts, so just do as you like.  Adding some mushrooms would be good.

One Dish Italian Meal at

Do you have a great stove top pasta recipe?  What would you add to this recipe?

13 thoughts on “One Dish Italian Meal

  1. That looks great! I have never thought to serve a dish like this on a bed of spinach. I think my husband would like it. But maybe not the kids! They could have theirs plain.

  2. Kathleen Kingsbury

    Oh my goodness this looks absolutely delicious! I’m reading and reading as I scroll, and actually said ‘ohhhh!’ with the sprinkle of moz on the spinach! Why, I don’t know. Just got even more delicious I guess. I’ll definitely be trying this.

  3. Monica Kostak

    Looks good-i never bought Italian sausage-does it have skin on it? I normally get my pasta at Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill. I haven’t made pasta at home in a LONG TIME and since it’s just me and Jim we like to eat pasta on date night Saturday night, a few times a month.

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