NC Arboretum Orchid Show – part 2

There were so many gorgeous blooms with the orchid show, that it is taking two posts to show just a small part of them.  The show was stuffed full of a huge variety of blooms!  Color and shapes were awesome, so let’s take a small tour of some more of the beauty in this room.

Orchid Show 2019

Pink, white, yellow, red, purple, variegated, spotted, two color, you name it and it was there.  Ribbons for award winners hung from a lot of the entries.

Orchid Show 2019

Here are just a few of the more unusual varieties.  This one is Miltoniopsis Maui Mist ‘Golden Gate’.

Miltoniopsis Maui Mist ‘Golden Gate’

Odontobrassia Pisgah Recluse.  I loved the shape and color of this one.

Odbrs. Pisgah Recluse

Oncidesa Jiuhbao Gold.

Oncidesa Jiuhbao Gold

Oncidium sphacelatum.

Oncidium sphacelatum

Paphiopedilum Julius.  This genus is related to Lady’s Slippers, and I found a Lady’s Slipper in our woodland area just this past week!  I got a photo and I’ll show you that on the next garden post.

Paphiopedilum Julius

Paphiopedilum philippinesse.

Paphiopedilum philippinesse

Paphiopedilum Pisgah Midnight ‘Bandit’, such a dark color almost black!

Paphiopedilum Pisgah Midnight 'Bandit'

Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill.

Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill





Lots of Phalaenopsis, in such pretty apricot, lavendar and white varieties.


Psychopsis Mendenhall ‘Hildos’.  This one looked like it was about to fly away.

Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos'

On the miniature display, Renanthera Tom Thumb was about the size of a quarter.

Renanthera Tom Thumb

Rhyncholaelicattleya Kure Beach Lenette.

Rhyncholaelicattleya Kure Beach Lenette #2

Wilsonara Opalescent ‘Snow Pixie’.

Wilsonara Opalescent 'Snow Pixie'

Zygopetalum Mighty Explosion had green petals with spots, one of the few green varieties.

Zygopetalum Mighty Explosion

Large displays were organized by the society’s location in the state.

Orchid Show 2019

It was a feast for the eyes, with a lot of interesting details to see if you look closely.

Orchid Show 2019

I hope you enjoyed the orchid show!  Do you have a favorite from the show on either yesterday’s post or today’s?

12 thoughts on “NC Arboretum Orchid Show – part 2

  1. So many pretty orchids once again. The ladyslipper is our state flower, so of course, I’m a little partial to the orchid related to them. I do like the Winston Churchill too. Thanks for sharing a little of the show!

  2. Sylvia E Anderson

    Such a beautiful orchid display you have shared with us Carole. I am drawn to the spidery looking ones and the one that resembles a beautiful yellow Daffodil or Jonquil. Hope you had a fabulous weekend, and look forward to pictures after you have had a chance to recover.

  3. Orchids are not a flower that I am going to grow at home. I maybe could, but I just don’t have the room, and they are expensive. That is why I like looking at your photos and always take a look at them when I am at the greenhouse. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  4. Mary Stori

    Gosh….I had no idea about the wide range of orchids. Again…tx’s for taking the time to share these beauties!

  5. Wendy

    Beautiful! Don’t really have a favorite but orchids have so many different varieties and are very interesting. Hubby and I have grown a few but I prefer my outdoor flowers. Thanks for the flower show, very enjoyable!!!

  6. Catherine

    Carole, they are beautiful! So many species of orchids. That Recluse one purple and lime green looks like a spider. The colors are spectacular. Nice color combinations for quilts, lol.
    Thanks for showing them.

    1. Felicia Hamlin

      Thank you, Carole, for sharing so much beauty. I come from Nicaragua and my family had some on a couple of trees. I have bought some and tried to grow them indoors, but I end up killing them. Do you grow orchids and what is the secret to keep them alive?

  7. Patricia Evans

    Thanks for the virtual orchid show. I missed getting to the Rochester show in April. I have 8 orchids, all phalaenopsis, with two in bud stage. The variety of orchids is just amazing

  8. dezertsuz

    I’m going backwards and haven’t seen the previous post yet, but from this post, I really like the Wilsonara Opalescent ‘Snow Pixie’. I know there are lots of varieties, because on a sim where I write, my character owns a club called Orchids & Jazz, and decorates with Orchids, so I have learned a bit about them in order to decorate the club. These are all so pretty, and some unusual. Thanks for sharing them.

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