NC Arboretum Orchid Show

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, and will enjoy these gorgeous orchids in a very picture heavy post!  A couple of weeks ago, DH and I went to the Orchid Show at the NC Arborteum to see the competition with participants from all over North Carolina vying for ribbons and recognition.  I took over 200 pictures at the show, but I promise not to post them all, LOL!! But, there are some really unusual ones, and some gorgeous ones, so I will spread them out over two posts, today and tomorrow.

Orchid Show 2019

After I got home, I labeled each one of the photos with the name of the orchid. That took a while, but I wanted to be sure that I got them all correct. In most cases I take a photo of the flower, then I take one of its name so I can keep track. You all know how I love white flowers, so this one caught my eye. It is in the Cattleya variety, a common one in stores for purchase. Enjoy the show! This one is Cattleya Easter Halo.

Cattleya Easter Halo

Cattleya Irene’s Song ‘Mountclair’.

Cattleya Irene's Song 'Mountclair'

CTT Gold Digger Buttercup.

CTT. Gold Digger Buttercup

Hybrids cross two varieties, this one was labeled Dendrobium (Utopia x Santa Claus).

Dendrobium (Utopia x Santa Claus)

Dendrobium Joyce Kelley.

Dendrobium Joyce Kelley

Dendrobium Nestor.

Dendrobium Nestor

This one was a miniature, Aeridofinetia Suzuka Pearl.  The flowers were about the size of a quarter.

Aeridofinetia Suzuka Pearl

Then, even more tiny, Microterangis hildebrantil.  These were only about a quarter of an inch in diameter!

Microterangis hildebrantil

Wilder and more bizarre, with an equally strange name, Arthura Sea Snake ‘Unforgetable’

Arthura Sea Snake ‘Unforgetable’

More spots on Aspasium Angel Baby.

Aspasium Angel Baby

Beallara Marfitch ‘Howard’s Dream’.

Beallara Marfitch 'Howard's Dream'

Brassidium Golden Gamine.

Brassidium Golden Gamine

Encyclia cochleata.  Bizarre shape, they almost look like squid, LOL!!

Encyclia cochleata

Epigeneium Serena O’Neill, the pastel green and lavendar was lovely.

Epigeneium Serena O’Neill

Another spotted variety, Epigeneium Stamfordianum.

Epigeneium Stamfordianum

Pure and clear yellow, Epilaeliocattleya Golden Sunset.

Epilaeliocattleya Golden Sunset

Laeliocatanthe Newberry Lava Burst.

Laeliocatanthe Newberry Lava Burst

Lysudamuloa Red Jewel Sweet Baby.

Lysudamuloa Red Jewel Sweet Baby

Masdevallia Aquarius.

Masdevallia Aquarius

Gorgeous groupings were all over, with a sweet vanilla scent in the room.

Orchid Show 2019

Orchid growing societies and clubs from all over North Carolina were represented.

Orchid Show 2019

Click on the Orchid Show Part 2, to see the rest of the show including the phalaenopsis varieties that are commonly purchased, along with some more unusual varieties. I hope you enjoy the orchids!

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15 thoughts on “NC Arboretum Orchid Show

  1. WOW beautiful!!! I am always amazed at the wide variety of colors; shapes; sizes and textures !! Your photos are terrific. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy the car club weekend. Hope the rain doesn’t trouble you. We had a wash-out weekend, so I got to SEW!

  2. Sylvia E Anderson

    Love all the beautiful shots of the orchids and look forward to tomorrow’s group. Hope you are having a good time!

  3. Mary Stori

    A beautiful site on such a gloomy and very rainy day here in our mountain valley. I had no idea of the vast varities of orchids….some look like lilys or daffodils, and many other very unusual shapes……tx’s for sharing!

  4. Linda Rattie

    Wow….beautiful. I am from Ontario Canada and I have never even heard of an Orchid Show (at least from around here) Thanks for sharing. Question: How do they make sure they all bloom at the same time?

  5. Those are just beautiful. My dad had a large greenhouse and grew all of the different orchids so these pics brought back many memories.

  6. Catherine

    Thank you for showing these beautiful orchids, Carole! I have one my daughter gave me last Mother’s Day and it bloomed several months ago and more buds keep coming. Maybe it’s pot bound and that’s why it keeps blooming. There are eight blooms and three more buds.
    I enjoyed your photos…thanks again!

  7. Tami Von Zalez

    I am such a big fan of orchids, I usually have about 5 or 6. I always have one in bloom at my workspace.

  8. I love orchid shows. Yours looks like a super fun one. You did a great job taking beautiful photos and I’m impressed you took time to label all of them, but in the long run it will be worth it. I think you could get your pictures published in a magazine.

  9. dezertsuz

    I do tend to like most Dendrobiums and Dendrobium Joyce Kelley is no exception. Just lovely markings. Thanks for sharing these.

  10. Carole, all these orchids are stunning! They make me wish I had more of a green thumb…Thanks for linking up to Take Me Away. The July party is open now and I will post my June recap over the weekend. (I am a little slow with the kids home on summer break!) Enjoy your weekend!

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