Preparing for the Easter Parade

Tomorrow, the Mini Cooper club will participate as a group in the Dillsboro Easter Parade again this year.  We went to last year’s event, although we didn’t have our Mini yet so we couldn’t be in the parade.  This year, we will be part of the procession, and I needed to get a few things done so we could hold our own in the decorations area.  I got this inflatable rabbit after Easter last year and saved it for use this year.

Easter Parade Prep at

I had some magnet sheets left from making ornaments for the Holiday Parade last December.  These were pulled out to make eggs.

Easter Parade Prep at

First, the top surface was sprayed with glue, then the wrapping paper was smoothed over it.  Several were made and they were allowed to dry overnight.

Easter Parade Prep at

Egg shapes were cut out.  I got five big eggs from these sheets.

Easter Parade Prep at

DH found a cute bunny banner for the windshield.

Easter Parade Prep at

I had literally hundreds of these foam stickers in flower, bunny and egg shapes.  I thought it would be fun to fill some egg bags with them to hand out to the kids on the route.  The stickers weren’t heavy enough to give any weight to the bag, so I picked up some chocolate marshmallow rabbits and some Easter bubble blowing sticks at the dollar store.

Easter Parade Prep at

I started making the little bags, about 20 of them.  The parade is only two blocks, so there isn’t much time to hand out a lot.

Easter Parade Prep at

Each bag got a chocolate bunny, a bubble stick, and a handful of stickers.

Easter Parade Prep at

I closed the bags using the stickers too, and put them in a basket large enough to hold them all.  This will be easy to carry as I walk the route next to the cars.

Easter Parade Prep at

So, we are ready.  I have my Easter Bonnet, the car decorations, and the goodies to hand out.  I just hope it doesn’t rain!  DH has a really cute idea that will only work if it is sunny, so we will see.   I’ll make my side dish in the morning to take, and I’ll give you that recipe later.  It is a new salad dish with corn and tomatoes.  I hope to bring you the parade and the day’s activities on Sunday.  Have a great holiday weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend?

16 thoughts on “Preparing for the Easter Parade

  1. Joy B

    This sounds so cute! I can’t wait to see pictures of your car. Wish I could come over to Dillsboro to see the parade but it won’t happen this year. I’m three weeks out from total knee replacement surgery, and just spent 2 days in the hospital with a bad stomach bug- so I don’t think I’m going anywhere this weekend! Have great fun and take lots of pictures.

  2. Mary Stori

    How very festive….sure hope the rain ends before then…’s miserable in our neck of the woods……torrential rain best describes the conditions. Enjoy!!

  3. Lots of fun Easter things going on! I sure hope it doesn’t rain! I know it is supposed to rain at my house tomorrow. Hope you have fun in any event!

  4. Your decorations are great, you can change the wrapping paper and get a new look or just redo a couple each year and have all different eggs! The windshield banner is adorable, and the treat bags will be a Thrill for the little ones at the parade. I just made some deviled eggs and bagels, hoping to get a ham to go with asparagus and squash, and then something different for dessert…have to think on that. We are going to services this weekend, and then count our blessings.

  5. Connie Bryant

    Can you send me the template for the eggs? I would love to make some magnets like that. Thanks! 🙂 love reading your posts.

  6. How clever you are, these bags are such a good idea, fun and colourful and the kids will be delighted. I hope you have a lovely time at the Parade and are blessed with good weather. Happy Easter.

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Everything you have shown is perfect for decorations and Easter goodies for the kids. I am really excited to see all of your pictures when you share them and this new recipe sounds interesting! I do hope that no rain will fall on the parade. I am working on finishing a lap quilt hopefully by tonight for my Niece. I am having so much fun putting this easy 4 patch quilt together and am realizing that I really do need to return to these types of patterns once again. Have a wonderful weekend, Carole!

  8. Sharon S

    80’s tomorrow, 50’s and rain Sunday here in Denver, hope your parade stays dry! you are having so much fun! we’re having dinner my house tomorrow because one daughter works every Sunday. Then church Sunday morning, and I’m making french toast for brunch after… late afternoon son and DIL and granddaughter going to other grandmother’s house for easter dinner, I may or may not go, depends, and one daughter will probably be with me for the day… old movies? Fred Astaire and Judy Garland in Easter Parade? Will do some handwork during that if we choose. Wish I could come see your parade, but about 1500 miles not a quick trip!

  9. Patricia Evans

    You really do like to immerse yourself in these outings. I hope the weather cooperates.
    Happy Easter.

  10. This looks like so much fun! What a good idea to put your candy and treats in a bag. Very thoughtful. We’re putting steaks on the grill, potatoes, asparagus, deviled eggs for my son and cherry pie. We had the big “do” last weekend with all the family and grands. Gotta be flexible when loved ones work in the health field! Have fun at the parade and a lovely Easter!

  11. Peggy S Tackett

    Excited to see how this all comes together. Hope you have superb weather and a lovely Easter day filled with fun events. Thanks for all that you do for others and for sharing so much with your readers!
    Regards, Peg in Alaska

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