Rainy Day Blues but the Irises Bloom

Rain washed out the Mini Cooper club’s participation in the Dillsboro Easter Parade yesterday.  The director of the club pulled the plug on the event Friday afternoon.  Moderate rain was predicted with even some snow in the high elevations.  Since the event planned was an all day affair with the outdoor pre-party, the parade, then a long drive and a potluck dinner later, it was prudent.  We don’t need people driving in the rain, and the venue for the potluck was outdoor too.  I have to say I am disappointed, but will save my Easter Bonnet for next year.  I packed the hat with tissue paper into a dry cleaning bag to keep it dust free.  Then, I took the chocolate rabbit treats out of the Treat Bags storing the stickers and bubble sticks for next year.  I’ll save the candies for the next event and just give them to friends, or put them on the next potluck table.  It poured rain beginning on Thursday, and we got over 5 inches of rain through Friday flooding low lying areas around town.

Rain came down all day Friday and intermittently on Saturday, battering the pretty iris flowers that just opened.  I was trying to get an artsy shot for the photo contest at the fair later this year.

Iris Blooms at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Once again I am finding it hard to stop taking pictures of these gorgeous purple and white blooms.

Iris Blooms at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The ruffled edges and bright white beards and patches capture my fancy every year.  Perhaps this one could be a contest entry?

Iris Blooms at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

While these are pretty, the other varieties overshadow them.

Iris Blooms at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The dark red ones bloomed yesterday too.

Iris Blooms at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Gorgeous, aren’t they!! With the darker falls and bright yellow beards, they are striking.

Iris Blooms at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I still think I’ll dig up those anemic pale lavendar ones and replant them in the circle island on the driveway.  This year I need to mark which ones are the ones to move.  All three beds are getting overcrowded again.

Iris Blooms at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I’ll have more on the garden later.  In the meantime, I wanted to share a bit of fun that DH found on youtube for Game of Thrones fans.  They used 2750 Oreo cookies to mimic the the Game of Thrones opening title sequence.

And if you need another bit of good entertainment on a rainy day, Jersey Boys on Netflix is well worth the time.  I’ve been reading the Discovery of Witches trilogy (now on the second book Shadow of Night), and watching the series on AMC, have you seen it?  Somehow Matthew Goode just doesn’t embody the character of Matthew de Clermont to me, not dark enough in character nor does he exude the power written in the book.  At least so far.  But, it’s a passable adaptation, even if a bit different than the book.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter or Passover!  Have a great weekend!

23 thoughts on “Rainy Day Blues but the Irises Bloom

  1. Sylvia E Anderson

    Happy Easter Carole and DH. I was so disappointed we weren’t going to see pictures of your parade and you in your Easter Bonnet. I really think you should give us a peek at you wearing the Bonnet. lol We are going to have weather in the 70’s today and will definitely enjoy it.

  2. Your garden is always so pretty! I too am disappointed in Matthew Goode’s character in A Discovery of Witches, he just somehow doesn’t fit! I haven’t read the books, will check into them! Have a wonderful day, Susan

  3. karenfae

    I imagine with the heavy rain it wouldn’t have been driving in it and flooding makes it worse. I love your iris’s. I think in the fall I need to pull all of my iris’s out and replant them they must be getting too deep as I see very few buds this year – time to divide and plant again – your iris’s are beautiful

  4. joanne264

    That’s really too bad your Easter parade plans had to be cancelled. It sounded like such a fun day!
    Your ruffled irises are just stunning! They are one of my very favourite flowers – short-lived but so gorgeous. Your beautiful photo is definitely worth submitting!
    I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and enjoy it so much. You’re so inspiring with all of the things you do and accomplish!
    Have a happy Easter!!

  5. Joy B

    I’m so sorry the weather didn’t cooperate for the parade, but you are ready for next year! Your flowers are lovely, thanks for sharing their beauty. Happy Easter!

  6. Iris blooms have not opened here yet, or at least, I haven’t spotted any. Yours are gorgeous.

    I’m disappointed that your car club outing was canceled, but at least you have a head start for next year.

  7. Mary Stori

    Sorry to learn about the car club cancellation, certainly a good decision given the pounding rain everywhere here in the mountains. I do think you have your photo entry for the fair……it’s excellent!

  8. Patricia Evans

    Either of your close-up shots of the purple iris would make excellent entries to a photo contest.
    Sorry it rained on your parade. We’ve had rain off and on but no where near 5″. It’s cool and gloomy right now, so it will be sewing for me today instead of the garden. Happy Easter, I’m going to try your suggestion to slow roast the ham wrapped in parchment paper.

  9. Mary Sloan

    My favorite flower is the bearded iris. As a child, we had every color my Mother could find. Yours are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Happy Easter, Carole! I am sorry that all of your plans were canceled due to the rain, but it is understandable. Carole, you know I am not very good at taking pictures but I always see what a talent you have when taking pictures. Plus, the longer you have your camera and learn more about it and ways to use it to your advantage, your pictures just continue to become expert/professional quality at every image you take. I especially see this in pictures number three and four and number seven (starting from the top and going down). In both three and four, the picture is so clear and focused that I can see the little bumps on the petals and the colors are stunning and just as a whole both pictures are so precise and beautiful. I think I would chose the fourth picture to enter, if not all three, but the fourth just has so many special effects like the first Iris being vivid and the one behind being slightly blurred. I also do love the seventh Iris mainly because of the way, for me, it catches and holds the special beauty of the long slender yellow (oh dang, I can not remember what it is called) and the variety of the shapes of the petals of every Iris and how they are all unique that way. Well, great fun choosing and in taking all the pictures that I know you enjoy taking! Have a marvelous day!

  11. kathyinozarks

    I am soooo sorry your Easter festivities got rained out-that’s sad but your flowers are gorgeous-I do love that first photo-would be lovely framed-hugs

  12. Those Iris, so very beautiful! I never tire of them, or spring bulbs, or lilacs for that matter! So much rain for you, we are usually thrilled if we can get an inch over a couple of days, which is what we are hoping for with today’s rain. I think it will be perfect for the Brussels sprouts that are in the ground now! Easter blessings to you and your DH!

  13. Mary Jo

    I have some of those “anemic pale lavender” iris that I got from my grandmother over 45 years ago. She lived on a farm and when the iris needed to be divided she threw the extras across
    the road into a field. So I dug up some of those that, of course, had taken hold even though they were just thrown there! I am sure that the “parents” of my iris are probably at least 75 years old or older. I love the memories that come with them every spring!

  14. dezertsuz

    ALL of the iris are so pretty, whatever their color. You have a nice variety growing around your house. I’m sorry about your Easter Parade, but you did handle the disappointment well in the blog post. =)

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