January White

After the richness and clutter of the autumn season and the holidays, I like to begin the new year with a clean and fresh look, simple and pure.  Last night we got about 3 inches of snow, and this morning the view out the front windows looks much like my header photo again, just not quite as deep.  Mirroring the scene outside, the snowflake theme comes inside with all white tablescape.  I am having a sewing day next week to work on the California Fire Quilts (Update post), and of course that means a pot luck lunch.  I am really grateful for all the help these ladies are willing to give, so I set the table with my best china and flatware.  The centerpiece is a white reindeer planter, with a white painted pine cone in the well, topped with a clear snowflake.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

All the settings are set on my white embroidered lace placemats, with the matching table runner under the centerpiece.  More white pine cones are on each end.  White candles are in small crystal holders.  White mitten ornaments with silver snowflakes are placed added too.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

The place settings are white on white china plates, with white porcelain leaf dishes for salad.  Crystal water glasses, silverplate flatware, and individual salt and peppers complete the settings.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

These porcelain bowls are so delicate, with pretty veining on the leaves and a graceful curve forming the bowl.  If you hold them up to the light, you can see your hand through them.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

I made place cards from white card stock, with a snowflake punched on one end.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

In the center, the floral garland of white poinsettias circle the reindeer, accented with a string of iridescent white beads.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

There is a contrast of textures with the knitted mittens, furry cuffs, shiny beads and silk flowers.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

The clear snowflake is just set onto the pine cone.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

One more view.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

All set and ready for friends to enjoy.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

Elsewhere in the decor, I put my White on White Crazy Patch Mini Quilt on the quilt stand with white candles nearby.  Click on the link for the whole story and how to make one for your decor.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

On the pub table, the matching larger porcelain leaf bowl sits atop the Snowflake Table Runner.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

On the kitchen counter, one more embroidered lace placemat is the base for a wonderful white candle with a fresh outdoor snowy scent called Winter Garden (Large Jar) (Winter Garden Small Jar). (affiliate links) The hyacinth bulb sits next to it, and is growing slowly, as there isn’t enough sunlight to stimulate it.  I put it down in the basement yesterday under the grow light to help it along.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

On the coffee table, a Fostoria Fenton candy dish and a white candle flank the Victoria magazines and the book At Home With White.  The books from Victoria are so wonderfully illustrated, the pictures are works of art.  There are lovely chapters on just about every room in the house, to add a feeling of gentility and quiet beauty.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

On the bookcase, more white items are collected together, little white chickens sit near white candles in clear crystal holders.  A white rabbit planter holds some votives, and a snowflake candle holder are in the center.  On the plate stand is a wonderful oyster dish that I got to actually bake oysters in.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

The detail on it makes it a beautiful piece for display as well.

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

How do you like to decorate in January?

January White ~ From My Carolina Home

30 thoughts on “January White

  1. What beautiful decorating! Your table setting is lovely. I don’t do a lot of decorating in January. I leave most of the Christmas decorations that are more snow-themed out and put the rest away.

  2. Myrna

    another work of art, I do enjoy your description of all the dishes and setting. Your fellow sewers will enjoy the potluck at this wonderful table of friends. have a great day

  3. Mary Crawford

    Absolutely stunning! I love your decorating skills and certainly admire your creativity and organizational talents as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jennifer Rauch

    So pretty & serene! Your Fostoria dish looks more like Fenton to me, tho. . . Frigid cold here, so we’re hunkering down, doctoring hubby out of the flu – soon, I hope.

  5. Phyllis Smith

    Lovely, simple and so refreshing. I’m very fond of reindeer, my husband loved to hunt {only for food for the table} but I have always loved wild life so I have a lot of figurines of deer, birds, foxes, squirrels, and foxes, especially since they all come to my yard at times. Found a basket made of pine straw in the shape of a deer, sprayed gold with a sprinkling of gold glitter, filled it with the cinnamon scented pine cones with a small candle ring of verigated holly and red berries. Used it in the living room but now moved it to the den for the rest of the winter time. We had over 2 inches of snow this morning, it was so pretty but the cat, trigger, sure did not like it, he wanted out so opened the door onto the front porch he went out about 2 feet stood for a second and ran back inside, later he wanted out the back door , got out about 3’ turned back and headed for the door, not a good record huh. It won’t get above 28 today and a wind blowing about 20 mph so that makes it even colder, 10 to 5 below they are saying. Guess what, I’m staying inside working on my Linus blankets and taking care of some clothing repairs of my own today. Made Closet Cooking roast beef with mushrooms and onions soup for the next day or so, it has red wine and beef stock, sooooo good. Stay warm and enjoy your closed in days.

  6. Your tablescape is so beautiful as are the other decorations. My January decor is nothing quite that elaborate but I do leave the snowmen out until the Valentine’s take over. Enjoy your lunch and sewing with friends.

  7. Cindy W

    All I can ever think to say when I see your tablescapes and beautiful dishes is WOW! I too love dishes. The real masterpiece of this whole article is the mini quilt. I so love it, and it has inspired me to make minis for the seasons, what a great idea. Crazy quilting is really my cup of tea, and what you’ve done on this piece is just so beautiful, I fully understand the desire to keep adding more and more and more, you knew exactly when to quit. Again as always thank you for the sharing and the inspiration.

  8. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I decorate for Christmas with glittery pine cones, Cardinals and lots of white lights. I leave out through January and February as the red and white transitions through to March, when DH’s real daffodils fill vases of cobalt blue glass. It’s hovering near zero and that’s unusual for here. Hand stitching by the fire!! Thanks for sharing your lovely tablescape!

  9. Shirley

    Your tablescape and decor are elegant! Love the patchwork mini quilt. I am inspired to make one using some of my grandmother’s and mother’s jewelry and my mother’s crocheted handkerchiefs.

  10. Your tablescapes are always so beautiful. We are in the process of packing away the Christmas decorations, and it’s now snow time. We have about a dozen different mugs with a snow theme, and we hang the mobiles that are snowflakes, a skier, and a sledder. There are some white angels that get to stay out, also.

  11. Karen

    This is my favorite tablescape from you, just beautiful!! Have a wonderful & productive day with your sewing friends!

  12. Rosemaryflower

    Gosh, Carole, you have a lot of pretty stuff. I really enjoyed these photos fannnnnn-cy, but not snooty fancy, comfy fancy

  13. Do you have a huge house to store all these place settings and decorations? I love looking at them, but the amount of storage room needed seems huge.

  14. The whole layout is beautiful.
    Blessing to you and the others that will help with the finishing quilting.
    With the snowstorm and the freezing temps here, our guild has not met and won’t until next Tuesday.
    Who knows when I would end up getting their blocks. I’m going to use my block for a donation quilt at Hand 2 Help . And just go ahead and send you the monetary amount I had set aside to send any way. I know this is a little late, but since you are always helping others just put it toward your next catastrophe project. That sounds so horrible, not prophecy ( could not think of another word) but preparedness. I’m going to include my block in the next post because my wording on showing your blocks inviting other to join in seemed to mislead readers that that they were mine. Sorry.

  15. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Your table setting is just gorgeous! I get so lost in all of your descriptions along the way of each and every item and why you chose them with the photo, it is just like being there. The leaf bowls are so pretty, yet, I would have never thought they were that light weight that you could see your hand through them. They are really pretty along with everything on the table. My other favorite was the Oyster Baking Tray. It is so amazingly detailed! Where did you ever find such a fantastic item? I have never had any oyster aside from a soup my Father made occasionally he called Oyster Soup and then Smoked Oysters in a can. So have you ever tried them anywhere? Every item you have shared today is so lovely, Carole! I always enjoy your sharing your table settings and special pieces with us in a post! I hope this is something you never stop doing. Have a fantastic day!

  16. Mary Jo

    Love your table setting. What pattern is your silverware and your plates? I think I have the same thing! I also have a battenburg lace tablecloth, but not placemats! Now I just need to pull together some of the other things to make a table like yours!

  17. dezertsuz

    Your house is gorgeous from door to door, I’m sure! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. You know me, Carole. I’m lucky if there’s something hanging on the door – which there isn’t this month! NOEL is still out in the front yard!

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