Bright Panel Quilt

I am working on several things now that I just cannot show on the blog yet, Scrap Dance Square Dance is one!  I have it about half done, and had to pack it up for a while as I cannot let anyone see it.  The other thing taking up almost my entire sewing space right now are the bits and pieces for the three California Thomas Fire Quilts.  I am preparing things for the sewing day which will be next week.  I actually did this quilt a couple of months ago, but with the Be My Neighbor Quilt going at the same time, I haven’t had a chance to show this one.  So I saved it, and now’s the time to show it.   This was a charity quilt pieced in really bright and cheerful colors surrounding a floral panel.  It was a mix of batiks and traditional cotton quilting fabrics, so vibrant.  I spread it out on the backing and batting provided to check the size.  That part looked good.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

But as I started loading the backing, I noticed this.  The backing seam was not even a 1/4-inch.  My guess is that the selvedge edges were trimmed off after the seam was sewn, but the piecer didn’t make the seam deep enough.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

So, I did something I usually would not do.  I had more than ample fabric top to bottom, so I re-sewed the seam at one inch deep.  This is the best seam size for a backing on the longarm.  It is more stable than a shallow seam, less prone to pop open.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I trimmed off the original seam to avoid having to rip it out.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The seam is pressed open.  The picture is dark, but looking closely you can see the ample allowance now.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Loading it on longarm with Warm and Natural batting, I checked the top to make sure it was square and the borders were done right.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The colors were so bright, I thought this would be a good time to use this bright variegated King Tut thread.  It is rare that I have a quilt with all these colors, and I love this thread.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, which panto to choose?  Leaves seemed like a good choice with the flowers, and these are my favorite two.  I picked the one on the right for its density and detail.  The maple leaves just seem to go well with oranges and reds on the panel, and also seemed to fit better with the thread colors.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

This is Maple Dance designed by Karen Thompson for Intelligent Quilting.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Isn’t it wonderful with that variegated thread?

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The stitching blends with every color on the quilt.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

I did run into one small problem.  Seams on the edge not stay stitched often come apart in the process of longarming.  Luckily I saw this as I advanced the quilt, and before I had stitched the edge down.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Pinned in place with a large corsage pin….

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

it is stabilized on the edge, then slightly in the seam to hold it closed.  When the quilting is complete, this will not be noticeable at all.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

More quilting, the thread blends in the yellow and the green and the orange.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

It blends on the batik border, and in the blue too.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

It added a nice texture to the panel, without overpowering the nice print detail in the corners.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The back side has nice texture too, as I used a solid red color Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

All done, and returned to the maker.

Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Do you like bright fabrics or more traditional colors?

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Bright Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

27 thoughts on “Bright Panel Quilt

  1. thedarlingdogwood

    This is beautiful! I love variegated thread and this is a perfect project for it! And the leaf pattern really looks lovely.

  2. Shirley

    I appreciate your longarming hints. Have always wondered what seam allowance should be used on the quilt backing. Your thread choice and quilting turned out beautiful!

  3. The bright quilt will definitely be a joy to whoever receives it. I love the leaves in the quilting and the variegated thread is just perfect. I had been told to do a 1/2-inch seam for the backing (Pressed Open), but will increase it to the 1-inch. I just learned recently the benefit of stay-stitching all around. I’m always learning something new to improve my quilting. Thanks for the tip!

  4. kathyinozarks

    That was so good of you to fix what was not correct-many people would not do that.
    I love your thread choices and the quilting is lovely For me though I do not care for these colors together at all lol but that’s me and I only mention it since you asked

  5. Cindy Beal

    Thank you for sharing this tip about seams in the backing. I usually aim for 1/2″ but I will do a nice 1″ now. Who knew? Love seeing the process of long arming and love the variegated thread.

  6. BJ

    I used to do a 1″ seam, but that included the selvage. My long arm quilter at the time gently suggested I keep the inch but get rid of the selvage. Lesson learned. Beautiful quilt – great way to use that variegated thread! I was a traditional quilter for years. Then nieces entered my life, then great-nieces and a granddaughter. Needless to say, I’ve been experimenting with colors like hot pink, deep purple, lime green and sunshine yellow – not all in one quilt….yet. I’m still uncomfortable but learning. Heck, I just bought a bolt of the new color of the year, Tiger Lily – such a gorgeous orange! As always, thanks for the tips.

  7. Cindy W

    Great tips, and explanation as you go through the process, thank you. I usually go for more subtle colors on my things, I’m a sucker for cabbage roses and paisleys, but I think this quilt is gorgeous, I love the bright colors, also your choices for thread and quilting were spot on, it really enhanced the whole project.

  8. I tend to be drawn to bright colors. Love your choice of panto and variegated thread on this quilt. Just curious. Have you ever quilted a two color quilt made of solid black and solid white? And if so, what thread did you use?

  9. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; You did a marvelous quilting job on this quilt! The leaf pattern you chose is such a pretty pattern on a quilt and using that lovely variegated thread was another fabulous choice. With all of your choices on this pretty quilt, you just added the extra wallalala that it deserved. Thank you for sharing it with us. As for fabric choices I tend to make, that goes all over the spectrum. I truly love bright springy colorways, yet there are also such a spectacular array of fall fabrics that end up creating the most beautiful quilts and the list just goes on and on. Also, I have become very addicted to creating Christmas quilts. There again, that opens up such an array of fabric lines that go in so many directions there is no way to pick a favorite. LOL. I am looking forward to choosing fabrics for the Mystery Quilt starting Friday! Until then, I hope to get two quilts quilted. Have a fantastic day!

    1. Brenda Ackerman

      I forgot to thank you for the great information on piecing the back pieces together at an inch instead of using the standard fourth of an inch. It does make sense, but nothing I ever remember reading or hearing in a video tutorial. I have written it down and will start doing that method alongside of trying to piece a quilt back Horizontally whenever I can also. I definitely appreciate learning new tips and lessons whenever I read about them! Which by the way, Deanna and I removed the quilt from the quilting frame and are going to make a very nice and helpful set of Leaders and Enders before pinning a quilt to the frame again! Thank you again!

  10. Patricia Evans

    I lean toward bright colors, but surprisingly seem to have a lot of dark blues, greens and purples in my scrap drawers. I’ve made a lot of kid quilts and always use bright primary colors instead of pastels. I have some panels I should try enhancing and using for donation quilts. I used to hang panel wallhangings on my office door at the library, but now that I’m retired, I don’t have a good place to hang them. Hope you aren’t too cold down there. We are back to below zero at night and teens and twenties during the day. Someone said we’re going back to near 50 next week.

  11. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carole,
    This is utterly beautiful! Love the color scheme!
    All the different flowers allowed the color for the border to burst! What a beautiful wall hanging to use in a garden room.

  12. it looks like you run into the same things with the long arm that I know I will problems with on my 3 roller hand quilting frame. — backing seams always need to be wider than a quarter inch I usually have them at about a 1/2 inch and I stay stitch around the entire quilt before I put it on the quilting frame or the seams might pull apart.

  13. I have learnt some good information from you regarding what works best for a LAQ. Never occurred to me that a one inch seam was better for the backing. Will do that in the future.

  14. sharon schipper

    An inch! I’ve been using half inch, I’ll adjust… and it’s a GIRL by the way! found out on Sunday

  15. dezertsuz

    I use both, depending on the project and purpose. I do like that threat, and the pattern you chose is wonderful with the quilt. Beautiful job, Carole!

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