Scrap Dance Swing Bag

During my trip to Lexington, I took the Swing Bag to test it out in real use.  I have to say, (brag a bit, LOL!!) that it performed beyond expectation.  I expected it to hold some clothes and cosmetics, and be easy to carry, but I found that it did more than that.  The pattern is easy, mostly constructed flat, and the zipper insertion is a breeze.  You won’t believe how easy it is!  I’ll be making several more of these using up some jelly roll strips and piecing bits to make the next one scrappy.

First, it fit nicely on the top of DH’s suitcase with the handle reaching the top so he could stack it.  Sure made it easy to carry with another suitcase.

Plus, you will not believe how much stuff was in it.  I got all these clothes for a four day trip, plus three pairs of shoes (one a pair of walking shoes) and all my other essentials in it.   There are seven tops, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of long pants, plus sleepwear.

Items with liquids like my hair spray and contact lens solution were held upright in the long inside pocket, eliminating the need to encase them in a zip lock bag (although you could still do that).

All these items were in the bag, and that cosmetic bag is full!

The Swing Bag is wide enough for my cosmetic case to fit sideways at one end, with plenty of space for clothes and shoes.

The pattern has more ideas for adjustments to the pockets for ease of use, and also instructions to add a water bottle strap for use as a gym bag.

The Swing Bag will hold towels and a hair dryer, gym clothes, bathing suit for water aerobics, and a fresh change of clothes for after your shower if you want to use it as a workout bag.  It has more space than you will need for a day trip, and plenty of space for a week’s stay out of town.

A few comments have come in from pattern buyers, here’s a look at what others have said –

Mary (stitchinggrandma) said “I just downloaded the pattern , and I LOVE all the extra photo’s and details you included!!! Worth much more than the minimal $2 investment!” (purchased during the introductory period for blog readers)

Pat T wrote “*Thank you* for all you do, Carole, to teach, encourage, and inspire! I just downloaded your pattern!… Thank you for the extra pictures in it, and the extra details! That makes your great directions very clear to even beginning sewers.”

Gynette said “Just purchased your Swing Bag pattern and I’m delighted with the detail. So many details I missed on the blog. This will be a delightful gift for my high school aged granddaughter. But I will be making it from heavier fabric and a metal zipper for her. Also plan on making one for my quilting buddy, Carol (without the “e”) and one for me. I never seem to get me one made. Thanks for spending your time designing and offering this pattern. Now to peruse my stash for the perfect fabric.”

The Swing Bag Pattern is available on  Etsy.

Are you sewing today?

12 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Swing Bag

  1. Thanks for the updates on the Final Reveal ! The timing was perfect as I was doing my assembly for my August OMG ~!~
    I’d totally forgotten I purchased the Swing Bag pattern!! (Ok, so July was really busy here….) Seeing your post today, and my comment quoted brings it all back fresh in my memory!! I just took another look at it, and decided I should be able to put this together for a “weekend away” trip coming up soon. That pattern is VERY detailed, with great photos. Since I don’t have any of the webbing for handles on hand, I am thinking about making the handles the way we did on the SWING bag, using fabric, and batting for stability. I’ll let you know how that works out. I’m also thinking about making it from “scraps”. I just happen to have LOTS of scraps sitting around; but that is another story! Or, heavier weight fabric, like deco fabric. Lots of that hanging around. Oh…decisions!

  2. Karen S.

    I no longer have a paypal account but would like to purchase the swing bag pattern. Would it be possible for me to send you a check or use some other form of payment?

  3. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    My Swing Bag is coming along great. I have the flamingos corralled and ready to put the inside pockets in place. Eager to get this together as I’m doing a sleep over at a quilting friends home later this month with three other quilters. After seeing what all you got in your bag, I should be able to carry my sleepwear, next day’s clothing, AND my quilting project. Maybe even a show and tell top or two that I’ve pieced since our last get together. So happy you got this pattern all figured out for me!!!

  4. sandra conner

    I got in on this late so am a little confused.  I got all the parts thur April and then a corrected final reveal, did I get the whole quilt or have I missed something, thank you, sandy

    1. Use the category list on the sidebar, click on Two Step and you’ll see all the posts on the mystery so you can see what you missed. The posts will be up for a couple more weeks, then will all be taken down for the pattern to go to Craftsy.

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Carole, I am sorry that I am so late. Today was the day of Hubby’s Doctor appointment, I am writing your email still. Well, with that and a couple other items, I forgot to order the duffle bag pattern. So, I hurried just now to order it and the link led me to Craftsy. When I went to pay for it, it required a Pay Pal. I do not have a Pay Pal, I need to pay by credit card or send you the cash, money order or check. Whichever you prefer. I meant to order it earlier in the week and just got lost in this crazy world I am living in right now! Please let me know your thoughts and if I have missed the special sale price. I will be making these as Christmas gifts for this year and next year for each one of my family members! Now back to my email to you! Good night Carole.

  6. Lindi Schneck

    This is me again, after this step, will we be doing more to it? I have a bunch of hourglass blocks left. I am loving this project and it will be a great Christmas gift. I was having a hard time laying it out because of all the ‘same colors’ so I just decided to just set them in place and sew them together…after all it is a scrappy. Hopefully will have a picture later today. Lindi

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