Be My Neighbor – Blocks 15 and 16

Stepping up the pace now, my plan was to sew block a week for the next two weeks, sashing and borders in the third week, quilting during week four, and then binding in week five with a week to catch up if I don’t keep up.  But, after the last block was done, and the next one underway, I realized all the handwork I have planned is going to take it’s share of time and I have to add a hanging sleeve and a label to the back.  So, it was time to sew two blocks in a day to move the schedule forward at least a week. Block 15 was supposed to be in these colors, but after I laid out the green, it didn’t make sense anymore. It has such a strong leaf print, I didn’t want to use it.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

But the good news is I found just enough of the orange tree print to barely get a top and three branches for the tree. The pattern calls for seven branches and a top, so I had to expand the trunk and the sky above. I liked that idea better than introducing another tree fabric.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

Tree done, with the sky strip to add.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

Laying out the rest of the bits, for some reason I cannot now explain, I picked up yellow as the house fabric in place of the green, without consulting my plan. This will come back to bite me in just a little bit.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

I had cut the green piece according to the directions, but it wasn’t fitting as it should.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

Measuring again, then looking at the pattern, there is a mistake in the pattern.  Adding up the widths of the pieces across the bottom, you get 21-1/2, not 15-1/2.  I wanted to have the 10-1/2 x 2-1/2 piece under the house stretch across the width of the block as a ground.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

So, another piece cut and finished it up.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

Adding this block to the other two on the row, and arghh!! The center of the ground floral strip is still not right, it is bowing up in the middle so I must have cut it wrong.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

You guessed it, yep, had to rip it out and replace it.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

Then I had to change that fabric too, as I no longer had enough of the original choice.  Finally, will call this one done.

Be My Neighbor Block 15 at From My Carolina Home

The next day, on to the next block, the last one!! I pulled out my fabrics from my plan and set to work.

Be My Neighbor 16 1

Cutting out the bits, and laying them out, I started sewing on some of the pieces. It was fun to realize that I was on the last of the piecing for the house blocks.

Be My Neighbor 16 2

It looked so easy, so I dove in without reading the directions. Bad idea.

Be My Neighbor 16 3

The house window floral is directional, so sewing the house needed to be done with care.

Be My Neighbor 16 4

About here was when I realized that the upper cross on the corner was sewed too soon, and the bottom part needed to be separate to complete the house with straight seams.

Be My Neighbor Block 16 at From My Carolina Home

Oh well, ripped out a bit more.

Be My Neighbor 16 7

Now, this time I read carefully, as I have messed up on this kind of roof-chimney arrangement before.

Be My Neighbor Block 16 at From My Carolina Home

Got it right, no ripping this time.

Be My Neighbor 16 8

Laying out the block again, it is looking better. But even now, I still haven’t realized my mistake.

Be My Neighbor 16 9

More sections sewn, and it is done, whooppeee!!!

Be My Neighbor 16 11

Doing the happy dance, until I placed the last block next to block 15.

Be My Neighbor Block 16 at From My Carolina Home

And there we are, two yellow houses side by side.  Nope, can’t leave it this way.  Now, I need to figure out what to do, what to change with the least amount of hassle.  Yes, there is likely going to be more frogging involved, but just how much is yet to be determined.

What are you working on?

9 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor – Blocks 15 and 16

  1. Rosemaryflower

    I am in a very close and personal relationship with my seam “unsewer”
    This quilt is turning out so cute.

  2. Shirley

    I feel your pain. These issues always seem to arise when your project is in the final stages. This will be a beautiful quilt!

  3. I was just admiring your garden – you’ve got a lot going on – lovely! i’m not a quilter but will be getting my feet wet soon. I might start with wool applique since I’m a wool-lover first. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  4. Your ripper is your best friend….just wish we didn’t have to spend so much time together. I did some ripping this weekend too. I took the gray invisible zipper out of my linen dress, and replaced it with a regular zipper that I found that was lavender. The gray was just too dark, and though it didn’t really show, it was a bad match. I didn’t dare topstitch the new one in so I did a hand picked side lap, and I am so glad I did! It nearly matches the fabric is looks so much better! You will be so glad you ripped that house, in the end.

  5. Mary Jean Cunningham

    I’m starting to cover my eyes when I see a new posting on this darned quilt top – I can’t look! Have you ever had a project before that bedeviled you quite so much?!? It has certainly kept you thinking, that’s for sure! I’m sewing a lightweight black cotton robe from an “easy” McCalls’s pattern that should have been done in a few days, but here it is more than two weeks later and I’m still at it – made a mistake right off the bat that required much thought to figure out how to dig my way out of it, but the end is in sight, just as for your quilt top…and it can’t come soon enough…so I can start something new with a fresh approach, thinking that surely this time I won’t make a mistake…!

  6. Lynne Stucke

    Bless your heart!!!! I feel your pain! ……but on the plus side, this quilt is really turning out pretty!

    One of the things I really love about reading your blog, Carole, is that you aren’t afraid to show your ‘oopses’. Thank you for being so real!

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