NC Mountain State Fair 2016 – Quilt Ribbons!

This year I attended the NC Mountain State Fair twice, once with DH and again with a friend.  We had a blast both times.  Of course, there are way too many pictures to show you everything, especially in one post, LOL!!  So, here are some highlights and I’ll have more next time. Yes, I did win a few ribbons, and I was really excited.  DH and I got to the fair early on opening day, just in time to see the judging for the chickens.  They didn’t have chickens last year due to the bird flu, but they were back this year.

State Fair Chicken judging 5

This gorgeous black rooster was crowing a lot, I guess he wanted to be sure he was noticed.

State Fair Chicken judging 6

All different breeds were there, some with really nice coloring.

State Fair Chicken judging 8

Some had tufted feathered heads, like this one. I couldn’t get it to turn around to see its face.

State Fair Chicken judging 1

Another proud rooster, crowing like he owned the place.

State Fair Chicken judging 9

We went to the livestock paddocks to see the cows.

State Fair Livestock 2016 2

These seemed to be having a conversation, the cow and the pig are looking at each other. Cute aren’t they? I think this one will be my fair entry for next year’s photo contest.

State Fair Livestock 2016 3 cows with pig

The llamas were being taken out for walks, and these guys were all anxious to get their turn.

State Fair Llamas 2016 2

I was thrilled to find that some of my entries into the state fair won ribbons!  I entered a lot of contests this year, in all kinds of categories.  I’ll show you some of the quilting wins here, and the crafting ones tomorrow, but there is at least one that I am saving for next month, and you’ll see why then.  I have something special in the planning for October.  But anyway, first up, Tango!  I was excited to win a third place.

State Fair 2016 - Tango third

Scrap Dance won a third place too!  I am really thrilled with this one since I had to fix a mistake after the quilt was done.

State Fair 2016 - Scrap Dance third

Both Scrap Dance (the original) and Scrap Dance Tango patterns are available on My Patterns page.  Also in the quilting section, my Christmas Trip Around the World won a third.  That pattern is a classic, and I showed how I made it on a couple of posts last year – Here and Here.

State Fair 2016 - Christmas Trip third

Truly surprising and totally fun, the scrappy project Travel Bag won a first place ribbon.  Remember, this project came about from just leftover bits, orphan blocks, and generally stuff you might throw away.  How great is that!!

State Fair 2016 - Scrappy Travel bag

Last holiday season’s quilt along Christmas Table Runner won a first too!  Free pattern on that post.

State Fair 2016 - Christmas Table Runner

My Moda Bake Shop recipe Maple Star won a first place in its category. Click on Moda Maple Star for the free pattern.

State Fair 2016 - Maple Star 1

Well, that’s enough for one post, LOL!!  More next time!

Do you ever enter your State Fair competitions?




29 thoughts on “NC Mountain State Fair 2016 – Quilt Ribbons!

  1. Carol

    Thanks for sharing! Didn’t make it to the Fair this year but enjoyed seeing your pictures! Look forward to more!☺️

  2. Barbara Jenkins

    Seeing how beautiful your quilts are, I can’t imagine anything better!!!! You should be so very proud of all you did. Congratulations.

  3. Nancy

    Beautiful quilts! Well done with winning so many ribbons. I entered 2 quilts this year. Won a second place ribbon on one. I was pleased.

  4. myrna

    Congratulation on your ribbons, Fall Fairs are the best. I also want to tell you I am reading on your suggestion, Arlene Sachitano “Quilter’s Knot”. One of the best ways to spend a rainy day enjoying a good book with a quilt twist. Thanks for your book reports along with your quilts etc

  5. tvonzalez

    Thank you for sharing those images – I love the state fairs and didn’t attend any this year.
    Congratulations on ribbon placing with your creations.
    I hope to enter some of my quilts in the competitions when my skills improve. I just ventured into paper piecing this month so it is a whole new world!

  6. How to fin win lots of ribbons-congrats-when my mom was a young girl on the farm she said she loved 4H and entered lots of different categories. I really miss a good county fair-In Illinois we had a really good one close by and always enjoyed it–down here what they call a county fair is pretty pittyful lol I went to one state fair in wisconsin before we retired and loved it

  7. Melanie

    Congratulations! You deserve all the great kudos for your work and designs. Thank you for the wonderful photos and links. So happy for you, Carole! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next…. :o) m

  8. Rosemaryflower

    Oh Carole, I love the animals the hens and chickens and cows and llamas So so such pretty pictures
    Congratulations on well deserved ribbons.
    I am so happy to know you.
    I am at the hosptial with mom and dad right now. Mom had a partical hip done yesterday afternoon. So she is doing stellar post op

  9. Congrats, for all the ribbons, I love that bag, and hopped back to your other posts with construction details. I have some large blocks waiting, and now think I can use them this way, thanks so much for your links. Chooks, they look such fun, and roosters, takes me back to childhood when I had roosters and bantams in all colours.

  10. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Congratulations on all your winnings – they have good taste! Also love the photo of the cow and pig communing – wonder what they’re saying? I want to try that Christmas table runner this year – looks like a manageable size and “doable” and this posting reminded me it was on my wish list…

  11. Sharon Schipper

    Lovely rewards for all your hard work and for inspiring us! Omigosh, your energy is astounding

    sharon in colorado

  12. A nice rainbow of ribbons from all your categories! Congratulations. I love all the chicken pictures, and I think that cow and pig photo might be a good option for next year.

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