Back to the Blue and Yellow Charity Quilt

When we left this project before the Christmas in July event, my longarm had completely locked up. I was flabbergasted, it always chooses a holiday weekend to give me trouble, and this happened over the 4th of July weekend. Then, the fabulous tech support guy, Randy, who can solve just about anything over the phone was on vacation for the next week. So, the week after that, DH was home and was able to get with Randy and fix the main problem.

Blue Yellow Charity Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

On my next day off, which was a few days later, I threaded it up and started to sew a sample patch just to check the stitches. Here is what the back side looked like.

Blue Yellow Charity Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Horrors!! Well, just a tension issue, right? Wrong. One little bit was out of place in the bobbin race, and it made this mess. Plus, I fiddled with the tensions before figuring that out, so more time to get them back to balance. In the end, it was stitching well, and I could go ahead on the charity quilt.

Blue Yellow Charity Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The pantograph is a sweet bow, fast and easy.

Blue Yellow Charity Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

I finished the quilting in just one afternoon, then added the binding. I put a label on the back with simple topstitching by machine. It means you can see the rectangle of stitching in the corner, but I don’t think a child will care.  See the original post with the scrappy fabric choices here.

Blue Yellow Charity Quilt | From My Carolina Home

While working on turning it to the back, I realized that football season is getting really close! Yippeee!! That also means the State Fair is right around the corner and I have to get my paperwork in. I’ll be entering a lot of categories again, in quilts, crafts and photography. When I retire, I am going to start entering the cooking contests too. That will be fun!

Blue Yellow Charity Quilt | From My Carolina Home

What are you working on now?

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17 thoughts on “Back to the Blue and Yellow Charity Quilt

  1. Melanie

    I always look forward to your posts and even enjoy the stories of glitches invading your otherwise smooth-sailing creativity! The quilt is cute and some kiddie will love having it. I just finished a charity top for a child/toddler based on the giraffe quilt in the current issue of Quiltmaker, but I didn’t want to do all that piecing, so I made the giraffe as a center motiff and surrounded it in borders until it was the right size–turning out cute with dimensional ears and trimmed with chenile. Good luck with all your fair entries, Carole. :o)

  2. Good Morning Carole! So glad to hear that the longarm problems are all fixed and it is sewing beautifully again. I love the bowtie design you chose for this quilt! Have you ever used it before? I am just not recognizing it at all, but it is so pretty; I know it would be one of my favorites. This blue and yellow is such a soft and comforting combination. Whoever receives it will be cuddling for years and feeling the love that went into making it. I have several quilts in the works for Project Linus that I should finish or work on today, but I have decided to do another quick quilt with 5 inch squares and two and a half inch strips. I am sure there is a name for it, but it is not on my instructions I found. So with Deanna coming over today for our weekend of sewing this is the project I am going to start with! I will try and post pictures maybe even a tutorial on my blog today. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me with everything you do and I hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  3. catsandroses

    Glad your longarm has been fixed; very pretty quilt! Make sure you get your paperwork in for the Fair, too!

    Not working on any crafty things; for me, Summer is for gardening and enjoying the outdoors. Spent $60 of a gift certificate at a local nursery yesterday; got three new roses (including one David Austin English rose, yippee!!), three perennials, and five begonias for just under $60, since all items were half off. Love it! So, planted one rose in the garden, the other two are going in pots. More planting today, and I’m also working on growing some hydrangeas from cuttings (my mother in law has a gorgeous purple one, so hoping to duplicate it for my yard). I will be spray painting some of my old plastic pots (pinterest has some great ideas for bringing them back to life) this week too, so guess that counts as being a bit crafty!

  4. I am making a bag with an initialled pocket, for a friend’s birthday coming up in a few month’s time. ( cannot show a pic yet)!! It is quite cold down here, with snow about an hour away from our home, to the north. Good times to be inside, the machine in the room with a fire going, bliss. So glad the long arm was fixed, machines are like computers, if all is well, that’s fine, but get a glitch, and you cannot do much at all. The quilt, I do so like the borders and the binding picking up the other fabrics. bright and cheerful.

  5. That’s a lovely little quilt, and I’m glad your long arm problems have resolved themselves! It is amazing how they always happen at the very worst times, isn’t it?

  6. Wouldn’t a long arm make things easier? Well, maybe if it was working OK. Good to see its up and running again for you.
    What am I working on? Some charity quilts. My group had 2 tops donated in lovely bright colours and great “I spy” fabrics. But they were a funny size – too small for a single bed size and way too big for a cot quilt. So last night I unpicked the centre seam, and will be putting on a couple of borders. The result will be 4 cot quilts. What a win. That’s my machine work. I am also doing a beaded cross stitch which will end up as a Christmas ornament at night in front of the TV,

  7. Mary S

    Trying to ‘quilt as desired’ on my home sewing machine and cannot come up with a design. Miss Novice 🙂

  8. dezertsuz

    Wonderful quilt, and I love the bow quilting. I’m so glad everything is figured out and your longarm is running well again! State Fair – that sounds great. In my mind, even after six years here, state fair means October. LOL

  9. Blue and yellow are refreshing to me. Love your quilt. Glad you got the tension problems solved. I’m trying to start on another memory quilt with Dad’s shirts.

  10. This week is our local fair. I love looking at the quilts. However, I haven’t yet found the courage to enter any!!
    That slim green border is really nice with the blue and yellows of the quilt. 🙂

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