A Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape

It is said that when a door closes, a window will open.  I certainly hope that is true, as I have made a very difficult decision to make a change in my work life.   Leaving my present job is coming sooner than I had planned, and I don’t have another one in the wings.  So, as I begin the search for a new position, I need some cheery things around to help me look to the future.  So, how about a yellow tablescape?

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I began with white placemats, but the white dishes got lost without chargers.  This was going to be a casual, everyday tablescape, so I switched them out with the fern green ones. Everyday flatware and the little S&Ps went on next.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I love these yellow print salad plates, and I haven’t used them this year much. Time to get them out for breakfast and sandwiches, and salads with dinner.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

That meant I could use the yellow napkins too, with the crystal plastic napkin rings. I know I use those a lot but they just go with everything. They were a fabulous thrift store find a few months ago. I can’t wait to show you the fall ones I got at the same time, LOL, but that is another post later. Crystal water glasses went on too.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Now, what to do for the center? I had a cute little yellow basket with some faux greenery in it already, but that wasn’t enough yellow for my vision. The local dollar store had the perfect yellow faux flowers to add.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

And look what else! This adorable little goldfinch was there too. I should have bought several, and likely will go back later and pick up more. They would really be adorable as napkin ring embellishments. I just clipped him onto a leaf.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

From the kitchen, I pulled a pair of salt and pepper shaker chickens just for the color.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I popped back to the kitchen and grabbed the other set of chickens you all have seen many times in recipe posts. The white goes well, picking up the white plates, so I placed them on the opposite side from the other set.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

A tiny green flower pot added to the accents around the centerpiece. Pale yellow candles flank the flowers in vintage clear lead glass holders.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I decided to have Italian food, so I put my thrift store oil dishes on the placemats. I put black pepper and garlic in the dishes, then a bit of olive oil to dip sourdough bread. Yum!

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

A chance stop at an estate sale, this little yellow bird was 50 cents. He is perfect for this centerpiece.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

So, all done, a sunny yellow theme with lots of birdies. The sun is shining outside again and it is going to be hot again on this day. But, typical of mountain summers, a little rainshower is expected in the afternoon and evening.

Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Outside, more birdies are enjoying the seeds, and seem to be playing nice together.  A woodpecker has figured out how to hang off the side and reach in with his beak to get seeds from the perches.  He shares nicely with a purple finch and a goldfinch here.

Neighborhood Meeting July 2016 | From My Carolina Home

A moment later, the woodpecker flew off and a titmouse landed along with a nuthatch.  Around the back a Carolina Wren peeks out.  The purple finch and goldfinch were too interested in the seed to care who else came by.

Neighborhood Meeting July 2016 | From My Carolina Home

Are you having a sunny day?  Is it still hot where you are?  Or deep winter for my southern hemisphere readers?


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16 thoughts on “A Sunny Yellow Summer Tablescape

  1. Good morning Carole. I really like your table today. Yellow is so pretty and brings in the sunshine on a gloomy day too.

    I hope that all goes well with your work life. A new door will open up for you soon. Maybe you need to take a break for a little while. I will keep you in my prayers Carole.

    I’m so surprised that you know and recognize the different birds that visit your yard. We have had a woodpecker for the past couple of years that LOVES the telephone pole across our driveway. And his pecking has woken me up on many occasions. Woodpeckers are beautiful and so are al the birds that visit you.
    Have a great day.

  2. Well, while you are looking for a better work situation you should take a trip to Replacements. You would love that place! They give tours and have beautiful tablescapes in the show room. Good luck on the job search and I hope you find something much better!

  3. Melanie

    Lovely post today, as usual. Many best wishes for a new beginning and a terrific job in the waiting for you!

  4. Good Morning Carole! I will keep you in my prayers while you are looking for your new position! Your table is quaint ( marked by beauty or elegance) (I am trying to relearn new words to use in describing ) and I love it! Plus, your basket gave me an idea to use for some artificial flowers we picked up at a garage sale to use in decorating wreaths. But they are in great shape and I hate just having them stuffed in a box. Anyway, I also think your birds and chickens are a great bonus around the basket plus the candles. Like Deanna said, Yellow is such a pleasing uplifting color that makes a person feel happy I immediately started grinning. Of course, seeing your table settings always makes me happy.

    Then when you posted pictures of the gorgeous birdies outside, I had to show each one to hubby! We have not had the pleasure of having our usual numerous Woodpeckers this year, just a few, and we have not even had the pleasure of seeing them very often just hearing them. So seeing your lovely Woodpecker was a real treat for both of us. Here in Southern Oregon the weather has been so unusual this summer that I am not sure the wildlife knows for sure what to do. LOL. One day or week it will be in the 70’s and then we will soar into the 100’s. We had the pleasure of seeing our mama Fox one evening this past week; we were inside and heard her weird bark and hubby told me to hurry and come outside. She was slowly moving across the front lawn heading towards the driveway. She was letting out that unusual bark, the whole way and very loudly. Hubby explained to me that she was calling for her babies and basically was panicking because they had gotten separated. I have seen her and her mate several times throughout the years that we have lived here and even a couple of other couples, but have never heard her bark like this or had the pleasure of seeing her babies. I am sure you have them around your house also, But I just wanted to share this with you.

    I also wanted to inform you that Deanna and I also tried to make your Circle Purse. We pretty much failed. LOL. The reason we failed is because we missed an important step in measuring out the paper template to create the purse. Ours ended up being about 6 inches and oh yeah we also because I thought it would be a good idea (not because you said to do it) we put interfacing on both sides of the main pieces of larger pieces and on one piece of the smaller fabric also (i thought it would make the purse stronger because it was going to be for a Bingo Bag). Plus, we made several other mistakes….our seam rippers were used quite often! Yet, the two of us were having a blast and laughing so hard our tummies were hurting but we kept on going and laughing at ourselves all the more!!!!! Deanna kept looking at your pictures on the computer and telling me that your purse sure looked a lot bigger than ours did. Well, boy oh boy, was she ever right!! We got them completely finished and I put my pull material through (won’t tell you about that) and got it all somehow pulled together………it was so tough, there was no way that this bag would have ever worn out……..are you laughing your a.. off like I am right now? my strong rope like material to pull it together broke instantly.

    So, Deanna and I will begin again the next time we get together and we will follow your directions to the tee and now that we know what mistakes we did make….this time the bag is going to be absolutely perfect without any use of a seam ripper!! I just had to share our fun adventure with you! Plus, all because Deanna missed the one part in measuring and because I decided I needed to add extra interfacing! Have a great laugh and a fantastic creative day!

  5. Yes, deep winter here, snow warnings for the far south, and rain here every day for the last week. Not too cold this morning. Changes, sometimes we want life to carry on smoothly, but that doesn’t happen very often.I am sure the door that is right for you will be there soon, with a gold ribbon on the handle, to match your beautiful table settings. Love those birdies, and the plate with a white band inside, and fruit at the bottom, and an almost marble look, lovely. Thrift shops, my favourite place to browse.

  6. dezertsuz

    Still hot here in E. TN. And humid. Your table looks delightful, and the birds are so sweet! What a lovely place you have. I hope you find the perfect job.

  7. Wonderful tablescape! Yellow is such a good color. I am very impressed by the variety of birds you are able to observe in your yard!

    Sounds like a job change was in order – I hope that you can take some time to research and evaluate which direction to go in next. While I mostly enjoyed The challenges of my last position, after a fairly long hiatus after a move from MA to Nj back in 1997, I can’t say that I was sorry to ‘retire’ to full-time quilting!
    Susan in Dublin aka Susansquiltstudio

  8. Barbara Jenkins

    Just lovely Carole. I love your sense of color. Hope you find a new job that is just right for you. Maybe something along interior design lines….

  9. Laurie

    Beautiful tablescape! I love yellow and white and the touches of green – lovely! Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle!

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