Scrap Dance Tango is Published

The Scrap Dance Tango pattern is now available on My Patterns page.  Thank you to all who participated in this fun mystery quilt along!

Tango Cover Shots 6

I am currently in the planning stage for more mystery fun with our scraps!

Tango Cover Shots 3

I can’t decide whether to do a small one for autumn / holiday, or just wait until next year for a full quilt.

Tango Cover Shots 7

Which would you like?  Or do you want both of them? Either way, save those scraps!


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29 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Tango is Published

  1. Rosemaryflower

    This is a really cute pattern, Carole.
    I loved looking at every one’s on flikr too
    I hope you have a fun week-end.

  2. It looks fantastic!! Love the picture of it at home on the bed. I vote…a small, autumn, square (36″x36″) table topper. LOL….quite detailed huh…can you tell my next series of quilts is to make some holiday ones for our dining room, pub table. 🙂

  3. Love it…I am still working on mine. My sewing room is in the basement and we are having it finished. So I had to pack up everything for the next 6 weeks. Can’t wait for an awesome sewing room and getting back to finishe Scrap Dance Tango. I have plenty of scraps so I will be waiting for the next mystery. Thank you so much.

    Crystal in Cedar City

  4. Beautiful quilt. Too bad quilting isn’t one of my skills. I did want to report that I received my Wool Bundle prize from Primitive Gatherings. Thank you for entering me in the drawing. I’ll have to think of a good use for the wool. Maybe a Christmas idea.

  5. Denise Force

    Small one for autumn would be nice. What size scraps do you save to use (how big/small) ??? Material from Etsy store arrived. It was just perfect. Thank you.

  6. dezertsuz

    I never have to save them, they are always overflowing. LOL I look forward to seeing what you decide to bring us. I’m on overload for the summer and can’t even think of planning ahead right now.

  7. Let’s do BOTH of them….PUHLEEEEEEEEZE? Thank you….I appreciate all you do and totally understand if you’d rather do one or the other…but I doubt that I’m alone in wanting to do both but do realize you have a life “beyond the blog”! (That sounds like a soap opera, doesn’t it?….lol)

  8. Edy

    Love all of your mystery quilts big and small. However, since I started working at our local quilting shop, I haven’t finished my scrap dance tango yet…so I’ll probably have to wait until next year. 😊

  9. Congratulations on getting the pattern published! I will share that on my blog!!! My S.D.T. is quietly hanging in the sewing room, in line with those other projects that need attention. It needs borders still, but I have had to “bump ahead” with other things. Really I am looking for an excuse to pack 3 king size quilts into a suitcase and fly out to California and “visit” my sister in law and practice my long arm quilting. I do look forward to your mysteries; and will stick to “table runner” size for the next few~ My scrap bins are multiplying.

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  11. A gorgeous quilt came out of your scraps! I think a Holiday or Fall table runner would be a good mystery for those people who don’t have a lot of time but can still feel accomplished 🙂

  12. JoanG

    Do both, please. My scrap bin is overflowing. I’d love an autumn palette for one. Thanks for your inspiration.

  13. Pat Evans

    My blocks are finished, but I’m having a devil of a time puting them together because the seams don’t all nest, so I have to keep slitting and flipping some of the seams. I’ll get there eventually.

  14. I’d like to see one start now, too! So many start in January – it’d be nice to get one going at a different time of the year as well. 🙂

  15. Your Scrap Dance Tango is gorgeous! It’s been fun seeing others that people have finished. I love making seasonal table runners, so I would enjoy following along if you made one!

  16. I hope you see lots of pattern sales – the quilt is lovely! Give me a heads up when you are ready with your next scrap mystery and I will feature it on Oh Scrap!

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