Quilted Art Project – week 3

Another week, and it has again been busier than expected.  I did manage to get some stitching done this week, and I plan to do more today. I added a few more buttons, and realize I need more lighter ones for contrast.  I finished the couching on the lavendar trim too.

Quilted Art Project March 6 - 1

I made one little grouping of green seed beads.

Quilted Art Project March 6 - 2

I added a light green button.

Quilted Art Project March 6 - 4

I have several of these plastic trim detail pieces, and the green one was sewn across a seam line.

Quilted Art Project March 6 - 5

I tried my first pink peony, with three lazy daisy stitches in the middle, and knotted stitches on the edges.  I’ll be doing more of these, but I need more pink silk ribbon.

Quilted Art Project March 6 - 7

That is it for now.  Happy stitching!  Click on Part 4 for the next installment.

12 thoughts on “Quilted Art Project – week 3

  1. Deanna Bishop

    Carole that looks really nice. What is couching? You do so much sewing and crafting and I really enjoy seeing your creations.

  2. Barbara Jenkins

    That is so very pretty Carole. I do agree about it needing a bit of light color and the white button really pops!!! Maybe a light pink or a very pale violet? Hope your day is relaxing for you.

  3. Well Good Late Evening Carole! I was on the computer for only a short while this morning and then got busy beginning to reorganize my craft/sewing storage room again! I truly did accomplish quite a lot but it sure did not seem like it when I stopped this evening. LOL. But I had expected to get back to the computer quite awhile ago, yet it is after 9 …..oh well, at least I made it!!

    The progress that you have made is fabulous! After reading all of the great comments it appears that everyone is in agreement. Plus, I will show Deanna how to do couching. Even though it has been quite some time, there are some great picture tutorials and video tutorials also that I will also show her. I still have not had the opportunity to try the ribbon embroidery, yet with your spectacular beautiful examples I have got to give it a try soon! I have however recently tried my hand at making felt flowers for a spring wreath project. They are really a lot of fun. I should have hubby set up the camera and do a video tutorial on making a few of them for my blog that is being neglected terribly.

    Thank you for sharing you fabulous project! It is looking so spectacular; I can not wait to see the completed project. Have a fantastic creative day!


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