Draw String Pouch

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month?  You would think that I didn’t know, with the few actual sewing projects I have done this month.  So to make up for it, here is a project can be done in under an hour.  Read all the way to the end for a chance to win a Bernina sewing machine!

Draw String Pouch - 20

Isn’t this sewing motif fabric cute?  This one looked nice with the red print as a contrast for the inside. All you need for this project is two squares of fabric and a yard of string.

Draw String Pouch - 1

I started by cutting a 10-inch circle from both fabrics. Pattern weights make this fast and easy.  You can play with the size to fit your needs.  I have made them as small as 8 inches, and as big as 15 inches.

Draw String Pouch - 2

Measure in one inch from the edge and mark a line for a buttonhole.

Draw String Pouch - 3

Sew the buttonhole.

Draw String Pouch - 4

Carefully cut open the inside of the buttonhole with a pair of scissors.

Draw String Pouch - 6

Place your two circles right sides together and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance along the edge, leaving a space for opening. I use my 1/4-inch foot for accuracy.

Draw String Pouch - 7

Turn the pouch right side out.

Draw String Pouch - 9

Use a chopstick or something similar to push the fabric out to the seam.

Draw String Pouch - 11

Pin the opening closed. Don’t worry, no hand work here!

Draw String Pouch - 10

Press the seam into a smooth circular shape.

Draw String Pouch - 13

Now topstitch 1/4-inch away from the edge. This will close the opening you used for turning, and allow a little ruffle on the finished pouch.

Draw String Pouch - 14

Your next sewing line will be about an inch farther in, be sure to go on the inside edge of the buttonhole. This creates a channel for your draw string.

Draw String Pouch - 15

Using a bodkin, thread the string through the buttonhole, around the pouch and out the same buttonhole.

Draw String Pouch - 16

Pull up on the strings to create the pouch bag.

Draw String Pouch - 17

Draw String Pouch - 19

Tie into a bow. You might also want to add knots to the ends of the string to keep them from raveling. Ready to gift with whatever you like inside. Maybe a couple of spools of thread for a sewing friend.

Draw String Pouch - 22

A knitting friend will find it valuable to keep her yarn ball from running away.

Draw String Pouch - 21

It stands up on its own, and would be an ideal thread catcher too. Just tie the bow with the top open.

Draw String Pouch - 23

There you are, quick, easy and handmade with affection for anyone you choose.  It is the same basic design as the Christmas Candle Wrapper I made last year, except the ruffle is smaller and uses a string instead of ribbon.  This same basic pouch is used for a jewelry keeper for travel or a sewing kit too with the addition of an inside piece for pockets and a stabilizer.  Would you like to see how that is done?

Now, for the giveaway, just go to the All Free Sewing Website at this link –  BERNINA 215 Simply Red Sewing Machineand enter to win this machine donated by BERNINA with a value of $999.00.  One lucky winner will receive a BERNINA 215 Simply Red Sewing Machine! The deadline to enter is October 6, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

The B 215 Simply Red is ideal for price-conscious beginners who value quality and sewing convenience.  It’s a user-friendly machine that can easily handle thick layers of fabric, perform a multitude of creative techniques, and can be upgraded with a wide range of accessories.  Features include a built-in needle threader, thread cutter, backlit LCD, and direct-select keypad for accessing 11 stitch patterns including a buttonhole.

Check out the All Free Sewing blog on Sept 25th for my Serged Napkins tutorial too!

15 thoughts on “Draw String Pouch

  1. Rosemaryflower

    This is cute. I am going to book mark this pattern in my sewing folder.
    I love the sewing fabric. I have sewing fabrics too.
    Happy Wednesday.. It is nice and cool here. 54º last night in No Va near the Blue Ridge in Loudoun County.
    Happy Fall too — go out and get those mums and the pumpkins

  2. Mildred Plaskett

    Cute, easy pouch. I know I will sew a few for gifts and a sewing pouch for me. How do you make the pocket? Thanks for showing this. Have a great day!

  3. Carole, this is a fantastic tutorial! I have been trying to come up with a simple project that does not take a lot of time for all three of our daughters. This definitely fits the profile. Plus, it is so adorable with the fabrics that you chose. I may even have to make them a couple each in various fabrics to use with their ever changing and growing outfits! LOL. Are you a outfit aholic? In my immediate family, there are 7 females and each and every single one of them, except me, I swear buys a new piece of clothing every week. I tease them all and tell them I could save them all thousands of dollars a year and make what they want. But none of them are into the “homemade”. Now on the other hand every single man in our family loves everything that I make for them and pretty much begs me to stop quilting (unless it is for them) and make them a shirt, pillows or whatever. Just realized this will make a great topic for my blog post later today or tomorrow! I will be finished with my one quilt today finally and will begin assembling the mystery quilt. Will post pictures later today also. Enough of my jabbering…………….you have a spectacular day and thank you for sharing! I love it!!!

  4. Mary Jo

    I have used this pattern before to make a jewelry bag, but I would love to see your version. Mine don’t always turn out as well as I think they should.

  5. sgrancio

    Great instructions, thanks! A good reminder of a little goodie to make for the grands as they always have something that could be stashed.

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