September in the Garden, the Deer Visit

Temperatures cooling off last week have ended the flowering of some of the plants.  All the veggies are done, what little I got from them.  I picked up another soil test at the Fair, so I’ll be doing another one to see if something has changed that might explain the lack of produce.  The plants flowered, but didn’t produce the veggies.  The thing that is unusual is that the double begonia apparently loves the cooler weather, as it is now blooming its head off.

Early September Garden

Gorgeous yellow double blooms!

Early September Garden

Early September Garden

The yellow should look nice with an orange pumpkin, maybe it will continue to bloom for a bit more.

Early September Garden

The pink geranium had a final burst of blooms.

Early September Garden

The torenias will likely keep blooming well into October. Amazing aren’t they? The baskets now trail down to the railing.

Early September Garden

This is the amaryllis that has bloomed for two years now. I am hoping it will do so again, so it will go into dark storage in a cool place soon. I am hoping it will bloom for Christmas.

Early September Garden

These little guys will get moved to the other side of the door to replace the lobelias that are done.

Early September Garden

The wildlife living in the woods surrounding our home is a continuing source of wonder for us. These deer aren’t often seen, so this visit by a doe and her fawn was so special. Can you see them? The doe is to the left of the tree across the driveway, the fawn is on the right side of the tree.

Early September Garden

We watched quietly, careful not to startle them as they will bound away quickly.

Early September Garden

I was holding my breath as they moved slowly into the sunlight across the driveway. The doe is on the far right, that is the fawn in the sunlight.

Early September Garden

She followed quickly after, you can just see the little tail of the fawn in front of her.

Early September Garden

I cannot wait for autumn, I am looking forward to the changing leaves.  I want to go buy a pumpkin!

7 thoughts on “September in the Garden, the Deer Visit

  1. Rosemaryflower

    Your yard and gardens look so good Carole.
    It is always so sweet to see those deer families together. They are not safe in Northern Virginia. They need to just stay in the fields and woods! We also get cute families of Red foxes. They are so adorable too.
    Your flowers are just delightful
    I really love the current survivors. the yellow is just so happy

  2. Lovely photos! It’s been a rather difficult and strange gardening year for me too. Mother Nature has been unkind to the veggie season and even the flowers have failed to perform or withered away 😦 SO I”m hauling in some compost and mulching things weel hoping that next year will be better.

  3. Carole, You always share the most beautiful photos. I love flowers of all varieties and have been working in the yard getting some of my flowers transplanted. Mine are all done blooming and the couple that I have transplanted have had many baby bulbs. Slowly but surely my flower beds are expanding. We have a momma and babies coming through sometime after dark. The babies have been curious and have tasted several of our plants. Like an onion that had a small bite taken and then tossed aside, a zucchini that was bitten off and accidently pulled the plant out of the ground also. Our garden did awful this year, so I understand your frustration. We think a lot of our problem is the fact that we did not fertilize it this year well enough. Lesson learned. I am still working on my charity scrap quilt, hoping to have it finished by tonight….well if I ever get away from the computer and actually sew. LOL. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. Mary Sloan

    Carole, You still have some beauties blooming. It was so hot and dry here, plants did not do well. Not enough water to kill their thirst. Cherry tomatoes did ok. Basil did well. We are under our 2nd Burn Ban here in Hot Springs, AR. My watering system has a problem, so I am watering by hand. Rough. So, I let some of the dying cherry tomatoes pass away. Still have 3 slowly producing plants in pots. I have found the Hardy Cherry Tomatoes are the best for me. This year, I tried some purple, yellow and super sweet. They suffered and barely produced. We do not have a hard freeze here until almost December, so if can keep watering I will have tomatoes until Thanksgiving. Keep the lovely pics coming.

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