Book Review – The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

I really like the writing in Kate Morton’s novels.  It is thoughtful and measured, not rushing to reveal too much at one time, but at times maddeningly so!  The reader sees into the mind and thoughts of the characters, understanding their motivations.

Distant Hours 1

In The Distant Hours, a young researcher and writer uncovers a link between her mother and a favorite novel from her childhood called The True History of the Mud Man.  But, the link carries a secret, the novel’s origin is a puzzle to be solved, and her attempts to uncover the truth leads her to an old castle and a trio of spinsters with secrets as well.  Each one has a slightly different view of the truth.  That truth must be kept hidden, until the day comes for it to be told and evidence revealed.

The reviews on this novel are very mixed, it is either loved or trashed.  I enjoy books that don’t have to have a lot of action, where the novel’s moodiness becomes part of the story and a thunderstorm becomes a pivot point in the past and present.

Distant Hours 4

I enjoyed the story, savoring the wonderful prose, not rushing to find out the ending.  This is a slow read, one to be enjoyed especially if you like an absorbing story that pulls you in slowly and won’t let go. Because the book moves slowly, I am able to keep up with the story while working around the last 20 hours of continuing education reading.  That reading plus the 576 pages of The Distant Hours means that I haven’t done a bunch of book reviews lately.  I am going to take a break from long novels and continuing education, and read several shorter books next.  I have to get the To-Be-Read pile down a bit, LOL!!  Only the cream of the crop will be reviewed on the blog, you can take a look at my Goodreads reviews on the sidebar to see some of the others, including ones to avoid.

What are you reading now?

4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

  1. catsandroses

    I really enjoyed The Distant Hours, too, though it wasn’t my favorite Kate Morton book (my favorites of her books are The House at Riverton and The Forgotton Garden — HIGHLY recommend!). I love her writing as well, not books to be rushed through, but savored at a slower pace. Right now am (finally!) reading Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” which I had avoided for a long while, as I don’t like time travel types of books at all; though this one is quite different and I am quite enjoying it (though at 850 pages, it’s one I’m not finishing quickly — will pick up something ‘short and sweet’ before I read the sequel, I think!)

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