Spring Tulip Mini Quilt

Spring’s softer colors and all the flowers in bloom inspired me to get out some pretty pastels and create another mini quilt. It took only two afternoons to complete.

Spring Mini Quilt - 24

I started with a paper pieced tulip that I did in a demo some years ago. Then I pulled some pretty spring pastels to go with it.

Spring Tulip Mini Quilt - 1

I don’t have this paper pieced pattern anymore, and I was not successful in finding it for you, but I did find one similar at Sew What’s New – Paper Pieced Tulip.

Next, I drew out some flying geese and enlarged them on my computer to be about 8 inches high.

Spring Tulip Mini Quilt - 2

I paper pieced those too.

Spring Tulip Mini Quilt - 3

The key to getting paper piecing perfect is to fold back the paper after each addition …..

Spring Tulip Mini Quilt - 4

and cut off the piecing at 1/4 inch.

Spring Tulip Mini Quilt - 5

Then you know where to line up the next piece.

Spring Tulip Mini Quilt - 6

Voila, flying geese done. Note that I added some 2-1/2 inch borders to increase the total size.

Spring Tulip Mini Quilt - 7

I needed more height on the tulip pot, so I removed the bottom border and added a pastel print for a tablecloth that the pot would sit on.

Spring Mini Quilt - 1

I had a bit of scrap lace too, so I added that as a trim.

Spring Mini Quilt - 2

I squared off the excess on the sides, leaving the bottom long for proper fitting to the geese unit.

Spring Mini Quilt - 3

Placing the units side by side, I lined up the seams at the top and sewed the two together.

Spring Mini Quilt - 4

Then I trimmed it up to be 12 inches square to fit the table top frame.

Spring Mini Quilt - 4-2

I don’t mind paper piecing if the project is small like this one.  Do you like to paper piece?

Ready for part 2?  Click on Spring Tulip Mini Quilt Finishing

10 thoughts on “Spring Tulip Mini Quilt

  1. So very pretty. The quilting on it really comes through.

    I’ve done a few paper piecing projects. They’re more time consuming than I prefer, but I’ve loved the results.

  2. Mary Jo

    I love the little quilt. I could probably do that much paper piecing without pulling my hair out! I don’t seem to have much patience with paper piecing.

  3. Carie

    Oh how very sweet and spring like – I love the tulip, especially the lace across the bottom!

  4. Your mini is very sweet! It is nice you found a good use for your tulip block. It will brighten a spot in your house! I love to paper piece but do find it more time consuming.

  5. What a lovely mini! Seems like we missed tulip and daffodil season around here this year – this is a nice replacement!! And no, I am not good at paper piecing, but you’re right, smaller pieces are less frightening!

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