Spring Tulip Mini Quilt finishing

The second afternoon, I finished up the table top mini quilt to fit the stand I have. This project is small enough to quilt on your domestic machine. Since I have the longarm, I use it even for small projects. If you missed the first post on paper piecing the top, click HERE.

Spring Mini Quilt - 22

We left off last time with the top fully assembled.

Spring Mini Quilt - 4-2

Now, make the hangers. Start with two pieces of backing fabric cut 1-1/2 inches by 4 inches.

Spring Mini Quilt - 6

Bring the short sides together and sew with a 1/4 inch seam.

Spring Mini Quilt - 7

Press with the seam in the middle of one side.

Spring Mini Quilt - 8

Fold up so the raw edges are together with the seam inside, and press.

Spring Mini Quilt - 9

Set up the top to quilt, or use your domestic machine to quilt the top to batting and backing. I chose an ecru thread.

Spring Mini Quilt - 11

Quilt as desired. I did all free motion, with feathers in the borders, some straight lines on the tablecloth, and swirls next to the geese.  The geese got a trefoil-like design.  There is ribbon candy next to the tulip pot and along the top and bottom.  Some stippling in the background finished the quilting.  Trim away the excess batting and backing.

Spring Mini Quilt - 13

Now, pin the hangers to the back of the trimmed quilt about 6 inches apart with the raw edges lined up with the quilt edge.

Spring Mini Quilt - 14

Spring Mini Quilt - 15

Sew close to the edge. Don’t worry, they get sewn down a second time when you add the binding to the front.

Spring Mini Quilt - 16

Attach the binding to the front. See my Binding Tutorial for complete instructions on doing perfect binding.

Spring Mini Quilt - 17

As you fold the binding to the back, the stitching will line up on the hangers with the binding edge. Hand whip as usual.

Spring Mini Quilt - 18

The hanger pieces will fold up like they did on our White on White Mini Quilt to hold the little quilt on the stand.

White finish close up hangers

All done!

Spring Mini Quilt - 20

Ready to add to your springtime decor.

Spring Mini Quilt - 24

Fast, easy and fun!  If you don’t have a quilt stand, just leave off the little hanger pieces and use it as a table decoration, place mat or oversize mug rug.  Are you quilting something special for spring?

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7 thoughts on “Spring Tulip Mini Quilt finishing

  1. I’ve been putting off getting one of these little stands, you convinced me I need one too! I also need one of those cute little quilts!

  2. I really love this finish! What a great spring decor idea. I’ve never really wanted one of those single block quilts before now…hey, now that’s something I can add to my wish list!

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