Late April Sunday Drive

We woke up Sunday to a lovely view across the valley just after dawn.  Fog in the valley shows the layers of hills and mountains so much better than a clear view.

April Dawn 2015 -2

Gradually the fog burned away, and we decided to go for a nice little drive with friends in our little British cars.

Sunday Drive April 2015 - 2

We drove a route around the countryside past beautiful mountains and lovely pastures.

Sunday Drive April 2015 - 3

Sunday Drive April 2015 - 5

There were shades of green everywhere as the trees and meadows come to life again.

Sunday Drive April 2015 - 4

We went by an apple orchard, but the blooms were already done.

Sunday Drive April 2015 - 12

Horses saw us coming and strolled from their barn toward the road. I love those old barns.

Sunday Drive April 2015 - 13

The clouds were a bit threatening, so we headed for a favorite local restaurant for lunch.

Sunday Drive April 2015 - 16

Arriving back home, the azaleas are in full swing!

Azaleas late April 2015 - 1

The light pink azalea that was just buds a week ago is now beautiful.

Azaleas late April 2015 - 3

The island is in full bloom, three white azaleas, and more pinks.

Azaleas late April 2015 - 7

Azaleas late April 2015 - 11

I need just a couple more to fill in that last spot. I planted gladiolas there but they didn’t bloom. Up at the house, the iris blooms have started.

Iris 2 2015

I actually took these before the drive, while the dew was still on the flowers.

Iris 2015

Two blooms and a couple more buds. I plan to dig these up this year and divide them as they aren’t blooming like they used to.

Iris 3 2015

I am so ready to dig in the dirt.  I’ll be picking up my torenias the first of May, and those will go into the hanging baskets.  I have some lettuce and pansies, and I’ll show you those when I get them potted up.  My little bakery box greenhouses are still doing well and the tomatoes are coming along too.

How is your garden doing?

11 thoughts on “Late April Sunday Drive

  1. Ann P

    Love your blog Carole. We are down South for a month and headed your way. Hope we get to see the beautiful area and back roads from our truck and 5th Wheel. Looking to move somewhere from PA and your area is one we will be looking at. Keep up the great pics.

  2. Gayle Grier

    Hello Carole, the cars caught my husband’s eye. Could you please tell us the car maker and model? Thanks!

  3. Mary Sloan

    Love seeing your flowers!!! Bearded Iris are some of my favorites. My Mother purchased a “bunch” of bulbs in every color that a local lady raised to sell. I remember all the beautiful colors from my childhood. None of the family lives in that area of Arkansas anymore. She asked about them recently. They require lots of weeding, separating, etc. (As you know). Seriously doubt they still exist.
    Hey Carole, what are bakery box greenhouses? I have been using egg cartons.

    1. Mary Sloan

      I feel goofy now that I know about bakery boxes. Of course, those would be ideal. Do you have trouble separating the plants? I feel guilty (crazy) choosing which ones get to live. Thanks for the information. DH will be happy when I move all of these seedlings outside. This year, I have pepper plants and meyer lemon trees ready for transplanting. I have learned to purchase cherry tomatoes already started and blooming in pots with framing surrounding plants.

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