Maple Leaf Table Runner

The maple leaf block is a classic block, perfect for the autumn season.  It is a really easy block to make, and can be done in different sizes as needed.  Essentially it is just a nine patch block of squares, with a few half square triangles and a stem.  Putting five of them together with a border makes a quick and easy, seasonal table runner.

Maple Leaf Table Runner finished 1

To begin, make the maple leaf block.  Make five in five different colors. Each one will finish at 12 inches.

Maple 5 Leaf Table Runner -1

Here’s what you will need – 

Background for each block –

Two 5-inch squares

One 4-1/2-inch square

One 6-inch square

For Each Color –

Two 5-inch squares

Three 4-1/2 inch squares

One strip 1-inch wide by 8-1/2 inches long

Border and Binding – about 1/2 yard of fabric

To begin, make the half-square triangles by drawing lines diagonally on the back of the 5-inch squares. Pair with the same size color squares and sew 1/4 inch away from your drawn line.  Cut on the line and press open.

Maple Leaf block 2

Cut the 6-inch background square in half diagonally. Place on either side of the color strip, aligning the points to help center both triangles.

Maple Leaf block 3

Press all the pieces.

Maple 3 Leaf Table Runner -6-2

Square up the stem block to 4-1/2 inches by aligning the diagonal color strip on the 45-degree line. Ignore the measurements in this picture, I forgot to take one of the larger stem. This pic is from another project.

Maple Leaf block 5

Square up the half square triangles.

Maple 3 Leaf Table Runner -3-2

Lay out the Maple Leaf block as shown.

Maple 3 Leaf Table Runner -4-2

Sew in rows, pressing seams opposite to nest them.  Yes, I changed colors on you, LOL!

Maple Leaf block 8

Maple Leaf block 9

Repeat with four more colors. If you cut all your pieces at once, you can assemble them by chain piecing.

Maple 3 Leaf Table Runner -5-2

Place finished blocks end to end, varying the placement of the stem. Add a border.  Mine is approximately 3 inches in width before sewing for this cute border print.  See my Border Tutorial for instructions. A print that contains the colors of your leaves will look the best, however you can also use one of the leaf prints.

Maple Leaf Table Runner finished 3

Quilt as you like. This runner is small enough to do easily on a domestic machine. Bind as usual.  I used a straight-of-grain binding on this runner as it will not get a lot of stress on the edges, and it saved fabric.  Cut the binding 2-1/2 inches wide, join pieces as needed to get the total length you need.  See my tutorial on Binding a Quilt for specific directions on joining pieces, attaching to the quilt, and making perfect corners. Here it is finished.  It measured at 17 x 64 inches.

Maple Leaf Table Runner finished 2

And here it is on display in my kitchen.

Maple Leaf Table Runner finished 4

With some seasonal decorations too.

Maple Leaf Table Runner finished 5

Quick and easy!!  You can make them different lengths by the number of leaf blocks you use.  Use just three blocks for a shorter table topper.  Use four blocks in a square for a fast table topper.  Next,  I’ll show you a second Three Maple Leaves Table Runner design that will work up even faster!!

Happy Quilting!!

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  1. Mary Jo

    Love the runner! I had some of the same fabric as your yellow and your orange that I used down to the tiniest scraps. Wish I could find more!

  2. Very pretty. I got fabric for a fall table runner and promptly forgot the pattern. Maybe I’ll replace it with some maple leaves! Love that the orange and yellow ones are made out of leaf fabrics. 🙂

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