October 2014 Autumn Color

I have been taking lots of pictures lately, but none of them seem to capture the wonderful, rich color that is in the landscape this Autumn.  The reds, golds and oranges are wonderful, but there is still a lot of green.  I think we will not peak this year until into November.  That’s fine by me, the longer the color season lasts, the better I like it!

October Color 2014 - 3

The beauty above is behind our home, on the mountainside. This maple is just stunning, gorgeous deep red, but my camera is just not good enough to capture that color.

October Color 2014 - 6

October Color 2014 - 5

This gorgeous gold color is everywhere!

Autumn Color Oct 29 -2

These are pics of our driveway, going up the mountain to our home. There are oaks, maples and black walnut trees, along with a few locust.  I love the canopy they make over the road for a lot of the drive.

Fall Driveway 2014 2

Fall Driveway 2014 3

I opened up the sunroof on the car to get this shot.

Fall Driveway 2014 1

Looking back down from the top.

Fall Driveway 2014 5

This maple is behind the house, finally got some of the color, yet real life is even more vibrant than this. I can see this one out our back window, it is stunningly beautiful.

October Maple 2014 3

This one is on the east side.  You can see the next mountain through the trees.  That view is totally obscured in the summer by all the foliage.  The ravine is fairly deep off the side of the house, and this tree is probably 50-60 feet tall.

October east side

This one is on the west side. You just cannot see how vibrant it is, but this is close.

October Color 2014 - 3

These maples are on the main road I take to work.

Autumn Color Oct 29 -4

These beautiful maples are behind my office.

Autumn Color Oct 29 -1

What is fall without pumpkins? These are near my office, a most sincere pumpkin patch.


Welcome Autumn!

4 thoughts on “October 2014 Autumn Color

  1. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    My neighbor’s tree down the street looks like it is on fire! It is an October Glory Maple. We have one in our back yard, but it is takiing it’s time.
    In a blink…. it will be snowing and winter. I hope you can get out and walk in the crunchy leaves. Hubbs and I live in a park with paved paths and we usually take a mile++ walk in the woods every day.
    enjoy the bright happy view.

  2. Our trees here in Michigan are now brown or naked. So sad.
    I feel “full color” should mean that there’s still green showing from some trees.
    I didn’t see The Great Pumpkin in that (allegedly) sincere pumpkin patch. Maybe it isn’t so sincere after all?

  3. Beautiful pictures! We are enjoying color here also…. and have a freeze coming tomorrow night, which I am not looking forward to. 🙂 Thank you for the pictures.

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