Herb Garden Mossy Planters

These small pots were found on a recent thrifting outing, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with them.  Taking them to the workbench, I got out the basket of acrylic paints.  The green stuff in the glass dish is moss.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I scraped a the moss from the stone and concrete drainage half-pipe in the back yard..

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Then I mixed green paints until I got a nice a marbleized color with the base being close to the moss color.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I kept mixing and comparing until I got a color I liked.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Next, a damp sponge is dipped into the paint.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I blotted off the the big blobs on a piece of paper.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Then sponge painted the little terra cotta pot all over.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Using a spray adhesive, I attached a diagonal line of moss.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

With a permanent marker in green, I wrote the names of the herbs I intended to plant.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

A light spray of a matte finish varnish will help hold the moss in place.  Or, use a floral fixative spray.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The pots were then planted with small seedlings of the herbs.  The windowsill is a south facing window that doesn’t get direct sun, so I may have to move them to the veranda.  But I thought the idea was fun for basil and oregano, perfect choices for the Italian meals DH likes best.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

And there they are, sitting on the kitchen window sill, ready for use in recipes.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

This was a quick project, and I think I’ll do a couple of larger ones for the veranda too.

Mossy Planters at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Do you have an herb garden in your kitchen?

Update – the moss has stayed green and nice for two weeks now.

18 thoughts on “Herb Garden Mossy Planters

  1. Well, I have plenty of windows in my house but none in the kitchen over my sink. My sink faces o the dining and living area. I do have plants at the windows but I haven’t thought to put herbs there. Maybe I should. I like how you decorated your pots and a little amused that you could go scrape off your own moss to use! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the tips for sponge painting the pots. I don’t dare put anything in a window because the cats would have it knocked down in a minute. I have a couple of plants that sit on the low radiator in the dining room and they seem to not bother them. Fresh rosemary is one of my favorites, and I might have to try that. Here is a funny – last year I shared a “shoe box” of acrylic craft paints with my daughter and threw in a bunch of brushes . My 3 year-old granddaughter “loves” to paint and they get the nice smooth “landscaping” rocks from the yard and have fun decorating them. Her mommy writes sweet messages on them, and during their stops around town they leave little “rock love notes” at their favorite spots. And to think; my drawers full of paint were just sitting there unused. 🙂

  3. What a great DIY project Carole! I really like the idea of an indoor herb garden. I wish I had room for one, my succulents took over my kitchen window! 😁

  4. Mia is mine

    Your post was an interesting read! How lucky are you to have a kitchen herb garden. Mine is outside, as my kitchen does not have that beautiful window sill. Your mossy pots are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Jes

    Maybe I am missing something here, but won’t your moss die and turn brown and gross, especially being sprayed with varnish?

  6. Naomie Moore

    Just darling! Plus a simple and quick project too. So very pretty! I have about 15 herbs growing this year, both in pots and in ground. Love to use them in my cooking and baking. Thanks for sharing such a fun, yet easy project! 🌞

  7. Cute project, Carole! I have our basil inside right now, hoping it will be happier here until the sun returns, but it is under the gro light.😄

  8. Great idea formthe herbs, I have basil in the kitchen, was grownin the hydroponic way so,now is in a glass of water. I nip the top off and it grows back, been great for a couple of months now.

  9. Very nice sponge painting! I do not have an indoor herb garden. Most year I have one on the back deck, but not this year, yet…

  10. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,

    Wish I could have sent you some of my moss. Half of my front yard is full of it, I have trees that shade at least i/4 of the yard. Have seen a lot of ideas to use it but son’t want to let

    What yard I have wash away, great idea for your herbs.


  11. Beverly

    Love your herb planters! The house faces south so I have tons of moss in the back yard. I’ve always wanted an herb garden, and now I can see a cute way to do it.

    Is it practical to bring the pots with moss into the house, or would it be better to leave them outside? I live in Michigan.

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