November Garden

I worked quite a while yesterday on the garden.  There was a freeze warning for last night, and we were supposed to get maybe a light dusting of snow.  I wanted to see if I could overwinter some of my favorite plants from the veranda.  Internet research did provide some tips, so I decided to try some of them. The thyme and sage never did really take off, maybe they will do better in a warm spot in a pot.

thyme and sage

sage replanted

Several sites said to take the geraniums and let them dry a little, then put them in a box in the basement so they are in the dark. Mine were already a bit dry, so I boxed them up and stored them. I’ll check on them in a couple of months.

Geraniums packed up

I took cuttings of the torenia and New Guinea impatiens, put them in water, and placed them on a windowsill in the basement. They’ll stay above freezing there, and get a bit of afternoon sunlight through the winter.

cuttings in jars

Another site said to cut the impatiens back by 1/3, and store them. So, will try that too. Other plants like my bargain hibiscus, two of the torenias and the lobelias, I just moved into the sun porch.

sun porch flowers

I have no idea what these bulbs are, they were given to me as a gift without a label. So, I don’t know if they should be planted now or in the spring.

Unknown bulbs

Well, now is good for me, so into the ground they went.

unknown bulbs ready to plant

It is a good thing that I got all that done yesterday. Here is what I woke up to this morning!

Nov2014snow 1

Looks like the light dusting turned into three to four inches, and it is still coming down.

Nov2014snow 2

Nov2014snow 3

At least the road surfaces seem to be clear, but I am not going anywhere anyway.

Nov2014snow 6

Good thing I moved everything I wanted to try to keep inside!


Now I am on to do some sewing, crafting, stamping, and well, you know!! More on my new seed idea in a future post.

5 thoughts on “November Garden

  1. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    Have you had those bulbs blossom yet?
    They look like iris. You can plant them any time.
    My sister in law knows all about them. In Indiana or Illinois (cant remember) her great grampa started a huge iris farm Otwell’s Iris farm. So I have Iris from there. I just have one long iris garden and I do not spread it all over my yard. I just keep it in one area.
    I am not wild about iris. haha
    We do not have any snow. Yours looks pretty. This is a good day to stay in and bake cookies

    1. Bonnie Szantyr

      If they are glads, they should be planted from spring into early summer. Most iris go in the ground in the fall, but will usually do ok, but not bloom, if planted in spring. Of course, my experience is only in New England with these things.

  2. Wow, that is some snow you got last night! We are down in Greenville and we did not get any but I saw a bunch of cars covered in snow when I went to Costco this morning.

  3. Sharon Schipper

    definitely iris. I have a barrelfull I pulled out from my neighbor when he was “destroying” his front garden to plant all grass! They are very hardy, you can divide them and spread them out. I have NO idea when it’s better to plant them the first time, but divide in the fall when they are going dormant, so that’s probably the best time to plant as well. Sad about iris: beautiful but only bloom in late May and June according to your climate.

    Sharon, now in Colorado, but California born!

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