WIP Wednesday October 29

I went to five wonderful longarm classes at the AQS Show in Charlotte this past summer.  I have done a little practice of what I learned on the muslin pieces provided to us, but up to now I haven’t had a suitable quilt top to play with.  At the last meeting of the quilt club, the charity quilt chairperson gave me a Quilt of Valor to quilt.  This one looks like it is just made for a custom job, and I get to practice some of my new techniques.


Loaded on the frame, now I have to decide what to put in each block.



I started by doing some SID (stitch in the ditch) around the blocks, sashing, and border.  Then, I warmed up with two motifs I have done before – piano keys in the outer border, and ribbon candy in the narrow sashing.

QOV Custom 4

OK, deep breath, and get over my fear of marking! I am just terrified that the water soluable pen won’t come out. I have new chalk markers too, and I am a little less afraid of them. But, here goes, marked the curved lines using Jamie Wallen’s Quilter’s Apothecary curved ruler and went for it.


Yikes, lots of wobbles!!  I do need more practice, but you have to start somewhere! I’ll be working on this one for a few weeks around my day job.

What are you working on this week?


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6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday October 29

  1. Your quilting looks great to me considering your experience! Give yourself a pat on the back!

    Are you floating the quilt top? it looks like it isn’t attached to a roller. After reading about this online, I had to try it and will never do that again. The quilt top shrank from a queen to a double when washed, losing significant value in the process. My theory is the top did not have tension on it to keep it stretched out, and without tension, the quilting process took in more of the quilt top than it would if under tension. When making custom quilts, I always allow shrinkage of 5″ each way on a queen quilt, more on a king, but not enough for it to shrink an entire size. I will not float a top again! You might want to keep track of measurements before and after washing to see if this is the case for you.

    1. I was taught by my longarm dealer to always float the quilt top, so I always have. I stabilize the edges first and I have never had any problems. The shrinkage issue you had was most likely due to the fabrics not being prewashed, or the backing not being prewashed. Floating the top doesn’t affect shrinkage in the washing. I have been doing pantographs and free hand quilting with this method for five years. None of the quilts I have done and subsequently washed have shrank more than a little bit as expected to produce a lovely antique puckered look, but I prewash all my fabrics before I piece with them.

  2. I love your ribbon candy quilting, they look so symmetrical! I’m definitely going to try that one. I’ve been afraid of marking also, but I dived in and marked a ‘practice’ quilt using a Frixion marker. The markings have come totally off and I haven’t had any issues. Whew! I agree with Yvonne, you will probably not be able to find those wobbles later. Have fun! 🙂

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