Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

I have lots of sewing motif fabrics and wanted to do a quilted sewing machine cover for my main machine.  I wanted something that looked quilty.  So, I designed this one to integrate flying geese, a quilt square and lots of prints.

Begin by constructing a panel 18-1/2 inches wide by 27 inches long.  I started out by making flying geese using the no-waste method.  Cut 3 large squares 5-1/4″ and 12 smaller squares 2-7/8″.  I used 11 of them in this row (one just didn’t come out right).   I squared them to 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 and sewed them in a row.  I added background fabric rectangles to each end to make the length 27 inches.



I did a churn dash block 8-1/2 inches finished, (using 3-1/2 inch HSTs and strip blocks, center fussy cut) then added a checkerboard of ten 2-1/2 inch squares set in two rows above it.  The remaining pieces are just cut 12-1/2 inches wide and added onto each end so the churn dash block comes out near the top of the front side.  I added strips to the sides of the flying geese 1-1/2 inches wide on the right and 2-1/2 on the left.  Then I sewed the two strips of pieces together and checked it for fit.  I added a strip to the right side as well of a different fabric with a dark green background 3-1/2 inches cut width.  The panel is now 18-1/2 inches wide by 27 inches long.  I found this was the perfect size to fit all three of my machines, all different manufacturers, so it will probably work for you too.  A couple of quick measurements of your machine will show you if you need to make adjustments to the width or length.


Next, cut the side pieces in rectangles 8×12″.  Quilt all the pieces separately.  I quilted it fairly densely so it would stand on its own when finished.  Quilting the pieces at this stage is easy, and simple to do free motion on your DSM or longarm.   I used a backing that had a sewing motif with a light background.  Then trim all three pieces.



Round off the top 2 corners of the side pieces, on the 8″ end.   Leave the bottom corners intact.   I choose a darker print for the ends, and rounded them using a dressmaker’s ruler.



Putting right sides together, pin the ends to the long edge of the panel.  Notice you will need to ease a bit.  I also did a little more trimming at this stage.  This is a design choice, you could put the bound seam on the outside if you wanted, using the binding as an accent.



Sew the ends to the panel.  Then make binding using the inside liner fabric.  Sew to the raw edges on the ends first.



Wrap the binding around the raw edge on the bottom on all four intersection points and pin.  I pinned mine down towards the outside.



Then sew the binding to the bottom on the outside, going over the edge seams.  You’ll turn it to the inside to finish.


Now, turn it wrong side out and finish up the binding by turning to cover the raw edges and hand whip down the sides and bottom.  I added some cute buttons to the front sashing strip in the middle.



This quilted sewing machine cover is #2 on my UFO Challenge list for 2014.  Another finish, yea!!


This basic design can be modified to suit your taste.  You can change the block, use more or fewer geese, or different embellishments.  You could put a second block on the back instead of the fabric rectangles.  Or you can copy this one.  Just have fun with your fabrics!!

If you make one, I’d love to see it.  Just leave a comment with a link to your blog, or your photo sharing page.  Thank you!

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

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29 thoughts on “Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

    1. It was easy! Didn’t take all that long since the pieces are smaller than a quilt, LOL!! Put it on your UFO list for this year.

  1. Gosh, I need to make a few of these–sewing machine, serger, and quilting machine. Along with everything else on the list!
    I’m visiting from the new blog discussion group we joined. Isn’t this fun?!!

  2. Very nice sewing machine cover! I need to make one of those. I am visiting (and started following your blog) from the new blogger’s group 🙂

  3. Love the fabric line with the sewing notions, what designer is it? Visiting from the new blog discussion

    1. I have had those fabrics for years. The lining one is “Sew A Needle Pulling Thread” by Cat Williams for South Sea Imports. Some of the others are Hoffman and Woodridge from London. The rest I have no idea, no selvedges remain.
      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Shelley

    Love your pattern and plan on using it for my sewing machine, plus adapting it for my small kitchen appliances. Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise.

  5. Sharon

    Great cover with the perfect fabric. I have hard covers and homemade covers for all of my machines, but they are just about always in use so seldom covered.

  6. Quyless Force

    I saw this a long time ago. I am ready to make my cover and took quite awhile to find again, but now i have it so am excited to make this. Thank you for sharing. Orchid girl

  7. Terra Nichols

    I love your design! I made this for my new Janome 500e, that has a huge footprint!
    I’m not sure how to attach a picture, but I love the way mine turned out!

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  9. Sheila Whitcher

    Wow! I am just starting to quilt. (My dream has been to continue the work of my Grandmother.) I have been reading A LOT ! I have collected fabrics, organized projects (10, so far), as well as obtaining useful tools. Your presser foot collections were the first of these tools I purchased over a year ago. Getting started has been the challenge. I have confidence with everything except the binding and machine quilting. I just made my way back to your blogs and the tutorials. They are so well documented and have filled in a LOT of the missing pieces and answered questions that I had from reading others. Practicing and experimenting has felt kinda wasteful. Because I am just beginning, I do not have any “scraps” lying around to practice on. This project is exactly what I needed!! I can practice all aspects of making a quilt on a small scale with something that will be useful. And it’s for me, so I do not feel the drive and self-imposed stress to make it “perfect”. Thank you so much!! I am actually ready and looking forward to starting as soon as I submit this comment. You have rocked my quilting world!

    I really hope you get to read this. You need to know how helpful you have been!

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