Sunday Chat – Car Show, Cooking, and the Orchid

It is the season now for our car clubs to ramp up, so we have been busy with several events. Last weekend was an annual fundraiser show called Luft Wasser, which is German for Air Water, referring to the two methods of cooling for engines. We were on the crew, and arrived early Saturday morning to work the main gate where cars were entering. Our car was selected as part of a special display of the Colors of Porsche exhibit at one end of the show. Ours is a dark warm grey called Agate Grey. On the left is a pretty metallic blue, and lighter silver ones on the right.

A rainbow of colors, representing decades of color choices. Bright green next to eggplant purple, with more down the row.

This one is Radium Green, next to brighter red and Race Yellow.

This one was called Raspberry Metallic. The owner was adamant that it isn’t pink, LOL!!

We looked around a bit after doing our crew work, then settled into our chairs for lunch. I made Chicken Apple Salad wraps, using my Ham Apple Salad Wraps Recipe and substituting canned chicken for the ham. Two days later, the fresh lemon juice has still kept the apples looking fresh and not brown. It still tastes as crisp and good as it did that day.

Show cars were parked nose to tail in three rows for 1.4 miles! Most of the cars were members of our western North Carolina region, but cars also came from Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

Two hundred cars were registered for the show, and it took a while to see them all. Between the registration fees and extra donations, the event raised $10,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County.

I was surprised to see this quilt on one of the the cars in the show. This quilter did a amazing job of fussy cutting shapes to form the Porsche logo in the middle, then a patchwork of blocks to surround it. I contacted the car owner, and he gave me the quilter’s name for credit. It was made by Jenny Edwards of Burnsville, NC.

Here’s a close up of the center. I was so impressed with the level of detail! Each letter and shape is individually cut out and appliqued to the base shape. Then, the base was appliqued to the grey block background. The quilter did a nice job.

We had a MINI club event this past week, our annual MINIs on the Dragon. I’ll show you more about that in a few days. One thing that is beneficial when going out of town is making an Anything Quiche out of everything left in the refrigerator. Leftover ham, the last of a bag of spinach, some cheese and eggs make a one dish dinner. I put a crust on this one, as I had one of those left as well.

Bake for an hour and we have dinner.

Two slices for dinner, with two left for lunch the next day to eat before heading out means nothing left in the refrigerator to spoil while we were gone.

While in the kitchen, I noticed my orchid is at it again. Maybe this time the flower will progress enough to actually bloom. I’ll keep an eye on it.

If you have Netflix, we’ve really been enjoying a new series called The Diplomat. One of the stars is Rufus Sewell, who plays a great cad. It was interesting to note that he plays the same kind of character in two of my all time favorite movies, The Illusionist and The Holiday. But he was also Lord Melbourne in the PBS series Victoria. We also thought Night Agent was pretty good. Share your recent finds as we are always looking for a recommendation.

Last chance to share your quilting with free motion, using rulers, or other ways of stretching yourself in our Facebook friends group. I’ll be drawing a winner this week for the fabulous prize box. Have a great week!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Chat – Car Show, Cooking, and the Orchid

  1. Have you seen Sewell in The Man in the High Castle? I’m in the middle of watching The Diplomat. Hope your little orchid blooms! Fun to see so many cars in so many colors!

  2. Mary Stori

    Luft Wasser was a great event and best of all our club raised over $10,000 for the local Boys and Girls Club. The Porsche quilt is awesome…..

  3. Lois Stimax

    Rufus Sewell is also a lead in the Netflix show, The Man in the High Castle. Great show and so interesting.

  4. What great photos and info at the Porsche gathering. Amazing! It’s fabulous that you pack along some wonderful lunches! Thanks for sharing the Porsche quilt and then the quiche “recipe”.
    We loved Night Agent and The Diplomat! I am hoping for season 2 for both productions! We’ve been watching Rabbit Hole with Kiefer Sutherland. It’s on Paramount +.

  5. Patty Brenner

    What fun outings, and the cars look amazing all lined up like that. I chuckled at the ‘not pink’ one 🙂 There’s a lot of agreement on recent tv shows, lol. I love Rufus Sewell, and as others mentioned he was very good in ‘The Man in the High Castle’. I also enjoyed Night Agent and The Diplomat. His character in The Diplomat is so interesting – he definitely seems to have his own agenda, but the little intimacies (like fixing ‘his’ breakfast that she would eat from) gave him some depth and made him a little less villainous to me 🙂 I am also enjoying Kiefer Sutherland in Rabbit Hole – I’m curious to see the season finale tonight and see if they leave us hanging, or unfold some of the mysteries of the season. For something completely different, I started watching Sweet Tooth. It’s a little strange, but I’m enjoying it. The Anything Quiche sounds perfect for us – we often seem to have those little bits of this and that left over.

    1. The Rabbit Hole is complex but compelling and the deeper you dig the more dangerous the warren becomes. Kiefer Sutherland manages to hold it all together and whilst not exactly realistic it is thrilling and deserves a comfortable four stars for entertainment. Odds on you’ll binge at least some of it and rest assured you’ll get lost in the rabbit holes more than once. It’s a must see but it is also a must read for espionage aficionados. It’s based on a play of the same name published in 2006 by David Lindsay-Abaire. The play is a suspenseful, cloak and dagger affair about a corporate espionage expert who hits the big time and applies his skill sets to win the USA for some ne’er-do-wells. You will be forgiven if the name Trump springs to mind when watching this.

      If you liked Bill Fairclough’s epic fast fact based complex spy thriller Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series about Pemberton’s People in MI6 you should like this no matter what the format. In real life, Fairclough was one of Pemberton’s People in MI6 and worked with the CIA, real SAS Rogue Heroes and other ungentlemanly officers as explained in a news article dated 31 October 2022 available from TheBurlingtonFiles website. Once you are irretrievably immersed or stuck in the Rabbit Hole you should enjoy it just as you did The Burlington Files and vice-versa.

  6. Cathy Walker

    Nice photos! Since we live in Pisgah Forest, we did come down to enjoy the cars. My husband had recent cataract surgery so he wasn’t sure if he would be able to drive by then but he felt comfortable enough that we drove the 1964 356C and parked on a side street. Maybe next year we can actually join the parade. AND I loved that quilt.

    We just finished the Night Agent – really liked it. Started The Diplomat, which I think we will also like. We are always looking for a good limited series so keep us posted on anything new.

  7. Rita C.

    What a fantastic show, raising $ for the Boys and Girls’ Club! That Porsche quilt is an absolute stunner! Your anything quiche and salad both looked amazingly good too. We haven’t watched Night Agent but are really enjoying the Diplomat now (just a few more episodes to finish). It reminded me of West Wing, and I read an article Deborah Cahn, the writer/producer. She was part of the mind behind WW, and Homeland and even Grey’s Anatomy. But whew, that marriage relationship between Sewell and Russell…!

  8. Julie

    Spectacular car show, speechless about the quilt! We had a raspberry metallic car & I loved it, even though it was a sedan and I only like a wagon/hatchback style.

  9. Anne Kirby

    Rufus Sewell starred in one of my favorite miniseries of all time, Charles II. He was young then and just as naughty!

  10. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Looks like it was a fun time with all those Porsches on display! The colors are fun to see, too. Your quiche looks yummy! We don’t have Netflix right now, but The Diplomat has been getting lots of good reviews. We did like Rufus Sewell in Man in the High Castle – although “like” might not be the right word, lol! He is a good actor, though.

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