Sunday Chat – Garden and MINIs

Rain fell for days at the end of the week, but breaks in the clouds here and there allowed a few more photos of our local avian choir. I sat on the veranda in the cool morning air, quiet and calm, listening to the birdsong. This chickadee was still for just a moment before swooping to the bird feeder for a bite of breakfast.

I watched the birdhouse, delighted to see the bluebird going out and in several times. I hope she is feeding hatchlings, although I cannot be sure.

She was very busy on this morning.

In the garden, the white irises continue their show for spring.

Some of the bloom stalks have two flowers open.

Early morning is the best time to see the fog in the valley, defining the layers of hills and the mountain ridge at the other end.

I checked on the lady slipper again, still in bloom. But it is still the only one.

Jasper came by for a sandwich. There is another squirrel that is often here, but he runs off as soon as I open the door.

Last weekend, our MINI club in South Carolina had a fundraiser for the Greenville Animal Shelter called Bulldog Games. The organizers had 10 games for our members to play, with an admission fee and donations going to the shelter.

My Sweet Babboo and I were in charge of the corn hole game. We took our chairs and a big umbrella so we could have some shade, and a British flag just for fun. A couple of pinwheels with a streamer marked the throwing line. Everyone attending came through twice, and they got the best of the two scores. Then we had lunch, and set up more games for the afternoon. Our afternoon game was a ball throwing game we called Finding Gallifrey. Dr Who fans will recognize the name.

When everyone had played all the games, the organizers got the cars all together in front of the shelter for a drone shot. The best scores from the morning and afternoon games each got a stuffed bulldog as the trophy. I didn’t hear the final total raised, but I believe it was several hundred dollars.

Back home tired and ready to relax. The late afternoon sun lit up the irises. I can’t stop taking pictures of these beauties.

We did another car show yesterday, and I’ll have some nice shots for you on that next week. Don’t forget, this coming Friday is Stashbusters report day!

What are you doing for fun this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Sunday Chat – Garden and MINIs

  1. Julie

    It’s always fun for everyone at a fundraiser. Looks like we’re heading into a second week of mostly rain & unseasonably cool weather, but we had sunshine & fair weather for my husband’s birthday. I made fudge sauce for ice cream sundaes, diet suspended for a day!

  2. Rheanna

    I’m loving your white Iris pictures. I am semi patiently waiting for my Iris to come. Will probably be another few weeks.
    We are going to our local garden center today to walk around enjoying the flowers and hopefully to find a Mother’s Day gift for my mother in law.

  3. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    The chickadees are so fun to watch at the feeders! They swoop in to grab a bite and then take it back to the tree to eat. Your white irises are gorgeous! The Mini club day sounds like fun, too. Do you have an event planned for the Coronation next weekend?

  4. Darci D Marshall

    How lovely! I enjoyed a passing through of cedar waxwings this weekend, can’t wait to see updates on baby bluebirds

  5. Judy Andrew

    Hi Carole, I love all Irises so can’t get enough pictures for me! I have some purple ones that smell just like grape soda pop! Sorry I don’t know the name of this particular Iris. Yesterday was my last to finish moving & it’s a good thing as my knees have both swollen up especially the L knee & ankle. Not sure why as soon as I start to get the least bit active the L knee swells up & having a hard time getting it back down. Had ice on it last night but it didn’t even phase it! Not sure what to do, got any ideas? Don’t care much for Drs cause I don’t trust them. After all that moving had to come home & jockey around totes & furniture to move desk to other side of basement for Kurt so he can sauder on. Then it was time to pick up sticks in the yard & pick 2 handfuls of violets in the yard for a project (more on that later) but need to take these to the nursery first. Then for the last project of the night our refrigerator started leaking & I had to get down on my hands & knees to hold the light for Kurt to fix it (was ready to cry @ this point between my knees killing me & being worn out from my move). Needless to say I lathered up w/my Cool Azul & strapped on my ice belt to my back & went to bed.

  6. Was thinking about the Lady Slippers – they propagate under ground? I have tulips that did that so while it looked like just one blossum there were several bulbs, dug them out, separated them and – it’s easier to buy more! Ha. Glad the weather cooperated for the ride/picnic. Looks like so much fun! Weather here rain, light rain, then heavy then sun, then repeat every 2 minutes or so! Thanks for all the photos of the birds and flowers.

  7. Sue H

    Sounds like a great cause for a fundraiser and loads of fun on top of that! I didn’t do too well on my Stashbuster this month, but I’ll be sewing away in May!

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