Sewing and Small Projects

This week has been a bit busy, with some personal issues taking up the first three days. I finally got back to the blue and yellow table topper, and was able to get a couple more rows done with the curve ruler.

One thing I have to remember, the foot will keep the stitches about 1/4-inch away from the ruler edge. This means I have to estimate where to place the ruler so the stitching line will come out at the corners like I want.

Sometimes I am getting it right, and sometimes not. I have found that I have to stop the machine every time I want to reposition the ruler. Otherwise the cruise will put too many stitches in the stopping point, and break the thread.

I worked my way down again, and attempted to come back right to left on another row, but my machine really balks at sewing that direction. It punishes me by breaking the bobbin thread. So, I gave up on that and went back to stitching only left to right. I hope that a rainy day today will allow more to get done, but I have an appointment for my knees again, so I’ll only have a little time.

I had planned to get my seedlings in the ground on Wednesday, but that didn’t work out, and rain on Thursday kept me from doing it then either. I moved the seedlings up to the Carolina room (three season windowed porch) several days ago so they could harden off. I’ll try once again to get them in the ground this weekend.

The toad lilies are going strong. This year I will place them in another spot more shaded and hope the leaves don’t scorch like they did last year.

In the kitchen, I’ve been saving these net bags that Brussels sprouts come in. A little project was to make myself a new scrubbie from them.

This is an easy project. I cut the hard clip off the bottom, then rolled up the net bag like a pair of pantyhose, folding the raw edges to the inside.

Then I put it inside the second bag, and rolled that one too. Using polyester thread, I put a running stitch around both open edges, and pulled it tight.

I looped the thread under and over several net strands as I went to keep the thread where I wanted it to be.

In just a couple of minutes, I have a nice plastic scrubbie ‘egg’ for pots and pans that won’t scratch. And I’ve recycled the mesh bags that would otherwise just get thrown away.

This week I got some new goodies in the mail. For those who sew a lot, keeping the machine and the foot pedal in place can sometimes be an ongoing chore. My machine sits on a table, not in a cabinet, and ‘walks’ sometimes. I have to pull it back into the best position for me from time to time as it tends to shift away from me towards the center of the table. Same for the foot pedal, it walks away from me.

The large Sewing Machine Muffling Mat from Madam Sew reduces machine vibration, movement and slipping while also protecting the work surface. It kept my machine from walking away from me while sewing, and reduced the noise as well. It is on sale now, for the introductory price 31% off. Regularly $35.99, for a limited time order for $24.99.

The smaller Sewing Machine Pedal Mat will keep the foot control where you want it, not wandering around the floor. This is a constant problem for me as it walks away while I am using it and I have to pull it back again over and over. This little mat solved that problem nicely. Right now, this mat is on sale 31% off, regularly 19.49, get it now for just $13.49.

I am really pleased with how both of these performed. I tried the machine mat under my embroidery machine, and it helped the bouncing that machine does sometimes with heavier stitch count motifs. Check them out at Madam Sew – Sewing Machine Pedal Mat and Sewing Machine Muffling Mat.

Speaking of embroidery, you still have time to register for the Embroidery Extravaganza! Get stitching with 11 award-winning artisanal instructors for a vibrant multi-class event on embroidery, one of the most popular meditative crafts practiced worldwide. This event features vibrant classes on stitches, motifs, methods, and more skill-building and imaginative lessons to take your embroidery to the next level both hand and machine!

For my readers all over the world, especially those in the southern hemisphere, you don’t have to watch it live. Once you pay for the course, all the segments will be available to watch beginning May 14. So you can sign up, and watch at your convenience, PLUS they are yours forever! The videos do not expire. It is a fantastic deal for hours of classes with the coupon code below.

Thursday, May 11th at 9 am (Pacific Time), Noon (Eastern Time)

Available May 14th with no expiration!

Virtual swag bag will be yours on sign up. Plus participants are entered to win the main prize giveaway!

Here’s the best part, the class is regularly $49, but you can get $20 off with my blog discount code! Just use this link to look it over, see all the instructors and what they are teaching, and register – Embroidery Extravaganza With Discount. Using the link will automatically apply the discount. Or, if you go to the website later, the code is in the graphic below. Check out the link for all the classes and offerings. For those who are visual learners, this is a rare opportunity to get a lot of instruction all at once, with the ability to go see the lessons again and again. I’ll remind you again as it gets closer, as we have a few weeks to sign up.

Lastly, this weekend is the 5th Annual Luft Wasser show (meaning air cooled engine and water cooled engine) Saturday, April 29, from 10 – 1. The event is a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County. We are on the staging crew, so we’ll be there really early. If you are near Brevard, come see the show, admission is free. I hope to get some good pictures for you for our Sunday chat.

Are you working on any small projects? What fun plans do you have for the weekend?


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17 thoughts on “Sewing and Small Projects

  1. Julie

    It might be called ‘free motion’ but it seems that many (all?) machines have a different definition of free & have a preferred direction for sewing.

  2. Tried using your links for the sales at The Fat Quarter shop. Outlook stopped it with the message unsafe link detected. Thought you should know so you can check it out.

  3. Alterations is the name of my sewing game this week…a prom dress for my granddaughter (hem) and retrofit donated altar cloths for my church. Easy projects, but time consuming, as there is some handwork involved. Thanks so much for the tip about the foot pedal mat. I have a vinyl plank floor in my sewing room and I’m constantly chasing my foot pedal all over! I think I’ll be ordering one today!

  4. I have threatened to staple the foot pedal to the floor! This mat looks great and small enough to take with to “Sewing for the Kids”. The table mat too as we use “lunchroom” tables and there is a LOT of bounce to those tables. Loving the blue/yellow quilt! Almost done doing the Batman and Minions panel quilts. Took some fussing, but got the panels squared up but lost some of the edge. Not my finest work, but done is done sometimes. Your flowers look wonderful!!!!! Thanks

  5. What a super idea to make netting from the grocery store into scrubbies!

    Like what you are doing with the circle ruler. The quilting is going to be gorgeous!

    Want to work on making temporary quilt sleeves for our upcoming quilt show just in case we get a quilt without a sleeve.

  6. Pamela Cole

    I thought of you and your Mini car club. My 16 year old great granddaughter saved up and bought her first car…a mini cooper….

  7. manasotavacation

    Signed up for the Embroidery series……looked all over for the discount code and then gave up and proceeded and the amount was adjusted to $20 off! Thanks for that!

  8. The quilt looks lovely, I have a set of quilting rulers, I really need to getthem out and practice with them. I like the idea of the foot pedal mat, I was only muttering at mine today!

  9. I love the quilting with the rulers. It looks so much more precise than if you did hand guided. Hopefully you won’t get rained out of your upcoming event. Feeling quite soggy here in Delaware this weekend. Those mats look handy, especially if you take your machine somewhere they are stitching on plastic tables/banquet style.

  10. Liz

    Thanks for the scrubber info. I will have to try it. Your stitching looks great on the quilt. You are fortunate that you have an area where you can keep plants inside. I don’t & I miss it. Thanks for all the info. Liz

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