Blue Yellow Strip Pieced Quilt

I started this quilt on retreat last October with my local guild, and just now got back to it. I had to put it aside for all the holiday activities and Christmas sewing I had to do. So, this week, I was able to find a bit of time to make progress. As is sometimes the case, a step forward sometimes means taking a step back. The blue and yellow fabrics are leftovers from a strip pack that I used in my Blue and Yellow To The Nines quilt.

I sewed the strips into a tube. Press every other fabric strip outward so that when they are placed in sequence, the seams will nest.

Cross cut strips of squares the same width as the strips. In this case, they are 4-inches.

Pick out one seam on one cross cut strip, then on a second strip, pick out the seam one patch down from the first one. Nest seams and sew the strips together.

Continue in this manner, each time offsetting the picked out seam by one square. This will give you a diagonal pattern.

I kept going until I had used up all of the strips.

I had six strips originally, and was able to get ten cross cuts.

Press the seams to one side.

The first border used the last of a bit of fabric that had the same colors in a small scale daisy print.

Then, I added a yellow thin border, using the Fibonacci sequence as a guide. I intended for the borders to be 2-1-3 inches. Best laid plans.

The fabric I intended for the final border, backing and binding looked awful. It has too much green, the scale isn’t right, and it is too busy. It is the one in the center top with the blue roses and gold flowers. Now I am stuck. None of the other prints from the stash closet resource center look right. It needs a predominantly blue final border.

So, it will get set aside again for the time being, as I need to either make the decision not to add the third border I wanted, or go to the local quilt shop and try to find something that will work. I’ll need 2/3-3/4 yard of something, maybe a medium blue polka dot. We’ll see what I can find. Of course, that will bring my Stashbuster total down a bit, I was hoping not to buy any more fabric for a little while! Ah well. If one must shop, then one must.

34 thoughts on “Blue Yellow Strip Pieced Quilt

  1. Linda B

    Well, it looks very nice! I made my first quilt (a Craftsy kit) with those fabrics and really liked it. At least there are a lot of January sales going on!!

    1. Carol Williams

      I really like this style and colors of this quilt. I made a similar one for Project Linus years ago. It was beach/water themed. I like simple traditional quilt patterns.

  2. Rheanna M.

    Resource Center made me giggle. Thanks for that. 😊.
    Such a fun project. It’s such a bummer that the outer border didn’t work. Always the best laid plans.

  3. Mary Ed Williams

    Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Shopping is a necessary evil. Yeah, right. I went to Pineapple Fabrics in Dec with some quilting buddies, swearing I wasn’t going to buy anything. Soooo $225 later, and still swearing, I have to find a place to put it all. In my defense, the entire store was 20% off. Who can resist that? Obviously not me. I might even get back to sewing. Someday.
    Love this quilt. Will be doing sew-along with you. Happy New Year!
    Mary Ed

  4. Julie

    So much more efficient than one square at a time. I saw Eleanor Burns on RFD make a Trip Around the World & wanted to make something with this technique. You pros make everything look possible! Some day I may perfect the 1/4″ seam and be able to achieve it.

  5. Susan

    I agree with Julie’s last two sentences. 🙂
    I think it looks nice the way it is. Of course, if you need it to be bigger, then shop you must.

    1. JaneEllen Hillis

      Love the colors but without a video I can’t understand the instructions. It’s a thing with me and has made life often difficult. I’m an excellent reader but when it comes to making things I just can’t visualize the process. Thank goodness for YouTube and video tutorials. Is there a video tutorial anywhere for this technique?

  6. Sue Hoover

    Your diagonal yellow/blue project is really pretty. Your stashbuster will survive. You need less than a yard. The trick will be to only pick up that blue you need and nothing else! Haha!

    1. Cassie Ellis

      Beautiful quilt! I actually have a bunch of this fabric line in my stash! Most of it is cut into 2.5 inch strips but if you need some, I’d be happy to coordinate with you 🙂

  7. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    The fabrics you’ve used telegraph happiness!

    The fabrics for the first two borders look great and could be the final chapter unless you need it bigger. Or you could go shopping for what you want to finish according to your plan. Nothing like taking a quilt top to the quilt store for a border fabric audition. I can not memorize colors and need the quilt center physically with me for border shopping.

    Super tutorial on stair stepping the blocks!

  8. I feel your pain. Over the last few days for finishing things I had to buy fabric….not a lot but enough to make me cringe. Hope you find something soon, maybe someone will have something stashed and let you know.

  9. Joan Sheppard

    Blue and Yella, Kiss your Fella….lovely – something so soothing about these colors. Last 3 inch border – can it be solid and let the quilting be the “pattern”? Or a white on white with a little swirl of blue stitching running down the middle? Too much? What color is the border, that might help to see the “end”. But it’s so pretty. Thanks.

  10. Liz Brown

    What about a darker blue with a bit of yellow. I think you need a third border. That will make it a nice size quilt. Looks good.

  11. Mary

    You know, that ‘go shopping’ bug is around all the time!! It’s like the flu, just won’t let go. That busy print might have done the trick had you not caught the ‘shopping bug’!! :)))

  12. Sue

    Carole, This quilt is very lovely, some of my favorite colors. How about a solid dark blue for your final border? Oh no, you have to shop, it will be fun to see what you choose!

  13. What is less than a yard addition to your list when you can delete it and the rest of the quilt in a very short time? Ok, I may be rationalizing but you want the quilt finished and away, so go shopping in your own stash, a donation table, Goodwill or Salvation Army but get’r done!

  14. I love the table topper. It really looks cheery. I have managed to buy only 2 yards this month and am sending out a baby quilt! The purchase was only $3.00/yd! I look forward to your final border decision.

  15. Carol

    Love your quilt top as it is but – how about a piano key border? You could use up all your scraps and it needn’t be very wide – the 3in width you planned would work. But shopping is always good 😉

  16. Rebecca Burch

    Me? I’d go with a solid/blender royal blue outer border (to pick up the royal blue in the brunt’s(. It will give your eye someplace to rest, too. Love this little beauty!

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