To The Nines in Blue and Yellow

I have begun working on new colorways for my To The Nines pattern. This pattern is for sale on My Patterns page, using a different method of half square triangles. The pattern also has lots of sizes, where the class will only be a throw size. First up is a lovely blue and yellow colorway. These fabrics are so pretty, but they are a weird size. What I thought was a fat quarter stack, turn out to be 6 inch WOF strips. So of course I cut them wrong. I should have cut some 4-1/2 inch strips first, but instead I cut 2-1/2 inch strips, which didn’t leave enough width to do the larger nine-patch blocks. Oh, well.

From the blue prints, I cut the squares needed for flying geese using a no waste method. This is a different method from the pattern, as the pattern is designed for scraps and uses HSTs.

I do think using two lines is more accurate than just one and eyeballing the 1/4-inch allowance.

I used my method of trimming geese using a square up ruler. Note I put the goose point on the 3-1/4-inch line so that there is 1/4-inch seam allowance below the goose point.

Then turn it around and trim to the correct size, in this case, 3-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches.

Sew the strips in sets of three, pressing all the seams in one direction.

Cross cut, then assemble the nine-patches for the stars.

Add the flying geese and the corner patches, and we have a nine-patch star.

Strip piece the larger nine-patches.

Cross cut into rows for the blocks.

Since all the larger nine-patch blocks are identical, rotate them so the overall effect is more scrappy.

I assembled the quilt using the web method to preserve the layout.

Then press the seams in opposite directions for nesting the final row seams.

Voila!! All assembled.

At this point the little quilt top is 36-inches square. At this size, I can quilt it with a single width of fabric backing. But I think I’ll add just a small white border to preserve the star points, as I usually put a deeper binding on quilts than just a quarter inch. So, I’ll get to that white border this week, then load it for quilting. This would make a nice little lullaby quilt at this size. I have more nine patches made from the 2-1/2-inch WOF strips, so I can do another little project with those.

What are you working on this week?

32 thoughts on “To The Nines in Blue and Yellow

  1. Melissa Mathews

    Love your To The Nines in the blue and yellow color way! After completing an Arkansas Hunter 72×96 quilt top last week, this week is about 2 church dresses for our younger grandgirls.

  2. Julie

    I bought a package of those 6″ strips once. They blended perfectly with a scrap quilt I was making. I’d run out of scraps & couldn’t believe how well the little pack worked out to finish the blocks & the border. I suppose you need to calculate the yardage to determine how it compares to what you’d get in a fat quarter bundle. Precuts are always more expensive than yardage, but I think the variety & convenience are worth it.

    1. Scrappy Kathy

      Longarming my Lemoyne Star top with Floragraphix and Kona Ruby fabrics. Need to finish for guild show and tell Saturday.

  3. Blue and yellow is so fresh and pretty. Thanks for sharing your “oops” moments! I think we all have them! I like to hear about how you solve those challenges! Thank goodness for a stash.

  4. Rosemary B

    adorable. My favorite colors… well, all colors are my favorites so there is that
    I like this. I should make 10 of these. Seriously, they need stuff like blankies.
    Easy patterns are so nice
    Well done Carole.
    I am glad you are keeping busy.
    I am pretending to be perky and happy.
    I am mentally exhausted. I love my daddy. He is a lot of work. I have not seen the grand babies in Bristow for a month, I should go. The second covid shot messed up my ears and gave me tinnitus for about 10 days along with the horrid head ache. Kind of a slap in the face 😮😆
    I think this quilt is inspiring. I just finished an Irish chain quilt with all 2.5 inch squares. It is not perfect. I will press it well and send it over to my very forgiving and non judgemental quilter down the road a mile. Happy Tuesday 😊

  5. Oooooh, there is just something about a blue and yellow quilt! Luscious and fresh—something I’m always ready for during springtime. We have home projects on the lists lately—had to get a new furnace and yard work and opening the screened porch. Had a lovely time on the porch last weekend but it has turned cold again, so it will be a while before we can get out there again. Ah, New England weather!

  6. Linda B

    Love the blue and yellow too! I have a blue/yellow kit from a couple years ago I need to pull out…actually the fabrics look a lot like the ones you used! This week is all yardwork…temps in the low 60s make for nice work outside…I look forward to warmer days when I can hang out in my basement sewing room!

  7. I love blue and yellow together, and that is a great design! Glad you hot it to work out with your bundle. My brain is all over the place this week, so I’m not sure what I’m working on! Probably just little bits of things here and there.

  8. Myrna Watson

    Love blue and yellow, and this little quilt is beautifully done. I will add to my list to make, have a pinwheel scrapy in the works and enjoying the many colours. Frost this morning and my pansies are limp, the day can only get better. Enjoy yours!

  9. Darlene S

    Beautiful quilt colors and design. This week I’m technically “in between” projects and cleaning my sewing room (I promised to clean/organize between each project), but I am doing some Machine Embroidery while I’m cleaning.

  10. Denise Farquhar

    I absolutely love the colors! I have been afraid to try flying geese, but your method seems doable.

  11. lynn bourgeois

    This is a sweet little quilt. Love the colours. I’m working on finishing little bits this week. I’d like to get a handle on my wips

  12. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Thanks for sharing the speed assembly method. I’ll try it out!

    I’m hosting a Zoom Sew Day for my guild this Saturday. I want to cut out as many pieces ahead of time as I can so I am ready to sew! So looking forward to a day of sewing and chatting!

  13. Oh, Carole! This will be just fabulous. I’m with the others who adore blue and yellow as a winning color combo. It’s just so darned cheerful and although I’ve yet to visit Provence, the colors seem so warm, so Provencal. Have you ever seen photos of Monet’s kitchen or dining room? I could live in those two rooms. Your finished quilt would be a perfect addition!

  14. Love the colors on this quilt. And a great pattern too. I make my flying geese that way too. I am working on finishing up some projects I have been working on for a long time. So nice to be on the homestretch.

  15. Susan Nixon

    Really pretty! You can’t go wrong with yellow and blue, and some child will love this. Or a nice big table topper, too.

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