Christmas Panel Quilt

At the retreat in September, I picked up a couple of Christmas panels, and this week I had some time to sew. I really wanted to work on something seasonal, so I pulled out the one in red that spells out Christmas to work on. I pulled some prints from stash, and found a holly print that was big enough to be a backing.

I began by trimming the panel so the red was an equal width all around. I wanted to add another border, so I went back to the bags of Christmas fabrics to figure out what I could use.

I found these blocks inside the bag, and had forgotten about them yet again. I’ve pulled them out several years in a row now, never being able to find a way to use them. I didn’t make them, and I cannot remember where they came from. After I had trimmed the panel, I realized it was more square than rectangular. Maybe I could use these six blocks to make it more of a lap size.

So, I put three on one end to gauge what more would be needed.

I pulled more green fabrics and began to audition filler prints. Neither of these suited me.

I tried two more, and settled on the holly print as it picked up the theme from the panel border.

Now I have something closer to a lap size.

It needs one more border to unify the blocks with the panel. This cute red print with Christmas words seemed good.

Well, now it is too long and skinny. Not quite wide enough for a nice lap size, yet too long for a wall hanging. The only thing to do now is make it bigger. So, here comes another border. I used the holly print originally planned for the backing, as it was now too small to use for that. It also picks up the holly print in the panel border.

I found a beige, wide width fabric with white dots for backing, and loaded it on the longarm with Hobbs Premium 100% cotton batting.

The snowflake pantograph was still on the table, so I decided to use it. I changed the thread over to an ecru Glide on the top, and the same color Bottom Line for the bobbin, and began the quilting.

About halfway down the first full pantograph row, I remembered the Christmas pantograph that I had, with holly and bells. That one was probably the better choice as it would have echoed the holly in several areas. Ah, but no matter, the snowflakes look just fine.

I left off yesterday at the end of that row. I’ll get more done on it today, and over the weekend, and expect to have it finished and bound by mid-week.

I’ll bind it in red to echo the inner red border. I plan to sell it, so send me an email if you are interested. $65 plus shipping via 2-day flat rate, payment by check or money order.

Are you doing any Christmas sewing or activities this week?

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24 thoughts on “Christmas Panel Quilt

  1. lee

    What a nice quilt! I always forget about using a panel! Right now I am working with my sister on a couple of memory quilts for our nephews.

  2. I would love to do some Christmas sewing, but am working on two quilts for the Island Batik spring/summer catalog that must be in California by mid January! I do have a couple of Christmas panels I would love to work on though! Merry Christmas!

  3. Patsy Cash

    The panel quilt is beautiful! I have never bought a panel, never saw a finished quilt using one that I liked. You are truly gifted in your ability to turn a fabric panel into a piece of art.

  4. That was a fun way to finish a panel, Carole! Looks like you had the perfect borders for it right in your stash. I’m planning to make a few holiday treats in the next few days. “Just a Dozen” sugar cookies for us, and a big batch of puppy chow to take over for the staff where my mom lives.

  5. Gretchen Romanelli

    I love seeing your creative process with words and pictures.
    Nice job on the quilt and quilting. You are very busy and creative.

  6. Patricia Evans

    This is kinda like shortening the legs on a table trying to even it up in reverse: adding borders and blocks to make it bigger. It looks just like you planned it that way.

  7. Mary

    That turned out to be the cutest Quilt and every part looks like it was meant to be together right from the get-go. That just proves that we all need a good stash. It’s such good fun putting it all together. :))

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Love this! Reminds of of the book “The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew!” Each row is a surprise! I wasn’t going to make a quilt, but found that I also didn’t want to go into the attic this year – it was easier (and more fun) to make a new one! Will bind it this evening while watching some Christmas movies. Thanks!

  9. This quilt clearly had a lot to communicate with you and you were able to bring it to life quite neatly. I hope you enjoy the last bit of quilting and finishing this weekend and early next week. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  10. I love knowing the process others go through in including or eliminating fabrics choices when using stash. To my eye, the light neutral of the blocks stood out until you used the ivory grounded holly print for the border. That make those extra blocks just sparkle! Lovely!

  11. Great use of the panel and those orphan blocks as well as the Christmas stash! This quilt will make its new recipient happy!
    Take care

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