Sunday Chat – Christmas Ideas and a New Visitor

Dawn over the mountain to the east this past week brought beautiful color with the clouds reflecting the sunrise glow. The quiet of the early morning is a nice time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, just breathe, and plan the day.

Looking south, it is lovely to see the dark architecture of the bare tree limbs against the sky. Winter does have its own beauty.

The view into the valley continued the golden glow. The rain moved in shortly after and stuck around for two days.

Rainy days are perfect for a bit of stamping, getting my cards ready to mail for the holidays. I pulled out stamps and ink, some bits cut from last years cards, and paper.

On the left, the cute mugs and sentiment came from Impression Obsession. On the right, I stamped the snowflakes on a mottled blue paper, then layered that with a green pine branch paper and a matted tree cut from a card received last year.

Snoopy is always a favorite, so I cut this from another card, and added the sentiment on a pine bough mat. On the right, the same pine bough paper anchors a cardinal pair cutout. The sentiment was taken from another card too.

I haven’t done any embossing in a long time, so I stamped a tree with Versamark, and covered it in green embossing powder. Tap off the excess, then heat with the embossing tool, and I have a shiny green tree.

I added the sentiment below it. All the envelopes this year have ornament ball stamps. I have a few more to make, then I can get them mailed on Monday. Whew, just in time!

Do you save your cards from last year? I have a bunch of ideas for you to use them in projects. Christmas Card Crafting will give you ideas you can use for quick wrapping, bookmarks and gift tags, making new cards from motifs like I did today,

In other news, I found a large serving bowl on eBay in my Vintage Christmas dish pattern. I snapped it up and it arrived this week. It is big, 13-inches in diameter! I don’t think I’ll get the smaller pasta bowls that go with it, the ice cream size bowls I found some time ago are a great size for soup or a one pot meal serving.

We have a new resident who has moved to our area. This squirrel has discovered the joy of a peanut butter sandwich. I know I have not seen this one before as it has tufts of white fur behind its ears. It didn’t come up to get a sandwich, but it sat still while I threw one down to it, then grabbed it to chow down. I think it may have a white squirrel as one parent, as it is lighter than Oliver, and has more white on its tail.

It turned around as it ate the sandwich, so I could get a better shot. See those little white tufts behind its ears? If it comes back again, I might have to name it.

Today, I plan to get my Christmas cookies made. I’ll be using my own recipe of Christmas Vanilla Sugar Cookies, that makes a few dozen. I’ll need that many as I have promised to bring them to our pickleball group. See the post for the download.

But maybe you don’t want to bake that many, but would still like some cookies for this holiday. Make my Just A Dozen Sugar Cookies. The recipe only makes a dozen or so, so you won’t be tempted too much. If you’ve seen this post before, I have updated the recipe to save out a tablespoon of the egg white for frosting just a few cookies.

If you need a quick project for that last minute hostess gift, my Christmas Hexagonal Table Topper has been hugely popular. The pattern is free, and there is a tutorial on the post too.

I’m continuing the quilting on the Christmas quilt this week. Not sure what I want to do after that.

If you want to get some of gorgeous fabrics for your holiday sewing, check out the Fat Quarter Shop’s Moda Line. Get collections of spools and cones of the fantastic Aurifil Threads at Fat Quarter Shop Aurifil Threads. Get your Olfa Splash Cutter at FQS too – Olfa Splash.

Amazon’s Holiday Gift Guide is full of fun stocking stuffers, craft deals, kitchen goodies and more. You’ll love the extra light with the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit. There is also a new Handmade section for small business artisans, much like Etsy used to be. Check out the deals in Arts, Crafts and Sewing! If you are a Prime member, using my links will not cost you any more, and you still use your own account. If you are not a Prime member, check out the Prime Free Trial for 30 days. Just enough to get you free delivery all through Christmas.

MadamSew – 12 Days of Deals!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Chat – Christmas Ideas and a New Visitor

  1. I always enjoy the views you share from your place – just beautiful in all seasons! Your cards look fun to make and receive. I was just looking at an article in a birding magazine yesterday about the different kinds of squirrels. I think we mostly see fox squirrels here. Several have been chowing down on some leftover pumpkins I threw out into the garden earlier this month. Looking forward to making some Christmas cookies this week, too!

  2. Joan Sheppard

    So the news got out – FREE TREATS – cute little rascals! Finished and hung my Christmas quilt last night – will take pictures today, actually like the back better than the front, but it’s done and DONE is my favorite kind. Thanks for all the ideas! Stamped my to/from tags last year and people took them for their trees! Thanks.

  3. Donna Hindle

    The pics of your cookies looks identical to mine. Right down to the decoration. It was my Moms recipe and makes a LOT, because there were 8 kids in my family. I still make them every year and share them with others. I have been doing this since we have been married – 65 years.

  4. Thank you for reposting the PDF for the doz. Cookies. I’m sure I copied it before but looking for it takes time I’m running out of. This week will be cookie time with the little girls..Last year we made a mess but how else can they learn?

  5. lv2bquilting2

    Hi Carole, I love your beautiful green embossed card. It’s very striking as a stand-alone, all by itself, with just a greeting. Your new visitor is a very handsome looking little guy, with the white tufts on his ears as well as a pretty full chest of white hair, and strands of white in his tail. Hope he come back so you can name him.

  6. Just a dozen sugar cookies will be perfect for tomorrow! I am going to make lefse, but it will be cold here, so might as well keep the oven on all day! How exciting to find that serving dish on eBay!

  7. I’ve got 3 of those hexagonal table toppers in progress right now. Chain piecing the rounds. Using the same fabrics on all 3 so it is easy to keep it straight! Love all your cards. Just put last years cards we received in a container, to bring to the sewing room. Was thinking it would be a run thing to work on at night, trimming the cards into “usable” pieces for new cards.

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