Playing at the NC Mountain State Fair

It has been a great time at the fair this year so far. I’ve been to the fair twice now, both times to find entries in the competitions, and to compete in two cooking contests. Those of you who are in my Friends of From My Carolina Home facebook group, and who follow me on Instagram, know my big news, as I was just too excited to wait. The Quilted Jacket we all worked on with our quilt along won first place in quilted clothing, and Best in Show!!!

Then the matching purse and accessories also won first place in Quilted Purses in the clothing division, with a Judge’s Choice! Wow, I was over the moon!

In the photography division, one of my photographs was awarded a first place. The category was “State Fair 2021” where you enter shots from the previous fair. I thought this one of the midway with two girls wearing masks seemed indicative of that year. The judges must have agreed.

In the quilting division, the little wall hanging I did for the guild challenge got a third place.

I entered Rooster Parade in the Lullaby category, and it won a third place.

I entered three more quilts in that division, but they did not place. Competition was very fierce, and the winners in those categories were beautifully custom quilted. I entered Pachanga in the Crafts division, and it got a third place ribbon.

I was very surprised to find the black and white pumpkin star quilt that I entered into Holiday decorations at the last possible minute won second place!

The first cooking competition was Tuesday night for the NC Egg Council. The competition was coffee cakes made with three eggs, and I made a Cherry Almond Coffee Cake. It didn’t place, but My Sweet Babboo has enjoyed it for breakfast these past couple of days.

Would you like the recipe? Click on Cherry Almond Coffee Cake.

Then, more excitement last night as I won first place in the Blueberry Competition with my Blueberry Honey Tart. I see these ladies, along with several more, every year. From left, Sharon, Connie, me, then Sue, the superintendent of the cooking contests.

I’ll have this recipe for you soon, but I didn’t have the time between last night and this morning to get it into a pdf for you. We got home late, as the competitions are in the evening.

Tonight is the dairy competition, and tomorrow is the apple contest. I’ll be working in the log cabin on Saturday, then assisting with the show take-down on Monday. I won more ribbons in crafts, and I’ll show you those on Sunday. The fair is such a blast, and the cooler days this week have been heavenly. It seems like autumn is truly on the way.

60 thoughts on “Playing at the NC Mountain State Fair

  1. vivian383

    Wow, congratulations are certainly due! What a wonderful reward for all your hard work over the past year. The cherry almond cake and the blueberry dish look delicious, and I will look forward to the recipes.

  2. Margaret Nelson

    Do you have a good recipe for Macintosh apples? I don’t enjoy eating them and my tree went crazy for the first time in 13 years!

  3. Mary

    Wonderful! Isn’t it so exciting? Well done for all your work over the year. And the cooking too. I’m so pleased you were appreciated. Good luck for the next round. :))

  4. Kathy Harris

    Congratulations. How exciting to win so many ribbons. The jacket does look gorgeous. Fairs are always such fun.

  5. Carole, you are a star!
    I love all of your entries. You are a busy bee and I admire and envy your dedication and productivity. Daddy is 98 now and I adore him but he is exhausting. I would love to at least once in my life enter a local state fair. I would probably not win anything but it would just be super fun. I know this will be a lovely week-end and the weather is incredible (we deserve this) I hope you and hubbs have a great time

  6. WOW, Carole, you made a haul at the fair! You’ll need a trailer to bring home all those awards! LOL Seriously, though…a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on all your achievements! What fantastic news!

  7. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done on all your wins and placements. I thought the jacket was a winner – great style and colour 🙂

  8. I am not surprised that your jacket and its accessories did so well. Congratulations on all your great wins. I’m drinkng coffee right now and one of those baked goods would be so good….they look delicious.

  9. lv2bquilting2

    Congratulations, WOW and OMG Carole!!! You had such a fantastic time at the fair this year, with possibly more to come. You and your SB must be so proud of your accomplishments and deservedly so. Can’t wait for the Blueberry tart recipe.

  10. Patty Brenner

    Congratulations – that’s a lot of ribbons … perhaps your fair ribbons should be put into a quilt 🙂 I love going to fairs but have never thought to enter anything, you’re an inspiration – next year I may try to enter something into our county fair at least. Good luck on the remaining competitions!

  11. Oh Carole, I knew when you made that jacket that it was bound to win and win big! And it did! Congratulations on that — and on all your honors. You must be over the moon — I would be!

  12. Marge Gray

    WOW never saw so many ribbons won by one talented person. You deserved each and every one but if you keep winning they will use you as a judge next and not able to win any. LOL You go girl.

  13. Barbara G.

    Congratulations on all your ribbons and the blue for your quilted jacket and accessories. You must be over the moon excited! Enjoy the next few days. And I’m sure there will be more awards for you.

  14. Joan Sheppard

    So excited for you!!!! All your hard work recognized! I want to grab a big bowl of the cherry dessert! Can hardly wait for the recipe for the berry dessert, it looks positively decadent! Congrats all around for you! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Liz brown

    OMG. Congrats. Your jacket & accessories looked great. Beautifully done. I am glad you are enjoying the fair & receiving many ribbons. You will need a wallhanging for them all. Liz

  16. Sue Hoover

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! So many ribbons and all so deserved! That Cherry Almond Coffee Cake looks delicious and yes, I quickly downloaded the recipe. Thank you because your recipes are always easy to follow and delicious. Glad Sweet Baboo enjoyed it.

  17. Paula Hidalgo

    Congrats on all your wins, I knew that quilted jacket with your accessories should win, it was amazing as is all you do! Yummy, waiting for that blueberry recipe!!!

  18. Melanie Tehan

    Carole, I’m just catching up on emails for several days. More congratulations to you!!! So many entries in so many categories, and so many ribbons. You are one amazing gal and so deserving. BTW, adorable picture of you. You have the best smile!! Hugs and take a rest. LOL Melanie

  19. Oh Goodness Carole, congratulations, so many ribbons!!! Your jacket and matching bag are just beautiful, and 2 blue ribbons, wow!! You are so talented in so many areas, and I’m so glad you have this fair to share your talents! I am surprised your Cherry Almond Coffee Cake didn’t place, it looks divine~ I hope you can rest a little this week, you must be exhausted!

  20. Sandi Scarlett

    I’m way behind in reading my emails but wanted to congratulate you on all your ribbons from the State Fair. Congratulations!

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