Visiting an Apple Orchard and Quilting

It’s been a busy week, beginning last weekend with the Apple Festival. I went to an orchard on Saturday, hoping to get some more great shots for the Agriculture category for the fair. I did get a couple that might work for next year’s competition. These are just a few of the varieties of apples this one had. Leading off, Jonogolds.

These are Pink Ladies. I was trying to get an artsy shot, with the ones farthest away a bit blurred.

These are Honey Crisps. The blurred background worked a bit better here.

Some of the trees on one row had gorgeous purple flower vines climbing all over them. They looked like morning glories.

All those apples got me in the mood to do just a bit more baking on Sunday, as it was raining too hard to go downtown. So I made Apple Donuts and another loaf of Banana Bread.

On the longarm, I had loaded a table topper I made at least four years ago as part of Autumn Jubilee to show another color way. I just never got around to quilting it, and I forgot about it. Last week I was hunting for something in the fabric stash and found it again. I pulled out a black and white backing and decided to git-er-done.

I used my meandering pumpkins pantograph in grey Glide thread.

Looking good, this went really fast.

Pretty much done in 3 passes plus a partial pass. I cut some binding, put that on by machine, added a label, and took it with me on Tuesday. I needed one more item for the crafts category, so it went into Holiday. I am hoping the judges will see it as a Halloween quilt, even though everything else is likely Christmas. Ah well, I had registered for that section so it was put this in or just turn in the tag. It won’t be a winner, but who cares? It will be on display. I finished it up and turned it in so fast, I didn’t get a photo of the completed topper.

Tuesday was my shift at the quilt division take in for the fair, and the day I took in all my entries. Quilts are stacked in categories, waiting for the judging on Wednesday. Then they are hung from the ceiling. Just behind our section, you can see the photography section beginning to fill up.

The fair opens today. Due to car club events this weekend, I won’t get to the fair myself until next week. My first cooking competition is Tuesday night, the North Carolina Egg Association’s Coffee Cake Recipe Contest. Recipes have to use 3 eggs. Will let you know how it goes!

16 thoughts on “Visiting an Apple Orchard and Quilting

  1. Joan Sheppard

    I always wondered how the judges could judge quilts way up on the ceiling, silly me. The apple donuts look so yummy! I’m sure any of your apple photos will be winners!

  2. Love seeing all those fresh apples. I can see why you were tempted to do some baking.
    Great to see all those quilts coming you. Obviously an enthusiastic bunch of quilters.
    Enjoy the fair.

  3. lee

    I love the pictures of the apples! It is apple time already… I better get ready for Fall! Good luck with your entries!

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