June in the Garden, On the Veranda

Planting pots and my veggie garden the past two weeks was a lot of work. On a cool morning, I got out early to do the heavy work while it was still nice outside. It warmed up fast, though. First up was to pull the weeds in the front flowerbed. Luckily, there weren’t too many, and this was done fairly fast. The snapdragons have started blooming, and I loved the colors coming out. This lavendar pink was so pretty.

There are white ones…

and this two tone, lovely!

Next up, plant some tomatoes, basil and squash that I got from the garden center. One good thing about waiting is all the plants were on sale for the holiday weekend.

This year I won’t crowd them like I did last year. I may not get as many tomatoes, but they’ll be easier to maintain. I hope the basil grows big, as I use a lot of it. More tomato plants, with some little grape tomatoes and another heirloom slicer were planted deep. Tomato cages will support the growing plants and fruit.

Below the planter, the hydrangea is starting its blooming season. I need to add some lime as the flowers are turning blue again.

My Sweet Babboo brought my planting bench up to the sidewalk so I could work on pots next. I did find two pots of torenias on sale, and there were four plants in each one.

I took them out of the pots to divide them so I could put two in each of my four green hanging baskets.

Carefully separating the plants, pulling apart the roots that were already beginning to be root bound in the pot. This will allow the plants to have more room to grow and get bigger with more room for root growth. And I get four pots from two.

My chicken teacup planter got white petunias, also from a larger pot that had eight plants in one container, on sale half price. It was cheaper to do this than to buy them in the bedding plants area.

Two more pots got the pink and purple petunias. I moved one of the avocado trees to this corner, with the pot that holds some daffodil bulbs. They didn’t bloom this year, only made a lot of leaves that are now dying off. My parsley is in the strawberry pot, and I pinched off the flowers it was trying to make. I may have to buy another one soon, as I am told these are biennials.

The birdcage got the variegated calibrachoa, and I repotted the geranium next to it. On the ground is a spike dracaena that survived the winter in the Carolina room.

The pots under the little tile tables got white impatiens. These are place next to the rockers to hold a cup of coffee in the morning, or a libation in the evening.

In the opposite corner, I placed the taller avocado tree, the bigger spike dracaena, and my little Meyer lemon tree, along with the Thanksgiving cactus that spent the winter in the kitchen. The dusty miller survived in its pot right where it is.

Looking down the veranda, it is getting there. I put the amaryllis out to soak up some sunshine with the hope it will bloom next year. Lots of lush green with flowers will fill in the hanging baskets. Soon, with the rest of the pots planted, it will be an oasis perfect for early morning coffee, and evening enjoyment.

A view the opposite direction shows lots of green. On the bench, my summer pillows that I got from Jenna at Painted Apron‘s Society Six store. The white pot on the right has a lobelia. On the iron stand, the geranium is up top, with a bleeding heart on the middle shelf.

What is happening in your garden?

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16 thoughts on “June in the Garden, On the Veranda

  1. Rita C.

    Fun to see your porch all planted! I like Jenna’s offerings in Society 6 too, and have ordered several things. We had a nice cloudy and cool day yesterday, so I worked about 4 hrs outside, thinning out the sensitive ferns and lily of the valley which were crowding other plants that have grown back from the extreme pruning of last fall. I also shaped up my baptisia which had grown HUGE. The daylilies in back of my house finally started blooming yesterday. Now I can finally see what color they are, lol!
    Have a great weekend, Carole.

  2. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Your veranda is lovely, Carole. I’ve been snapping photos like crazy using a real camera. Photos are so much clearer than with my iPhone. I need to do a blog post soon. Haven’t done even one this year. I snagged a Liberty Box from Fat Quarter Shop! Can’t wait to see what’s in there. I’m in my patriotic quilting mode right now!

  3. karenfae

    Your porch looks so pretty and inviting. I have bad luck with planting in pots and so often I have plants die in them – I’m sure I am over watering and need to back off on that. I love the floor of your porch do you know what kind of paint you have on the boards and do you need to repaint it every couple years or do you just wash it every spring and fall and to get mildew off of it? I have always left the boards plain but they are taking a beating and some need to be replaced this year and I thought it might be a good time to paint it.

  4. Julie

    Your veranda looks so inviting. I gave up on potted plants outdoors. Birds nest in the hanging ones and squirrels & raccoons dig up any near the ground or on tables. Living vicariously through the lovely gardens I find on the internet.

  5. Patty Brenner

    Your porch looks wonderful! I’m in central Texas, and unfortunately gardening is a real challenge this year. All of my plants are struggling because our temps have been so much higher than normal (close to or at 100 every day, with no relief in sight, sigh). My tomatoes are alive, but not ripening due to the heat. Hopefully I get a decent crop in the fall. In the meantime, super hot outside means no guilt about spending time in the AC on the sewing machine 🙂

  6. I love snapdragons, and yours are so pretty! Mine are happy this year, too. The view of your porch is lovely with all the plants and the seating. I bet you enjoy those rocking chairs! Hope the veggies do well for you this year. I’m looking forward to homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans!

  7. johnsonkae

    Your veranda looks lovely. We just moved, so we’re trying to figure out names of plants & which ones are really invasive weeds (like Coltsfoot!)

  8. Such a lovely porch you have. I’m sure you spend many happy and contented hours here in the good weather stitching, reading, relaxing, and eating too, I expect.

  9. I love a veranda and always wanted one…we live in Scotland where it’s not nearly warm enough. I am a transplanted Canadian , we are moving from one old stone house circa 1800 in Aberdeen to another old stone house circa 1600 in the Scottish Borders…managed to organise an open porch at the front door, ideal for coffee on a sunny morning…lots of blue, table and chairs and blue ceramic pots there.looks great against the pale yellow painted walls. Now to fill them as the bulbs have faded. But I look forward to having my coffee there this summer.

  10. Sue Hoover

    What a beautiful spot for a little serenity whether with coffee, tea, lemonade, or a chilled glass of wine. Just lovely. I will be closely following what you do with your amaryllis since I received one from a neighbor for Christmas. I moved mine outside earlier this week so I guess I’m on track!

  11. This looks fabulous, Carole! I’m glad you mentioned dividing the bigger pots. I bought a 6″ impatiens yesterday just for that very purpose. It was 3.99 — far less than getting a flat or a hanging basket and yet it will grow into a lovely larger planter when I divvy it up. By the time we get to the lake, most of the good plants are gone! I should think sitting on your veranda is a delightful experience (and adoring the snapdragons, especially!)

  12. liz

    Your garden looks great. Love what you can do on your porch. I do not have that luxury. No porch for rocking. Take care. Liz

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