Stashbusters May Check In

How’d you do last month? I did a bit better with quilt finishes, but I had to take two big pieces of wide backing fabric offered from a friend for free. With the Quilts of Valor that I do, I need wide backs as much as possible. These pieces will go with anything as they are both lovely beige tone on tone prints. I am counting the fabric in at 5 yards for each one, mercy, that is 10 yards in.

Then, I have to count another 1-1/2 yards in for the fat quarters in the prize basket I got for my third place win for National Quilting Day.

Now for the yardage out. I’m counting four yards out for the Cultivate Kindness wall hanging for the panel, borders, backing and binding.

The Hungry Animal Alphabet quilt tops and the backing / binding for them plus the Quilt of Valor totaled 11 yards out. I didn’t count the blocks for the QOV since you guys made them.

The QOV was shown at the April meeting of the guild, and turned over to the committee.

The Hungry Animal panel quilts will be for sale at the Garden of Quilts show on May 20-21.

I forgot to add in my National Quilting Day challenge piece, so this completion will count as 3 yards out for top, backing and binding. But I also forgot to add the fat quarter in for the challenge fabric as fabric ‘in’.

So, here are my totals so far.

April Fabric IN = +11-3/4 yards
April Fabric OUT = -18 yards
April Total = -6-1/4 yards
Year to Date = -6 yards out

If you need to go back to the previous Stashbuster post to find your YTD totals in the comments, click on April Stashbusters.

This month’s giveaway prize is the Sulky Wilderness Wonder Thread Collection, a beautiful collection of neutrals for almost every project. Remember, the idea is to encourage you to complete your quilts, use up yardage as backing and binding, and finish the projects. We have enough UFOs. For everyone who participates, I’ll draw a name at random on Sunday evening around 5 pm, so you have a couple of days to get your counts done and leave your comment here. See the latest sale offer at Sulky Threads, every week is a new one.

Share your Stashbuster projects in our Friends of From My Carolina Home Facebook group. Remember, you only get an entry in the drawing with a comment on this post showing your totals.

Your turn! How did you do this month?

April Fabric IN =
April Fabric OUT =
April Total =
Year to Date =

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40 thoughts on “Stashbusters May Check In

  1. Karen Addleman

    I added 2.5 yds this month and got out 1.5 yds. My year to date is 4.5 yds in and 6 yrs out. Still ahead of the game for now.

    1. Angie VE

      April was a busy non-quilty month. I took 3rd place in my LQS UFO challenge so I rested!

      Zero in & zero out for April…

      YTD: -60 yards!

  2. Nancy H

    Another good month. I was able to stick with only using stash. Several baby quilts were donated and one larger quilt was gifted. After a flurry at the beginning of the month, things really slowed down. I’m working on a scrap quilt and it took me forever to cut for the blocks, not it’s taking me a long time to sew each block, but it is getting done.
    April Fabri In = 0
    April Fabric Out = 80 1/2 yards
    YTD Fabric In = 1 1/2 yards
    YTD Fabric Out = 269 1/4 yards

    1. Margaret Nelson

      April Fabric IN = 0
      April Fabric OUT = 24 yd
      April Total = -24 yd
      Year to Date = 274.5yd

  3. Rheanna

    Not so great of a month for me. I have a lot in the works but nothing officially out the door in April. I’m hoping for big numbers out in May.
    In: 9 yards
    * 5.5 yards Fabric for April Baby quilt
    * 2.5 yards mountain teal quilt
    * 1 yard binding for RWB quilt along
    * Nothing. 😢

    Diff for month: 9
    Diff for year: -2

  4. Julie

    I did OK for April, no acquisitions, that will change in May between club & shop hop opportunities. Since there were no shop hops the last 2 yrs, feeling obligated to show some support this year. I donated 3 comfort quilts to the club, however one was counted out in March (finished after club meeting), so only 2 included here. Two mini quilts & 4 May baskets added to the yardage out.
    Apr In = 0
    Apr Out = 15.75
    Cum In = 24
    Cum Out = 46.3

  5. Lynne

    Free fabric doesn’t count at my house! I’m not keeping track of the numbers but have been doing pretty good on the more going out than coming in.

  6. Beautiful quilts even if you did add to your yardage for the month…you still did well with the outgoing. I would be afraid to do that with my yarn…though I’ve not purchased any the last two out of town trips….which tends to be my weakness in buying more. Keep up the good work.

  7. Jan

    Good Morning!! I slipped this month and I blame it on FREE fabric! Fortunately I had some big finishes as well.
    In: 57 2/3
    Out: 56.9
    April total : +.75
    YTD : – 119.5

  8. Joan Sheppard

    From the rainiest place on Earth! Did a LOT of sewing this month! But a friend is bringing me some fabric next week so I really need to emphasize the OUT this month. 3 quilts for the kid’s hospital, 15 yards out, 2 quilts for the dogs, 7 yards (and 9 yards of fur and fleece) – but found this pattern for Disappearing 9 patch so…3 yards back in. Oh and a jelly roll out! And I still don’t see any difference in available space. How does that happen? LOL

  9. Jean Wacker

    April in: background fabric for guild sew along 6 yards
    Cherry coordinate for table topper 1.5
    April out: 3 yard quilt plus backing 6 yards
    Binding for two quilts 3 yards
    Year to date in: 46.5 yards
    Out: 14.5
    Looks bad but three big works in progress.

  10. The Stashbusters Challenge has kept me mindful on fabric purchases and encouraged me to use my stash! Thanks for that!

    April Fabric IN = +14.5 yards Mostly fabric needed to complete projects.
    April Fabric OUT = – 48.5 Mostly charity quilts and generous auction donation
    April Total = -34
    Year to Date = -105.5

    Appreciate your coordination and motivation!

    1. Connie S Wolfe

      Coming to the Stashbuster Challenge late because my husband and I are camping in Cumberland Gap. Not only do I have no finishes to share, but I added 55 yards of background fabric to the stash. Half of it will be taken by my sister when I see her next month.
      Out: 0 yds.
      In: 55 yds.
      Prior total: -16.3 yds.
      Year to Date: +39.7 yds.

  11. I went shopping…
    For April:
    9 yards in
    1.9 yards out (not much sewing while we were babysitting the grand-dog)
    net in for April:7.1 yards in
    Net out for 2022: 16.6 yards out

    Hoping to make more of a dent in the stash in May.

  12. Diane D.

    April Fabric IN =27 yards
    April Fabric OUT =17 1/2 yards
    April Total =
    Year to Date =
    I need to go back and check my totals from before, but I think they were 0 yards In and 0 yards out. Yes, I was in a slump.

  13. Kathie Weatherford

    Week 14 – May 1, 2022
    Used this Week: 4.50 yards (Rose of Sharon)
    Used year to Date: 70.5 yards
    Added this Week: 2 yards (patriotic blue stars)
    Added Year to Date: 33.5 yards
    Net Used for 2022: 37 yards

  14. Lynne

    I never turn down free fabric, sometimes I rehome it, but I never turn it down! Last summer it was 300+ yards from a friend who whose mother passed away. Just about all of it got passed on to charity projects other friends were doing.

  15. April Fabric IN = Plus 8.4 yards
    April Fabric OUT = Minus 23.5 yards
    April Total = Minus 15 yards
    Year to Date = Minus 44.25 yards

    I found 5 UFOs in my piles that only needed a bit to finish. Two required Backing, two required Borders & Backing, and one had pieces cut & needed piecing & backing. I took all to retreat along with some fabric from my stash for backing. Only needed to buy backing for one since I was out of town. Two yards went to make Bags for Beads of Courage.

    The five are at the longarm quilters & binding fabric is waiting for their return.

    My shop tops continue with 6 yards in and 6 yards out for two tops which have now been returned and at the longarmer’s.

    May promises to be a bit unsettled so may not bee too successful, but will try to keep moving.

  16. Niki Barber

    For this month,
    April IN Zero!
    April OUT -9.5 (I posted a picture of this to the group a couple of weeks ago)
    Net YTD -3

    Your projects are beautiful!

    For this month, I plan to finish a quilt that I bought fabric for in March, and work on a quilt along with fabric from my stash. So hoping next month will be a negative number also.

    This is a fun challenge,

  17. April In: 0
    April Out: 6 5/8 yards
    Wool hoodie, shirt, BOM (A Quilting Life, Aby Quilts, Melva Loves Scraps and Moda Blockheads 4)
    Year to Date: In – 37 yards, Out – 31.875
    I expect May will have a large decrease, assuming I get one of the 2023 graduation quilts done, and one or two Rounds of Sewing Bee.

  18. April Fabric IN = ZERO (no one gives me free fabric and I’m not buying!)
    April Fabric OUT = -6 yards
    April Total = -6 yards
    Year to Date = ZERO in ; -48.45 yards out

  19. June Neigum

    April In = 2 yds gifted scraps
    April Out = a large queen quilt finished all scraps 76X88 11 1/2 yds
    April Total =9 1/2 yds
    YTD- IN=9 yds Out=58 yds Trying to reduce my stash and not buying anything this year.

  20. Sarah

    April in +8
    April out -7

    In +18
    Out -16
    (March was 0 in and 0 out)

    I have several things close to finishing and I hope that borders and backs will help the “out” count in May!

  21. feliciahamlin

    How is your husband getting along? Wishing him God’s gift of good health. Have a nice weekend, Felicia

  22. Debbie Skinner

    Here’s my check-in.
    April : Output: 28 yards-Laundry Bags for residential center. 7 yards BOM Missouri Star Full size quilt (2019).
    Input: 10 yards Tucker Green Isle BOM, 3 yards for hygiene bags for the homeless, 5 yards (+/-) rummage sale.
    Total: 35 yards out, 18 yards in.
    (thanks for doing your lecture on quilt repair for Thread Bear’s! It was very helpful.

  23. Vicki in MN

    My first time of reporting for this year! My April report is, Fabric in-20.5 yards, Fabric out-40 yards ( I made 20 table runners and 4 wall hangings). April total 19.5 yards. YTD-19.5 yards.

  24. Sallie

    April In = +3 yards
    April Out = –9 yds
    April Total – 6 yds

    running total -16 yds

    Loved the strips someone gave me, I tried to resist!!

  25. Amanda

    April In: 31.5 yards
    April Out: -4.5 yards
    April Total: 27 yards
    YTD: +84.5 yards

    At least the local quilt shop is having a successful year! 🙂

  26. Laura Riley

    I had the opportunity to attend a quilting retreat with a good friend on the other side of the state (We live in South Dakota). We stopped at a couple of quilt shops on our travels across the state and (thanks to this challenge) I was able to keep my impulse buying under control. 🙂 The one impulse buy I made was of a panel of the Dignity statue located by Chamberlain, SD ( which I found at the Chamberlain quilt shop. I did purchase fabric for a quilt that I am making for the upcoming birthday of a friend’s little boy. I also received my Primitive Gatherings Quilty Box this month with some lovely fabrics, patterns, and other goodies as well as the fabric for my Build a Quilt that I am participating in with Angela Waters. However, my out for the month was a larger amount as I made and gifted tote bags to 5 former co-worders upon their retirement. I also donated two quilt kits to the quilting retreat for door prizes (I had actually purchased those back in 2019 planning to give at the 2020 quilting retreat but unfortunately that was cancelled at that time).
    April Fabric IN = +13.5 yards
    April Fabric OUT = -21.25 yards
    April Total = -7.75 yards
    Year to Date = +34.25 yards

  27. poodlegirls

    I am playing catch up since I haven’t posted since the report for January. The past few months I made 115 small dog scarves and 18 medium size scarves for our girl’s groomer. That came to 17.5 out. Also mailed off 3 smaller quilts as gifts for a total of 8 yds. Yes, I did add a little as well-3 yds. So my total so far for the year is 9 yds in and 32.25 out. I also sent 14 boxes of fabric to Linus. Not counting it as I have no clue, but I will say it was a lot of fabric. I am on a mission this year to purge fabric and kits that I know will never get made now for one reason or another. More to go through yet. I do have tops at my quilter’s now from found kits so there will be more finishes by the end of May plus more started. And of course more doggy scarves!

  28. Shirley Marvin

    Well, I see that I am not the only one that fell off of the wagon. lol

    Fabric in—66 yards, I just had to get a couple of bolts for baby quilts.
    Fabric out–6 yards finished g-sons king quilt,
    4 of the 6 yards are 108 wide and it was not big enough, yikes
    Total in for year –97 yards
    Total out for year– 35 1/2

  29. Debbie Skinner

    Good morning,
    I sent this earlier but not sure if you received it, so I’m sending it again.
    April : Output: 28 yards-Laundry Bags for residential center. 7 yards BOM Missouri Star Full size quilt (2019).
    Input: 10 yards Tucker Green Isle BOM, 3 yards for hygiene bags for the homeless, 5 yards (+/-) rummage sale.
    Total: 35 yards out, 18 yards in.
    I would also like to thank you for the lecture on quilt repair that you did for thread Bear’s Quilt Guild last month. Your help was very much appreciated!

  30. Kathryn Laposata

    I bought some backings this month, so while my month doesn’t look good, it means there will be some quilts to give away soon.
    April: in 12 out 0
    YTD April: in 22.5 out 18

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