Little Projects

I’ve had a few little projects to do lately, working around lots of meetings and the quilt show. While I was manning the booth at the show, a friend of mine came by. She loved the Hungry Animal alphabet lullaby quilt, saying it was just so cute. After the show, she found out that another friend would be welcoming a grandchild, and asked if one was still for sale. But, I had sold both the ones I had during the show. I did have another panel, so I made one for her. I had some coordinating print for the backing, so cute.

You all know how obsessed I get with these, LOL!! The flamingos are on a farm, in front of a fence, with fish and fruit. Oh, stop playing and finish the quilting. But, but, the giraffe is in a gazebo with grapes!

Ok, Ok, yes I finished the quilting. I put the binding on by machine.

I finished it pretty quickly.

One reason I got this little quilt done so fast was a virtual sew day with ChookyBlue. When I joined the Zoom, there were 15 bloggers on the call. This is still amazing, to have quilters with common interests from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA all at the same time. For a bit we had a quilter from Norway and one from Germany on as well! For Chooky, our host, it was 6 am in the morning when she started the call. For me, it was 4 in the afternoon. We chatted about so many things, from blogging vs Instagram, to rhubarb pie. Chatting and sewing, I got a lot done in the hours I was able to join in.

For another sewing project, My Sweet Babboo wanted his suit pants reworked to take out the cuffs. This is really pretty easy to do. I started with removing all the tacks and hem stitching. I put a pin in the crease that will be turned the opposite way for the new hem at the same length.

The next crease I’ll use as the turn under point for the hem, so I cut the rest off. I ended up cutting off more than you see here, closer to the middle between the creases.

Folding the new hem under, I pressed it and steamed it into submission, then whip stitched the new hem in by hand. All done!

Yesterday I got a lot of pots planted in the morning before it got too hot. Now I am ready for friends to be here today to sew and have a nice lunch. I’ll share more in the garden this weekend. I still have lots of empty pots, and some I need to donate to the thrift store.

Then I had another little project. I need a basket to hold cutlery at our car club picnic coming up. I’m co-chair of the event, and planned decorations in gold, red and black. The perfect size basket was one I had painted purple some time ago. The purple was only really good for a month or two in the spring. So, it got a new coat of spray paint in gold. Now it is perfect for the picnic, and more usable through the year.

I’m writing another article for the Madam Sew blog on raw edge applique, so I got out some fusible web and then had a stand and stare moment as I could not get inspired to do anything. I like this Sulky Perfect Applique, as it is lightweight and you can sew through it for needle turn if you wanted to.

Sometime later, I did have an idea, and these heart shapes will be part of it. I’ll share the link with you when it is done and published.

We’ll have our next Stashbusters check in on Friday, so total up your fabric in and out, and maybe get a bit more out this week. What are you sewing this week?

17 thoughts on “Little Projects

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    That is such a cute quilt, and I admire you for removing the cuffs and hemming your hubby’s pants. Hems and zipper repairs are NOT my favorite things!! I plan to work on my embroidered quilt Sunshine Cove block 11 some this week as well as my June Island Batik blog hop quilt! Have a great week, Carole. I hope your hubby is recovering well.

  2. Julie

    I know there’s a funny joke in there about asking a quilter to mend clothes, something as in that’s like asking VanGogh to paint a house. But I still sew & mend clothes in addition to quilting and it’s nice to have some small projects to fill in between the big ones. Yesterday I finished a kiddie panel Numbers top, and will get that sandwiched today for a zoom sew tomorrow. Only local friends on mine, nothing like your international sewalong. Oooo, this month’s stashbuster will be pathetic for me; so much in, so little (maybe none) out. Finished, yes; but not out the door.

  3. Good thing to keep up your garment alteration skills. ….just do not tell anyone. good grief I do not enjoy doing all the alterations for friends and family.
    The zoom chat looks so fun.

  4. The ABC print just is a keeper. Every one seem to go for it.
    Yesterday I planted 3 peonies and today I can hardly move. Age is a pain sometimes.

  5. Those animal ABC’s are definitely cute and fun to look at! I’m glad they’re still available, since they’re popular! It’s nice to get those little sewing jobs out of the way, isn’t it? Glad you enjoyed the Zoom sewing day. Nice to get things planted, too – I did that last week and love having plants and flowers growing now.

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Always on your toes – great ideas – love the Alphabet panel – found one in the church basement that no one seemed to want and going to make it a little bigger with borders for our sewing for the kid’s hospital. Love the basket! Thanks

  7. Sue Hoover

    I’m looking forward to your Madam Sew article. I enjoy them a lot. Always more to learn, right? Your veranda looks so clean and green. I think I’d spend a lot of time out there if it were mine. The ABC quilt is adorable and that was so sweet of you to quickly get another one sewn up for a friend. Have a good lunch today with your friends.

  8. I love your sweet alphabet quilt! Beautiful graphics on that fabric, too. And smart move with your golden basket — far more versatile. Love your pretty porch!

  9. You did well with that baby quilt…..I do love that panel…….. Was great to catch up on zoom too…….
    Your verendah looks so nice and inviting…….

  10. It’s always good to get those little jobs done, and I’m sure your hubby appreciate your time in altering his trousers. Wasnt it great that you had an extra alphabet panel to make another baby quilt as requested. Panels certainly make quick quilts, espe ially if they dont need any extra blocks to fill out the edges.

  11. I just love how that alphabet panel delights you!!! Every time you work on one, you make me laugh with your descriptions. Have a great sew day / lunch with friends. I haven’t been in my sewing room in 3 weeks, so nothing in or out. I did get inspired today by a scrappy post i saw on Pat Sloan’s page. I am turning over 2nd Time Around to a new chair this summer, and then my sewing room will be my own again and I will be making room for friends to come & sew. 🙂

  12. Phyllis Smith

    Hi Carole, Well to start with I have a few things to say to nosy neighbors. Stay out of my needs and tend to yours only. My front porch is mine to enjoy and I love plants like you so I have a lot of post right now but due to some health problems I haven’t been able to take care of but after seeing the doctor things are on the mend so progress is in the future. Have so much to do its hard to know just where to start, here comes the day dreams of where right?

  13. Love the cute little quilt! Love your front porch with the pots as well 🙂 Great idea to paint baskets – I might do that with some of mine! xx

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