Sunday Ham Dinner and Leftovers

Are you cooking a ham today? It is a tradition in many households, and one that usually leaves a lot of leftovers. While having nice slices for sandwiches for a few days is nice, I usually want something else before we can finish it off.

See my post on Ham Dinner and Ham Casserole to see how I break down the ham after the meal and package it for later use. With just two of us, we would get tired of this fast if not for some creative cooking later.

That post also has a recipe for this Ham Casserole, cheesy and delicious! It will feed a crowd nicely if you have guests for the weekend.

Ham Salad Wraps are delicious and easy, and you can make as many or as few as you like. Fresh apples add sweetness and crunch.

The lemon juice keeps the apples from browning, so it is just as good the next day on a lettuce leaf, or make a lettuce wrap if you need to watch the carbs.

If it is still chilly where you are, try my Ham and White Bean Soup with Variations.

Do you have a favorite way to use leftover ham?

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Ham Dinner and Leftovers

  1. This year we picked up a ham and a turkey because of the sales, so Friday we had ham omelets and canned the rest, and yesterday we had roast turkey legs for dinner and canned the rest. Today I will do brunch with just a bit of the left over ham to go with the eggs and make hash browns. 😀

  2. Julie

    It’s snowing here! Not unusual to have snow on Easter when Easter comes in March, but this is a fairly late April date. The bunny will be hiding eggs indoors this year. A ham baking in the oven sounds like the right thing to cook, it’s a warmth that lasts.

  3. I am serving ham today, but also entertaining some family members (for the first time in a very long time)! So I don’t know how much will be left over, but hopefully at least enough for some sandwiches. Just in case, I’ll check out your recipe for the casserole, too. Happy Easter, Carole!

  4. ANN D

    My favorite dish is red beans and rice, using the ham bone and bits of ham for flavoring. Yum. I also freeze some ham for dinners a few weeks down the road. Ham quiche is an easy meal.

  5. Phyllis Smith

    Happy Easter to you and your family, This ham and ham mushroom casserole with the mushrooms look so fantastic, thanks for sharing them. Was delighted to see the mushrooms in the casserole, I love them on just about anything-especially the portabellas-they have such a terrific flavor just to eat by themselves. Think I’ll save the ham for our Mothers Day get together then make the casserole and freeze some in individual servings to stretch it out . Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures on how to make a lot of your dishes, it makes it so easy for us who have trouble reading now. Phyllis

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  6. Cathie J

    We had a very small ham today. I have one more dinner and packaged the rest for my mother in law. I do like some of your ways to use the leftovers though.

  7. Sharon F

    We’re on the road for Easter, so no cooking. I usually bake a ham for Christmas. My favorite way to use the leftovers is in ham and asparagus quiche, a very easy recipe. My husband also makes a ham and bean soup with the leftovers that’s very good too. Even a small ham goes a long way for just 2 of is, so I’m glad the leftovers freeze well to be used later.

  8. I often package left over ham for cooking later after Christmas. We’ve always had ham for Christmas dinners. In part because my employer gave us all Honey Baked Hams. Now that I’m retired we don’t have the ham as often. The cheesy casseroles looks good.

  9. Diane D.

    We love to make ham and potato soup with any leftover ham. The original recipe was from Chef John’s Ham and Potato soup on Allrecipes. His recipe was a base for me to start with but I make a huge batch as it also freezes well. Your recipes always look wonderful!

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